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Las Vegas Chicken Wings

I second the Main Street mention. Love the red ale and the wings are killer too! If you want chowhound caliber wings, vegas isn't going to deliver..... sad
I recommend Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon for chowhound wings. I luv those!

May 29, 2010
SinCityHound in Las Vegas

L V Superstore - Best Asian Supermarket I've Ever Seen

I was under the impression that this store and shopping center is owned by Mr. Lee and it's focus was more of a Korean driven market. I had no idea that this is a chain. I love the SF Market on spring mountain near jones.

(side note)
I have been to every asian store in town to find Kaffir lime leaves and fruit with no luck. I finally got some at the molto farmers market!
Thanks for the info.

Apr 05, 2010
SinCityHound in Las Vegas

Where do you shop for wine in LV/Hend?

I find wine buying in Las Vegas frustrating because of the lack of retail stores that carry small producer wines and wines that speak of a certain place as opposed to mass produced wines under a giant conglomerate. On occasion I find wines from great importers like eric solomon, bobby kacher, jorge ordonez, becky wasserman, but there are mostly at top restaurants. I love going to Marche Bacchus, but their wines are geared towards diners (which is GREAT), but when i restock the home wine fridge, I can't buy a $80.00 burgundy to drink on tues. So where do you shop? What do you like for value?
(I realize that an $80.00 burgundy CAN be a great value sometimes, but I'm talking about lower price points.)

Feb 28, 2010
SinCityHound in Las Vegas

Looking for a good asian market for Thai items

I do realize that some things might be out of season and will wait until it comes around.

Feb 28, 2010
SinCityHound in Las Vegas

Looking for a good asian market for Thai items

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a good asian market that carries high quality kaffir limes and lime leaves, fish sauce, thai bird chiles, dried shrimp, fresh tamarind. and green papaya. I know that its a tall order. I do expect to drive around the city a little bit. I have been to the international market and small asian markets in my area (rainbow and robindale). Any help would be appreciated!!
If you have a recommendation on specific brands for fish sauce and coconut milk I will gladly entertain all opinions. Thanks!

Feb 28, 2010
SinCityHound in Las Vegas

Kai Sushi Las Vegas

OMG!!!! I just went there on Pres. Day and was just floored at the quality and high standard of fish and technique! Young the owner (I hope thats right......) was sooo nice and helpful. Got to tell you that the Hokkaidō sea scallops were so great, I can't stop thinking about it! They are fresh from japan and never frozen. Beautiful touch of the sea salinity and sweetness. A great balance of chewy and soft texture and acid in the rice OMG!!!!! He was prepping the hamachi and he offered to grill the meat behind the eyes and head. It was heaven..... The crunchy grilled smokey skin and moist flaky meat......... man....... the yuzu was good too! Lots of nice things. I will be going back. Lunch special looks good too. :-)

Feb 17, 2009
SinCityHound in Southwest

First Post! Vegas Chowhound in PN. 2 weeks

Thanks for the tip on Ray's chipqmunk. That sounds great! And I totally forgot about the microbrews!#@%! When you live in vegas, you forget that people make artisanal and handcrafted things. I thought everywhere was full of celebrity chefs (WHO are NEVER in sight) and hemorrhaging cash restaurants, overpriced winelists, and $10.00 coronas. (Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox...........) terrier, thanks for the post! I think you just opened a whole new topic to research. Pok Pok and Green leaf sound great! Lots of posts on those. I'll find some time to hit them up. Thanks everyone!

First Post! Vegas Chowhound in PN. 2 weeks

Sorry about the Salumi! Thanks Roo.

First Post! Vegas Chowhound in PN. 2 weeks

Hey Hounds,

I'm excited to post for the first time. My wife and I are heading to Seattle and the surrounding wine country for a week, along with Portland and the Willamette Valley for a week. After much research, I have a few places but need some help with which spots would be better for lunch, causal dinner, and intimate dinner. This is our first time in WA. We want a real feel for Seattle and it's food/people. Thanks for all the great info! I'll be posting my recent dinner thoughts of Restaurant Charlie in the LV board soon! Let me know what you think.


Sel Gris
Le Pigeon
Park Kitchen
Alberta St. Oyster Bar and Grill
Salumi (lunch and crazy line...)
Apizza Scholls (get there early I saw in a post)
Simpatica (brunch on Sun.)


Matt's in the Market
How to Cook a Wolf (no resv. I read)
Sitka & Spruce