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"Fine Dining" in Philly, After Le Bec Fin

lacroix is my favorite place in the city. thought the food and experience is far superior there.

Aug 07, 2010
bigdog2084 in Philadelphia

Radice in Blue Bell Wow!

i was there 2 weeks ago and the food was great. everything we had was cooking perfectly and we enjoyed ourselves. the only problem is the prices on drinks. they were priced as if we were in center city. also the service was not too hot. i know they just opened but it seemed like everyone that worked there had no clue what they were doing. they should have hired some people that have experience in the business.

Aug 06, 2010
bigdog2084 in Philadelphia

Farm Co-op in Collegeville Area

I was wondering how farm co-ops work? I looked at bauder farms website but they didn't have any info. I am new to this and am interested in how these work. thanks

Jul 25, 2010
bigdog2084 in Philadelphia

McCrady's, Fig and ?? (Charleston)

I just got married in charleston a month ago and we had our rehearsal dinner at mccradys and everything was absolutely amazing. wonderful food and a wonderful atmosphere. Then we had our wedding reception at peninsula grill and it was wonderful as well. I would have your dinner sunday at peninsula grill over snob. Fig is also a great place for dinner.

Apr 25, 2010
bigdog2084 in Southeast

A La Maison - BYOB - Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore

I went there last friday night and we had a wonderful experience. the place was packed but the service was quick and the food was superb! I would recommend to anyone to try it.

Feb 05, 2009
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

Onion Rings

Del Frisco's steakhouse in Philly at 15 and chestnut has the absolute best onion rings. you get a huge mountain of them as well!

Jan 29, 2009
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

As long as we're talkin' pizza - Blue Bell???

Bacco's pizza is my favorite. I have lived in blue bell for 24 years and all other pizza in the area is terrible.

Dec 23, 2008
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

Waterbar for Saturday lunch

i was there for dinner in september and it was very good!

Dinner in Napa- top choice?

Auberge du soleil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

The Guard House in Gladwyne is spectacular! I love the food there.

Nov 11, 2008
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

Best bakeries in Montgomery County

The bakery shoppe in Bryn Mawr has great stuff! It is right across the street from the food source.

Oct 31, 2008
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

Money no object- top 5 choices for special anniversary dinner in or near Philadelphia

1. Lacroix
2. Lacroix
3. Lacroix
4. Lacroix
5. Lacroix

Oct 31, 2008
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

Where do you get your Thanksgiving Turkey?

There is a free range turkey farm in the skippack area. It is near merrymead farms. I don't remember the name but they have great turkeys. They are free range and fresh not frozen. you have to pick up on tuesday or wednesday before thanksgiving.

Oct 31, 2008
bigdog2084 in Pennsylvania

bar food in Napa

You can check out bounty hunter. Its a BBQ place in napa. I believe on first street. I don't remember if they have TV's but they have a cool bar and good BBQ.

Great dinner in Napa or Sonoma -- but not French Laundry?

AUBERGE DU SOLEIL! This place is amazing. make sure to sit outside!

After Hours w/Daniel cancelled (Mojo 86d)

season 3 is on itunes.

Oct 11, 2008
bigdog2084 in Food Media & News

Top 5 Napa Wineries

Rubicon estate is great! especially if you do the elevage tour. Chalk hill was spectacular! it is in Healdsburg. which is a good hour north of napa. the culinary tour there is amazing! duckhorn and paraduxx tastings are great too!

1st trip to Napa and I have some questions...

please go to auberge du soleil. it is an awesome restaurant with amazing food! make sure you sit outside! they have heaters at every table to keep you warm!

Need help with romantic Napa dinner....

Please check out Auberge du Soleil. I was there 2 weeks ago. Sit outside for dinner. they have heaters to stay warmer. It is so romantic and is in the top 5 restaurants i have been to. I actually got engaged there.

What does everyone think of farallon?

Going to be in napa and sf for 5 days next week. A friend told me to go to farallon. is it worth it?