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Everyday Portland

My husband and I are in town for several weeks and need some suggestions on budget conscious places to eat. I'm thinking anywhere with entrees to fifteen dollars. Unfortunately we're staying in the convention center area, but we don't mind traveling around the city.
I've read up on the food carts and plan on going to them. And we've already been to Biwa, which was great. Thanks!

Aug 27, 2008
mwh in Pacific Northwest

Top Chef restaurants

sam is at surf lodge in montauk, a new 'super-cool', but also fun place on the pond. i wanted to like it more than i did. i was underwhelmed by the food, but my husband like the popcorn ceviche and a calamari dish that, to me, tasted like chili. the corn salad was excellent, but difficult to mess up in the summer with totally fresh ingredients.

Jul 14, 2008
mwh in Manhattan