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MSG-free Pho?

For what it's worth I have been eating at Pho75 since the early 1980's starting at their loication in Langly Park, Md. They had other places before Langly Park in the DC area and I did eat there too...but Pho 75 is graet Pho, at least the best I have had - the Adams ave one is great as usual...I am sorry that they seem to do the soup with MSG - from the speed one gets an order it seems clear that they have it made up already...but a special order might be somthing they could do - does not hurt to ask!

Link to google map:

Reasonable driving distance from LBI Seafood

We are hosting friends from Arizona soon at LBI. In general the food on the Island has been a poor value and less then top notch, IMO.
We are looking for some place on par with Dorris and Ed's from the Highlands - Since it's a 90 minute drive W/O traffic I must pass on that for our friends.

Quality of food is the key - the best please, fried and broiled makes no never mind, just great food in a place that has A/C and lets us sit down. $20 a person $50 a person it's ok. Not much more then 50-60 per person for salad, soup and entree though.

Thanks for the help!