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Wat Thai - Review

The Menu:
- Sausage on a stick
- Papaya salad
- A fish thing in a banana leaf
- Mint chicken
- Chicken and peanut dumplings in tapioca wrapper
- Mango with sticky rice
- Durian with sticky rice
- Those coconut half-moon things.

I was super excited to go to Wat Thai after reading all the links a fellow Chowie had emailed me. So three of us got together and headed out with a fairly high degree of anticipation.

So when we changed 40 bucks and came across a single row of stalls, I have to say we were slightly under in the whelmed department. I was picturing something much bigger, but we still bought as much food as we could carry before sitting down.

After taking a few bites of everything, none of us wanted to be the first to say that we were disappointed. It's not that the food was bad exactly, it just didn't seem to match the levels of hype that I've seen.

The food, except for the fish thing (anyone know the name for that?) and perhaps the sausage on a stick, was lacking a certain subtlety I expect from Thai food, the sort of curious co-mingling of flavors that made it a staple for me growing up.

A far more preferable use of durian than ingesting it would be to drop it a great height on on enemy or three. I understand many people like it; I could never be friends with any of them.

The mango was under ripe but sweet; what held the most promise were the coconut half-moon things. I wasn't an enormous fan of the flavor, but the consistency of the crunchy exterior with the inside was a revelation; I think something really interesting could be done with the fryer the woman was using to make these.

I'm willing to give it another shot, if anyone's willing to give me a list of what dishes make this place so worthy of adoration.

Sep 26, 2006
AmitinLA in Los Angeles Area

Vegas - looking for delis and 24-hour-style cafes

Check out The Peppermill. I don't have the exact address on me, but it's on the north end of the strip, right around Circus Circus, on the east side of the street. They had a steak sandwich there that was pretty great, and though I didn't try any of their deli style sandwiches, they looked pretty decent.

Jul 22, 2006
AmitinLA in Southwest