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Carlitos Cafe y Cantina, Santa Barbara, I want the Salsa Quemada recipe

Here are a few tips. Use a cast iron grill (comal) to blacken serranos and half of onion. Do this outside or with good vent. If salsa desired is less than deep red (orange to greenish) then blacken green onions and add white onion fresh. Also if hint of sweetness or fruit flavor is wanted,
orange juice/orange zest is used. Trendy addition is tarragon.

Apr 25, 2011
hounddog in Home Cooking

Help --- Green tea frozen yogurt

Looking for SUPER tart (Korean style?) green tea frozen yogurt, close as possible to S.F. Valley. Rosegreen has closed and nothing compares. And no not: Menchies, Pink Berry,Yogurt Zone,Yogurtland,
or Tutti Frutti --- all too sweet. Rockin Yogurt is like Rosegreen but in Santa Barbara. Any help?

6731 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91307

Mar 13, 2011
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Best Thai food in LA?

Ditto for Nadpob. Not open for lunch,boo! This place is still empty every time I go (3 years later). Please support them.

Jul 08, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Dinner Recommendation? -- Covina to San Bernadino Area

see response to Palm Springs question above

Jun 25, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Any Great restaurants on the way to Palm Springs?

Penang Malaysian - South of the 10 fwy (987 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, CA‎ - (626) 338-6138‎) It's like Thai with an Indian slant. Start with the must have Roti Canai. If you like coconut you can make an evening of it,from drink to dessert. Many posts here will help.

Jun 25, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Veggie/Vegan restaurants

Vinh Loi tofu in Reseda. More than just tofu (krab,shicken) and totally vegan. 18625 Sherman Way.

Jun 15, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Adventures in Ceviche (and also some amazing lomo saltado): Mo-Chica and La Cevicheria

Yes, Mo-chica is a find! My only problem is a sore neck. All that turning to check the menu on the wall. Is this really only $10, is that only $12 !!!

Jun 13, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Mariscos Chente, Mar Vista

DU, Couldn't agree more,very good To expand on your point regarding menu, it needs to be better organized. I'm bi-lingual and it's tough going for me. A side note for seafood cocktails
best bet is Puerto Escondido 915 W. Arbor Vitae, Inglewood

Jun 05, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

101 Cheap Eats

Is Wat Thai back in business?

May 31, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area


THE BEST !!! Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles 2 locations,in Hollywood and near Pico and La Brea.

Apr 10, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Are there no good eats in Ventura County?

Andria's Seafood at Ventura Harbor. Ditto for this one. But for lunch or summer dinner since
it 's mostly open air and on the water

Mar 23, 2009
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Question? Vegan Deep Dish Pizza...anywhere?


Aug 29, 2008
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Armenian Food Fair and Fest Montebello???

Any info on food at past festivals? In Montebello May 31st on West Lincoln

May 13, 2008
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Have any Chowhound Faves Broken Your Heart

Yai thai in Hollywood. Location is great ,right off freeway. But low quality chicken and seafood ruin the dishes for me. Nad Pob is so far and away the better choice.

May 13, 2008
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Good Places Off The Red Line

Mama's Tamales weekends only (sold out after lunch) is a must. @ South side of MacArthur park.
p.s. With luck Langers (near Mamas) will have veggie meatloaf!

Mar 14, 2008
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Empanada

If your close to Johnnys then try empanadas at Buenos Aries Cafe in Northridge (Corbin & Nordhoff) near Target. Spinach is the best, chicken a little salty

Mar 14, 2008
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Menudo Festival this weekend

Has anyone been to this festival in the past and what is your review. (@Wilshire and Alvarado)

Mar 14, 2008
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Zankou Alternative ???

Yes and no. SIS CHICKEN in Reseda is for those of us in the West S.F.V. On the plus side: A much larger menu(dolma,beef/chicken kababs,rice) ,serve yourself drinks and lower prices (tax included!)1/2 chicken meal $6.50 Equal to Zankou: No ambiance. On the negative side: Chicken, while very good does not have the deep herb flavor of Zankou. Last, but not least the garlic sauce question. The flavor is the only one I've found that equals Zankou but the texture is a little less smooth. Unit-H 19315 Saticoy. Overall a hidden gem.

Oct 12, 2007
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Where to have breakfast ???

Weds morning near Embarcadero Bart station. "OId time" diner / deli type location

Breakfast near AT&T Park, weekday

We are going to Giants game Weds afternoon. Need breakfast idea. Looking for "old time diner / deli" type location, 15 min walk from park.

Need following foods in the SF valley

Rob, Falafel Express is a small / take-out place at corner of Reseda and Burbank in Tarzana. It's kosher so closed sunset Fri. and Sat. Food is very good

Apr 28, 2007
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Help: Japanese 5th Ave - 33rd St ?

Any help, I forgot the name? Thanks

Jan 30, 2007
hounddog in Manhattan

Yai Restaurant - What Dishes Are Best?

While Yai has great flavor at bargain prices, one small point is the quality and quantity of meat dishes. For a little more money head down Sunset to Nadpob. This is a fairly new place, but should be on any top 10 list.

Oct 14, 2006
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Vegas dinner for young budget couple

3 spots off the strip. thai-Lotus of Siam on Sahara. The only thai in LV that compares to LA. Don't be turned off by low rent location, small but very nice inside. tapas- FireFly.
seafood- the oyster bar (w/tables) at the new Red Rock casino.

Aug 23, 2006
hounddog in Southwest

Best ramen in LA?

Ditto for Nihon, also tofu salad is a nice side there.

Aug 16, 2006
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

Help find Welsh Ale ???

Years ago I found this great ale at trader joes called welsh ale. It had a very simple lable,imported from wales. Went back and they had no more. Never saw it again. A friend in the business said the label and name may be meaningless as the U.S. distributor may have printed it. Any help with this or equal ale. It had a very deep rich taste but zero bitter after taste, hard to find. Cheers

Aug 16, 2006
hounddog in Beer

best middle eastern restaurants in LA - one list; add some more

Ditto for Olympia. The filet mignon is by far the best in L.A.,
melts in your mouth.

Jul 30, 2006
hounddog in Los Angeles Area

other recs for Playa del Carmen?

For lighter fare and something different try Media Luna. So good my wife wanted to eat there everyday. Chicken, salads, shrimp, vegetarian... but not Mexican at all. Located in the heart of 5th,but you can walk right past it since the sign out front is only a cut out of a half moon (media luna)

Jul 22, 2006
hounddog in Mexico