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Five nights in NYC

Our trip is next week (Tues.-Sat.). We are staying in a condo a couple blocks from Chelsea Market. Will be seeing a show one night at the Beacon Theater and plan to cover a lot of ground (we are avid walkers). Price is not a concern, although I don't want to feel inappropriately dressed wearing black jeans and a sport coat, at best.

I have not looked at anything yet -- busy with work and overwhelmed by the variety, as we are coming from Vermont and rarely venture to the big city.

Mar 03, 2014
Dave S. in Manhattan

Five nights in NYC

My wife and I will be spending five days in Chelsea. I would appreciate recommendations for really good Thai/Asian, quality Italian, good sushi -- really, anything that is high quality, well prepared food that is not over the top fancy, we will be doing a lot of walking so location is not that important. I have scanned other threads and nothing is really popping out. Thanks.

Mar 03, 2014
Dave S. in Manhattan

24 hours in downtown

Thanks, and sorry about mixing up downtown with midtown. My memory of Atlanta as a kid (30 years ago) is no real there there -- just a bunch of overweight rednecks driving their trucks along the strip looking for the nearest Hardee's. Glad to see that a food scene, with attention to sourcing ingredients, is emerging.

Dec 23, 2013
Dave S. in Atlanta

24 hours in downtown

I'm flying into Atlanta in a couple weeks to meet an old college buddy and see a concert at the Fox Theater. Will need a decent lunch, pre-show dinner and drinks, and post-show drinks and some sort of pub-grub snacks. BBQ would be great. Won't have a car -- any suggestions within walking distance (1.5 mile radius) of the theater? Thanks in advance.

Dec 22, 2013
Dave S. in Atlanta

San Francisco for two days

Thanks. I did search, but did not see the one you linked to. Exactly the advice I am looking for.

San Francisco for two days

I'll be staying near Union Square next week and have two days to explore the city by myself. I'm eager to eat good seafood, especially oysters, as well as any "signature" dishes. High end or low end is not an issue -- I'm looking for suggestions for the should not miss food and good places to have a glass or two of really good wine. Thanks.

Good Food in Sugarbush, VT.

As a long time Mad River Valley resident, I must strongly (and with great amusement) disagree that the Local Folks Smokehouse and Hyde Away are the "most popular" places in the Valley. I have not seen more than 10 people at smokehouse in 2 years, and Hyde Away's local reputation is, well, not anywhere near "best" of anything.

Feb 23, 2011
Dave S. in Northern New England

Good Food in Sugarbush, VT.

I'm not sure why a 2002 post became current again, but seems as though some updates are in order.

The Small Donut Company has indeed moved to the Big Picture Theater & Cafe in Irasville. The Cafe serves great breakfast, lunch and dinners -- fresh local foods -- menus on the web here:

The Green Cup is also an excellent choice -- the dinners are exceptional and change with the seasons. Check them out here:

American Flatbread is still going strong. They sold the frozen flatbread business and now focus only on the restaurant with expanded hours -- Thursday through Sunday evenings.

The 1824 House changed hands and their restaurant -- the Barn Door -- is a great addition to the Valley. Like Flatbread and Big Picture, they are very into the local food movement and highlight area farms on their menu. They are on Route 100 a mile or two north of Waitsfield Village.

The Pitcher Inn in Warren Village is also a great special occasion joint but, unlike 2002, they serve a casual dinner in the Downstairs Tracks Room (pub). The menu is limited but very well prepared, and the atmosphere and wine list make it worth the trip:

For very casual (counter service) or take out, Michael's Good to Go -- located next to Mehuron's Market in Irasville -- has been reborn as the Mad Taco. Excellent tacos and they will hopefully open a small tap-room soon:

Purple Moon/Easy Street are still a good breakfast or lunch, and a decent pub dinner.

Unfortunately the Millbrook Inn on Route 17 has closed their restaurant.

I don't spend much time up op on the Mountain, but the Common Man and Timbers (in the Sugarbush base lodge) are both said to be good. Others have described the shopping (Mehuron's for most things, including seafood, meats and wine, Shaw's to supplement the fruits and veggies, andSweet peas for some local organic veggies and health food (and take out lunch).

Stay away from Local Folks Smokehouse BBQ and the Hyde Away Lodge -- both are dumps with poor food and service. All of the Valley pizza places (excluding flatbread) are pretty bad, as is the Chinese takeout

Millbrook Inn & Restaurant
RR 17, Waitsfield, VT 05673

American Flatbread
46 Lareau Rd, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Green Cup Cafe
40 Bridge St, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Barn Door Restaurant - Events Only
VT-100, Waitsfield, VT 05673

Jan 31, 2011
Dave S. in Northern New England

wine country recs

I'm planning a mid-April trip to San Francisco, and hope to spend 4-5 days north of the city hiking, eating and tasting wines. Initial thoughts are to spend a night or two in Sonoma, and another couple of nights in Healdburg/Russian River area. How do these locations compare with other Napa, Sonoma or Mendocino locales? Any suggestions as to "don't miss" chow destinations? Thanks.

Four Days in Montreal

My wife and I will be in Montreal for four days during the jazz festival and would appreciate some lunch and dinner recommendations. I've looked through the archives and have some ideas (one dinner at Au Pied de Cochon), but wanted to learn whats hot these days. We're fairly adventurous as long as the food is well prepared with fresh ingredients. Thanks!

Ocha Thai Restaurant - Waterbury, VT

I have enjoyed every meal here. The place is owned by the same folks who have run Royal Orchid in Montpelier for several years, which has comparatively good Thai food.

Jun 11, 2009
Dave S. in Northern New England

Best restaurants near Mad River Glen

I agree with all the other recs. The Pitcher Inn now has two options -- incredible, albeit pricey, dinner in the upstairs dining room, or a more limited but very good pub menu downstairs in the Tracks Tavern. There is good, casual breakfast and lunch (and good-value dinner) at Easy Street on Route 100 in Waitsfield, and at Big Picture Theater (also in Waitsfield).

For markets, the Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier just expanded and has a great selection of produce, breads, cheeses, etc., with an emphasis on local. Mehuron's IGA market in Waitsfield has good meats and fish, great wine selection and more culinary surprises than you would think from its size and general dinginess.

Terra Rossa in Mad River Valley

I've heard that there is now an Italian place in Warren -- I believe where the old Bass Tavern was located. Anyone care to offer a review?

Looking for a seafood market in Central Vermont

Mehuron's Market in Waitsfield, an IGA, has a surprisingly decent seafood counter. The fish is much better than at the small Shaw's located across the street. They get a few deliveries a week from Boston (I think), choose what's fresh or a good deal, and cut to order. I shop there all the time and have never gotten anything that smelled or tasted bad.

Food you buy online [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Martin's Pretzels from Lancaster (or thereabouts) PA and Johnny Harris barbecue sauce from Savanah GA. Both better than any comparable product in the local stores.

Mar 30, 2008
Dave S. in General Topics

Al's French Fries and Henry's Diner in Burlington, VT

The Thai place in Montpelier -- The Royal Orchad -- really is good. Incredible Pad Thai.

Mexicali in Williston, VT

I've had one experience there, stopping for lunch while taking some friends to the Burlington airport. The service was good (the place was not crowded) but the food was awful. It all tasted like it came out of a jar or a bag. I typically don't have high expectations for Mexican food up here in New England, but this was beyond bad.

Hanover, New Hampshire

I made the move from Tallahassee (actually, Apalachicola Florida, after a couple years in Tallahassee), to the upper Valley nearly 20 years ago. From a food standpoint, I have never looked back. There is simply no comparison. Fresh local produce and meats, a variety of cooking styles. I'm in central VT now, so not as aware of the Hanover restaurant scene, but have had some great meals in the vicinity.

What Chow do you ship to yourself??

Two items I can't find in local markets but can't function without are:

Johnny Harris BBQ sauce from Savannah:

Martins Pretzels from Pennsylvania:

Dec 25, 2007
Dave S. in General Topics

Fresh duck in central VT?

I've seen whole ducks at Hunger Mountain Coop, but I don't believe they carry them on a regular basis. I'd also check with Mehuron's Market in Waitsfield. They frequently have frozen ducks, especially around the holidays, but I'm not sure if they're organic (though its possible, as they carry many local and organic products). Good luck.

Pho Dang in Winooski, VT: Great food

I went last week after reading the recommendations here. It was very good -- I look forward to my next meal there.

Pho Dang in Winooski, VT: Great food

Thanks for the tip -- had lunch there for the first time today, and it was as good as all of the reviews. Another good Chowhound find!

The Alchemist - Waterbury, VT?

You're probably referring to Cider House BBQ place "downstream" along the Winooski, between Waterbury and Richmond. Good food, but the beer does not match the Alchemist. Both are worth the trip, though.

Rutland Vermont

I agree with the folks who recommend going elsewhere. Rutland is a dump -- more like a depressed upstate New York town than anywhere else in Vermont. Brattleboro, Keene, Montpelier, Burlington, Mad River Valley, are all better options for a weekend, with better food.

Big Fatty's BBQ

I don't think the Waitsfield reference is to Michael's Good-To-Go (which is good, but not really a barbecue place). Local Folks Smokehouse is where the Mad Mountain Tavern used to be. I have not tried it yet, and have not heard any reviews.

Waitsfield & Warren Vermont

I agree with most the other suggestions, except that I would not waste my time going to Stowe (tourist trap) or Morgan's in Montpelier. The Pitcher Inn now has casual fare in their downstairs "Tracks Room," which has good food, a fantastic selection of wines by the glass or bottle, and great decor. Haven't tried Common Man or Sweetwoods lately, but I suggest Easy Street (Route 100 about a mile south of Route 100/17 intersection) for breakfast (best in the Valley), lunch , or a very good-value dinner. All of the Waterbury suggestions are on the mark as well.

Where Do You Buy Your Wine in Burlington, VT?

Great reply. Another option is City Market (a.k.a. Onion River Coop), which often has good deals, especially on under $15 bottles. A little farther from Burlington, in Waitsfield, is one of the best grocery store selections around at Mehuron's Market. Its a locally owned IGA with a surprisingly good range and decent pricing.

Great food near Waitsfield, Vermont

The Black Door in Montpelier has great bistro food, and Conoscenti, also in Montpelier, is very good Italian (though I heard they just changed ownership). The Alchemist in Waterbury (already noted) is exceptional beer with good food. In Waitsfield, we enjoy Easy Street cafe for lunch. They also have good, and good-value, dinners.