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Sushi in Central Jersey? [Moved from Tristate board]

I haven't tried many of your recommendations but look forward to!

I highly recommend Aikou on 202 South in Flemington. A little unexpected since it is in a small strip of stores but every time I have been there, I walked out saying "ahhh, I love that place" and crave going again. Fresh, chef bar, small, clean cool decor, nice bathroom, byo... usually busy which is always a good sign but there is enough room to not feel crowded.

I can't remember the names of specific things to critique since I usually try something different.... but I know I've ordered the Dancing Eel roll multiple times.

63 Reaville Ave, Flemington, NJ 08822

Jan 26, 2010
msmacandcheese in New Jersey

BYO in Flemington/Somerville/Lambertville

Thank you all for trying to organize these small NJ towns in relation to each other. I am very familiar with all of the areas and they really are close to each other according to living in the country standards... Here, everything is 20 minutes away and right up the road : )

Oct 24, 2008
msmacandcheese in New Jersey

BYO in Flemington/Somerville/Lambertville

Thank you for your replies! I'm putting Da Filipo's, Viva Mexico, and Blue Bottle at the top of the list!

Oct 05, 2008
msmacandcheese in New Jersey

BYO in Flemington/Somerville/Lambertville

Hello all!

I've tried to search on this topic but the screen fails to load when searching. (I did try though! : )

I'm looking for a restaurant that's BYO anywhere from Somerville to Lambertville. Any type of food and atmosphere. Recently, we have enjoyed Il Mulino and Fusion both off of Main Street in Flemington.


Oct 02, 2008
msmacandcheese in New Jersey

Tangierino 8.27 review

We had a small outing to Tangierino last night and I think we were all just a bit apprehensive prior to the dinner due to all of the recent reviews of Tangerierino during restaurant week. They were extending the restaurant week menu though they also offered the full menu which we chose to go with. As for what we ordered:

Merguez - really liked the lamb wrapped in phyllo
Chicken B'Stila - LOVED this!
Beef Tartar Moroccan Style - i enjoyed this though i'm far from a tartar aficionado

Main Course:
Sultan's Kadra - piece i had was cooked perfectly though i know it wasn't uniform
Moroccan Style Duck - a bit overcooked, the mashed potatoes with it were nice
7 Vegetable Cous Cous - very good

Dessert: - i think it's safe to say, we all enjoyed both!
Assorted Sorbet - Tangerine, Watermelon, Lemon
Pyramid of Chocolate and Caramel Mousse

Mint Tea - mmm, moroccan green tea - one of my favorites - though not an exact replica of that which i had in morocco, still very good

Overall, I would definitely return. The atmosphere was great, service was good and food was an overall enjoyment. I could easily make a meal solely out of the b'stila and tea - for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I will let the others chime in since I know I am not a very thorough critic (using the words "good" and "nice" and not many descriptive criticisms)... cheers!

Clam Box Ipswich vs Quincy

Made the trip to Ipswich and it was great despite the long wait... both the fried clams and the coleslaw. Definitely lived up to the hype. Hoping to squeeze in Tony's one day as well... thanks for the tips : )

Clam Box Ipswich vs Quincy

hey all...

i searched on this topic but found no direct comparison. i found plenty of favorable opinions on both, but if it were between the two, which would you choose? ( i know that there is no connection between the two restaurants)

craving fried clams for lunch today so trying to make the decision between quincy (closer in proximity) and ipswich (has the white farms ice cream bonus).

Rockmore Floating Restaurant, Salem?

you definitely do not go for the food... more so, the beer and atmosphere. i had the chicken caesar wrap last time and it wasn't horrible though. they will not pick up the phone, you just have to go to the dock and wait for their ferry boat to pick you up. the boat runs regularly and there are instructions on the dock so that you know you are in the right place.


second the praise for the bean curd leaf pork dish!

also looking forward to trying the duck main dish and scallion pancakes soon... maybe in a venture with take-out or delivery...

Carbo-loading dinner?? Recs please!

Dave's Fresh Pasta in Somerville might be what you're looking for. Can buy fresh cut pasta and ravioli (can buy this frozen as well) and cook it at home... they even have cooking instructions on their website. Of course, you can eat there too.

Cambridge with a group for good dinner

I would definitely recommend Hungry Mother! We went there with a group of 9 and had an excellent dinner (they sat us at a table for 10 which could have fit two more on either end). Would recommend your group ordering the shrimp and grits, deviled chip-in farm eggs, warm beef tongue canape, fried chesapeake bay oysters, cornmeal catfish (main course), and watermelon sorbet for dessert.

Gran Gusto tonight!

oops! i think i've only reported on one restaurant so far from the original list... i'll have to work on this...

the pizza margherita was great. best i've had in boston and most similar to da michele's in naples that i've found in the states.

liked both the risotto and the gnocchi. the gnocchi was better than hungry mother's IMO probably because it was more similar to my italian grandmother's hearty home-maders.

i got both the ricotta pie and tiramisu to go and loved the ricotta pie.

I want THE best of everything at the cheapest price.

if you're looking for napolean pizza, stay away from santarpio's. the closest i've found to da michele's in naples is gran gusto's pizza margherita - their ricotta pie dessert is good as well. best cannoli i've found state-side is from modern in the north end.

go to floating rock in revere for some great cambodian food.

Impossible to find dive bars downtown?

If you want...

- huge beer selection (15 on tap/99 on the wall), good burgers and fries go to bukowski's ... like others mentioned, you will definitely not have your 3 ft of personal space there.

- a place where everyone is sure to get hammered and sing karaoke even if it is entirely uncharacteristic of them go to sissy k's (karaoke is best on wednesday nights IMO - $1 bud/bud light - do not go on the weekends)

- no frills, space to move around, few games to keep you occupied (basketball etc), laid back crowd, cheap drinks go to beacon hill pub (bhp) - dive, could be considered grimey, smallest bathrooms you will ever see, cash only, better on week nights than weekends, local/college/young professional crowd

- to be outside:

- tia's - huge outdoor area, favorite among the typical boston young professional crowd, on the water

- central 37's roof deck - haven't seen a huge crowd there, but a nice place to go with a large group of people where you can be outside and make your own party

- baseball tavern's roof deck - draws a good crowd, can view stadium lights if there is a game

* can walk from bukowski's to pour house (only two i would recommend in that area though whiskey's which is next to pour house is a touristy boston bar). can also pop into king's next door to bukowski's for some bowling action.

* bhp is by its lonesome as is baseball tavern (though other sports bars are close by)

* can walk from central 37 to sissy k's to tia's to sail loft (good bar, very very small outdoor patio) - 5 min from central 37 to sissy k's, 7 from sissy k's to tia's (walking thru faneuil hall/quincy market on the way), 5 from tia's to sail loft (walking along the water on the way)

Gran Gusto tonight!

Hey all!

We have one more spot open for an 8pm dinner at Gran Gusto tonight. If you're interested, email me asap at

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Next outing is tomorrow evening (7.29) 8:45pm at Santarpios.

If you are interested, please contact me at

Floating Rock chowdown review 7.23

A few other chowhounders and I visited Floating Rock this past Wednesday for a cambodian lunch. Small and pleasant atmosphere with a very friendly staff. It was my first time there, so the seasoned veterans took on the responsibility of ordering which included:

- lok lac
- tiger tears
- cambodian pad thai (with squid)
- fish cakes
- spicy chili pork

My personal favorites were the tiger tears (loved it!), lok lac and the cambodian pad thai. Overall, I would highly recommend a visit... or re-visit!

(this is linked to

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Oh, I'm sorry it doesn't work for you Marilees! Thanks for your suggestions though! I will definitely be putting them to good use... have heard tons of good things about the tiger tears!

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Wow, MC Slim JB, that is incredible! Thank you so much.... that is really amazing you went to all that trouble in organizing/critiquing everything. I will definitely be using your list as a reference point from now on. Thanks again : )

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Hi all! Here are the newest hounder outings... If you are interested in these, please email me at There are a few spots still open for Hungry Mother (5 hounders confirmed so far).

* Wednesday July 23 - Floating Rock 12pm lunch

* Thursday July 24 - Hungry Mother 9:30pm dinner

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Haha... I have managed to cut my list down to the top 31 and if I am able to experience half of it, I will leave Boston a satisfied customer... hm, better make sure Flour made the top 31 or else it will become the top 32 : )

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

adding one hot dog place to the list... somehow it's growing instead of shrinking! : )

Potato Salad Recommendation

Bob's in Medford has great chicken salad and tuna salad so I would recommend to try the potato salad (though I haven't tried it). If you don't get a chance to before the picnic, I would definitely recommend visiting Bob's another time for a sub, sandwich or almost anything else they have!

North End Pastry

After talking with an old-timer local on Hanover Street, he reported that tourists go to Mike's and locals go to Modern. I tried quite a few things at Modern all of which were great. The cannoli, which is usually way too sweet for me anywhere else, was perfect here. If they have baba, you might want to try that. It's usually a rum pastry so it's not too sweet and very moist. (I had it in Naples so I might be a bit biased).

As for pizzelles, my grandmother who is 100% italian makes homemade anise flavored pizzelles. I have seen other flavors in stores but have never tried them. I would suggest asking an employee at a local North End shop their opinion... maybe the next time you pop into Modern!

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Pollystyrene, why don't you give me your email or email me at I've gotten interest from about 10 fellow chowhounders, 5 of whom are interested in Hungry Mother (among others) so we could probably set that one up first. I can mass email those interested, we can set up a day that works and then I can post it on here for others who may be interested as well. Thanks!

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Thank you all for the tips... I'm going to use all of your suggestions to form a new top 30 restaurant list (cutting out 15!). Again though, if anyone's interested in going to one of the places because you have yet to try it or it's just a personal favorite, email me at! Or if there are a few people interested, I could post one restaurant a week and whoever's interested can jump in? Pollystyrene, I know you're in favor.... anyone else???

one day in Boston, best Lobster Roll to brag about...

Second James Hook...

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

OK.... a bit about myself... I'm hitting the quarter century mark in August, love to travel (8 countries and counting), love trying new things whether it's activities or restaurants, love meeting new people that can teach or introduce me to something interesting (even if it's a new idea/way of thinking) and despite all, am very laid back. This all reflects in my restaurant style. I enjoy the higher end places (especially steakhouses) as well as some finger-licking pub food or fresh seafood on a local dock. After re-reading this, it's starting to sound like a personal ad but it's the best way I can describe my "personal style" - open to anything. Could choose a restaurant based soley on atmosphere or solely on taste...

And yes, I have conquered the beer at the Cask & Flagon... twice : )

Thank you for your recommendations as well... I'm not sure if this was the response you were looking for ?????

Oh, and I have been searching for pizza most similar to NY/NJ style pizza and, ironically, found the closest recently at New York Pizza in the theater district.... just fyi...

Help me check off my must-see/must-do restaurant list!

Haha! I'm so psyched with the positive feedback I've received and the amusement you all have gotten from my list! I was going to edit my post/list based on your recommendations, but I don't think that is possible (is it??). If not, I will definitely keep a note of your comments!

"I wasn't sure if you were looking for someone to join in on your quest for the ultimate belt buster, or was looking for more imput."

Yes! Again, whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, tapas, apps, drinks or dessert, I'm interested... Feel free to critique my list but also feel free to help me check it off in person! Even if it's not on my list... if you suggest it, I'm up for it.

"If you want hounds to join you, you'll need to give us an email address in your profile to reach you offline to make arrangements."

"I assume you're a cheese fan"

Haha, I guess my login name gives way to that a bit. I actually just got back from Europe where I think I ate more cheese in a few weeks than I have in my collective lifetime (of 25 years).

"Having said that, where are you moving to?"

New Jersey... bad rap, good food.

Girls Night Out on Thurs...

Love Cuchi Cuchi! Went there for the dinner part of my friend's bachelorette party. Great tapas menu that is fun to order a lot from and then share. Has a bar as well that doesn't get too crowded (at least when we were there).