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Chili--Beans or no beans? [moved from Texas]

Well, they sure ain't speaking English in some places!

Jul 23, 2012
fatterdaysaint in General Topics

Non-chain Plano/Frisco restaurants?

When I first moved to Plano, a friend suggested we go to Cafe Vienna, and I have to say it was delicious! My only gripe (other than I couldn't pronounce the dishes to save my life) was that the pretzel bread was rather chintzy for the price. But you order up the Butcher's plate and cold mug of Warsteiner, and you're certainly fgood to go.

Offal/Extreme Cuisine in DFW Area?

cm83, I was going to suggest Taste of the Islands over on Alma and Spring Creek in Plano. I tried the curried goat, and it's quite delicious.

Be sure to wash it down with a cold Red Stripe, though...

Slush Puppy in Dallas?

Where can I get a Slush Puppy these days? I understand they're based out of Cadbury-Schweppes in Plano, and I like to think it'd be ridiculous that we don't have any machines in convenience stores within the area.

Anyone know where I can get my SP fix?