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That's So Salty! It's Not Salty Enough.

So true... I can now confirm my longtime belief that Diamond Crystal is indeed "less salty" the best salt for general use.

Jun 07, 2010
EllaBoBella in Features

Milan thru Emilia-Romagna to Marche, then onto Rome via Umbria

Yeah, that's it! It's not in the most central location-- maybe a 10-15 minute walk from the main piazza/ other sights. I don't know if it's really worth a special trip, but if you happen to be near, you should stop in. Also, I'd warn you that the piadine are surprisingly rich, so be careful not to eat anything too cheezy before a big meal. I made that mistake. Haha, not that it stopped me from stuffing my face later that night...

Do you speak Italian?

Apr 01, 2010
EllaBoBella in Italy

Milan thru Emilia-Romagna to Marche, then onto Rome via Umbria

You probably won't have time to stop here in Bologna, but my brother, who's living in Bologna, brought me to this piadina place, "Al Vecchio Mulino," where I had the most delicious, warm piadine. It's run by these two Romagnola sisters, and there's some counter space to stand and eat, but it's more the kind of place you just get your food and take it with you. You can choose from a bunch of delicious fillings, including salumi, cheeses, grilled vegetables, and spreads, but I would recommend the piadina with truffle pate', brie, and some cured pork product that I forget. This simple treat was one of the highlights of my food experiences in Bologna, and trust me, I had a lot of amazing food there.

Mar 31, 2010
EllaBoBella in Italy

Sautéed Stinging Nettles

Mmmm, nettles... or should I say ouch?
I don't think water is necessary in the saute, though. Just cover the pan to steam the greens if desired. Nettles are so nutty and delicious. I love to saute them with green garlic.

Mar 26, 2010
EllaBoBella in Recipes

Tara's Organic Ice Cream opening new store in Temescal soon

I love their Earl Grey ice cream, especially after belly dancing next door at Hipline. But everything's pretty overpriced given the amount you're getting. I usually get the not-so-generous mini scoop which is $2, but it feels a little ridiculous to get such a tiny cup. At least they're generous with the samples, though, and I like that they use metal sample spoons...

Tara's Organic Ice Cream
3173 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

Leaden Red Gnocchi
This above recipe is wonderful, but the gnocchi themselves are not red. The secret is to BAKE the potatoes, rather than boil, so that they do not absorb any water.

Bugialli's recipe seems very strange... water and should never be added to gnocchi, as the water would make them gummy and glutenous, and the oil would impede on the absorption of water when cooking.

Mar 13, 2010
EllaBoBella in Home Cooking

Making gnocchi ahead of time: freezer or fridge?
This recipe is great... here's what it says regarding freezing.

"Extra tip: Raw gnocchi freeze exceptionally well. Place them on a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet, making sure they’re not touching. Set the pan in the freezer until the gnocchi are frozen solid, so they won’t stick together when stored. Pop each gnocchi off the baking sheet and place in a resealable freezer bag. Keep in the freezer for no more than a month. To cook, toss the frozen gnocchi into boiling water and cook as instructed below. (Do not let them thaw before cooking.)"

Mar 13, 2010
EllaBoBella in Home Cooking

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

Agreed... Ver Brugge on College is good for non-specialty meats. Just had some $3 a pound pork roast from there tonight-- it was marbled and delicious!
Cafe Rouge is better for meat products like sausage and bacon, though. Mmm.. chorizo :)

Salume or Salami

Lardo is my passion. After spending time in Tuscany recently, I became addicted. I love it super thinly sliced on toasted, salt-less pane toscano rubbed with some ripe delicious.
As for where to find lardo in the US, check out these links:

Mar 06, 2010
EllaBoBella in General Topics

Download CHOW Wallpaper: Peppers

I was just looking for a new wallpaper.... it's only fitting that I'd find the perfect one on CHOW haha. Oh, food.

Feb 26, 2010
EllaBoBella in Features

White rice from Indian restaurant

The Indian restaurants I eat at usually serve plain, white Basmati rice. However whole cumin seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and even saffron are sometimes added to steamed rice as well.

And there are also biryanis, rice with other ingredients:

Nov 28, 2008
EllaBoBella in Home Cooking

Corn muffins in San Francisco

I agree with LAWoman... the cherry corn scones are amazing!

Zackary's Pizza: how is the Stuffed Deep Dish?

Yeah I'm pretty sure the smell is even better than the pizza. I used to live nearby, and that smell basically sums up Rockridge for me:))

Pimientos de padrone

I recently fried up some Mariquita Pimientos and they were pretty good... not as good as the true Spanish ones, but they did the trick.

JULY Cookbook of the Month: VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR EVERYONE - General Rules

I love this cookbook as a general reference, and I think all cooks should have it. Great desserts, too!

Jul 27, 2008
EllaBoBella in Home Cooking

Top Ten Tastes - 2007

Mariquita mystery box! I agree.

Pimientos de Padrón

For Bay Area Padron lovers:
Mariquita Farms has them right now! I just ordered some and can't wait to fry them up like I had in Barcelona. Calvin Trillan got me craving them just in time...

Jul 24, 2008
EllaBoBella in General Topics

La Farine morning buns: long time good

Mmm... I've been eating La Farine morning buns all my life, and I'd have to agree. I bought one last week and it was a crispy and buttery as ever. Same goes for the rustic baguette! Yum!

Berkeley - Indian - Chaat - "Vik's Chaat Corner"

Three words:
Aloo Tikki Chole


New vegetarian soup at Picante

Being a Picante regular and soup aficionado, I too was excited about this new menu item. I had this soup last week and, although it was interesting, it definately won't be a Picante standard for me. I enjoyed the little refreshing salad of sunflower shoots that it came with. For omnivores, I recommend the heartier Sopa Azteca (chicken tortilla soup), although I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying the green soup.

Xiao Long Bao - Shanghai style soup dumplings

Yank Sing in SF... delicious soup dumplings that come with vinegar with julienned ginger. Really tasty dim sum- try the red cabbage salad. It's my favorite dim sum in SF, although it can be pricey.