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Chazz in Baltimore: Possibly the strangest "theme" restaurant ever

Here's a little background on the genesis of this bizarre venture:

Real Turkey Sandwich in Baltimore

Ale Mary's in Fells Pt. has the Jive Turkey Reuben and the Thankful Turkey, which is like Thanksgiving on a roll. Both are house roasted and really good. Also, huge.

Ale Marys
1939 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Red House Tavern - Canton

Has anyone tried Red House Tavern in Canton since it re-opened? I've heard they're serving a little more upscale food than the previous incarnation. Duck nachos, gnocchi, etc.

Just curious if anyone has any opinions before I go. Thx!

Red House Tavern
2239 Essex St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Need some specific rec's for Baltimore (Canton/Fells Point)

Peter's Inn would be another option for Friday. They have outdoor tables and much better food than Kooper's. (IMHO)

Peter's Inn
504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

El Puerto Jarocho--Mexican seafood restaurant, Baltimore

Do you know if Number One Chinese delivers?

Crabs to go in Balto area

I second Chris's.

Alone in Baltimore

B&O Brasserie is a short walk from Camden. The bar would be welcoming for solo diners. Amazing food and cocktails.

Some chowhounders like Alewife, which is a little closer, but you could walk to either.

Top ten over-rated restaurants in Baltimore

Totally agree about crab houses in the city. There's no where good to sit down for crabs. There's plenty of great hole in the wall take-out places though, like Chris's in Canton.

Silk Road Bistro Chohyona- Uzbek Cuisine in Pikesville, MD

Had lunch there today. Agree with all the praise so far. Love, Love, Loved it. The lamb was really incredible as was the Tashkent. Service was lovely as well.

Coffee and breakfast near Intercontinental Harbor Court

It's about a mile to P.Poupon. Less than half that to Spoons. Honestly, walking past the Block is really no big deal during the day. It's not dangerous (the police station is across the street), and it's really just some strip clubs and adult stores. It could even be fun to walk past, it has a long history.


I've had two very solid brunches there. The cocktail list is dangerous. The only think I don't care for is the upstairs dining room feels a bit like a hotel lobby.

The Brewers Art, Baltimore

What beers were you drinking? Their amazing house beers are usually around $4.

Salt in Baltimore - a quick review

I may have to give Salt another chance!

Salt in Baltimore - a quick review

I don't know about all the restaurants in Baltimore, but Salt seems to have a LOT of mixed reviews. It was a total miss for me. The quail/pheasant dish I had there was bland and unremarkable. I can't stand the sickly green lighting in that place either.

Chinese Food in Patterson Park/Canton

Every Chinese place in Fells/Canton is pretty much equally crappy. Ding How is a small notch above, but not much. We usually order from Asian Harbor. They're fast, consistent, and nice, and you can order online.

Ding How Restaurant
631 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Dipasquale's - why didn't I know this before?

Yeah, amazing prosciutto de parma sandwich at the Highlandtown shop.

One night at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore

I second Miss Shirley's for breakfast.

For dinner B&O Brasserie is just a few blocks and is really good.

Miss Shirley's
750 E Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Baltimorons- where are you dining tonight?

FP Fest starts tomorrow, right? I get you though, it's always a crap shoot getting a table @ Peter's.

Weekend in Baltimore

I can recommend Tapas Adela from personal experience. As long as it's not underwater from last night's flooding.

Baltimorons- where are you dining tonight?

I was thinking Peter's. Haven't been in a while and veal cheeks are on the menu.

Baltimore Restaurant Week

I agree RW is a promotional gimmick and generally not that great of a deal. Mezze and Adela seem like they might be good choices as you're getting about a dozen small plates for $35, which isn't bad.

1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

Anyone been to Dogwood since it reopened?

Just noticed that Dogwood in Hampden has a snazzy new website and menu. Just wondering if anyone has checked it out yet and what you though of it and how it's changed (if at all). I had a good experience there but it was well over a year ago.

corks sushi night

Just wanted to bump this thread up. I'd really like to hear any thoughts on Corks sushi night as well.

Decent Pub Grub in Canton

Mahaffey's is a good choice. Also try Birches, which has the best burgers around IMHO. It's cozy and comfortable.

Best "affordable" steak in Baltimore?

Peter's Inn always has a solid steak.

Baltimore: A Tale of Three Crabcakes

Not the most traditional presentation, but I think the cake at Jack's Bistro is amazing.

Baltimore diner needs new recs!

Can you elaborate on you Meridian 54 experience? I've been waiting for Red Fish to re-open, but would like a few opinions before I try it out.

Tasty Sunday morning brunches in Baltimore ?

I've always enjoyed brunch at the Waterfront in Fells. The crab hash is great + all you can dring mimosas/bloodies/screwdrivers. Also Metropolitan in Fed. Hill, but I think they are still renovating.

Special Occasion Restaurant Baltimore

I would second both of these choices, especially Woodberry. Although, 10-12 people may be difficult at both of them.

Woodberry Kitchen

Had dinner for the first time at WK this weekend, and overall had an excellent evening.

Things got off to an inauspicious start for my wife and I when we were seated right by the door (practically in the doorway) of the main entrance.
The place was already packed at 6:15 and it looked like there would be nowhere else to sit. Between the humidity, the constant door swinging, and all the people crowded around the hostess station, I knew we wouldn't be able to properly enjoy our meal. It was almost panic inducing.
The hostess was very gracious and understanding when I approached her, and she moved us upstairs without question.

Now seated upstairs and comfortably, we were able to survey the space, which is not quite what I expected. I don't know if it was the early evening light, but it certainly didn't seem as cozy and rustic as in the photos I had seen online. The light gave the place more of an eatery or cafeteria feel. Plus, the tables are very close together and the restaurant was obviously at full capacity. I especially feel sorry for those with tables at the bar, as there is so little space that people we're eating and drinking on top of each other. Maybe later in the evening with dimmer lighting the atmosphere may be more welcoming. Overall it was nice, but not spectacular.

Service was very good, if a little chatty. When I obviously know exactly what bottle of wine I want (Robert Sinskey Abraxas, love it!), I don't need to know every other bottle of wine that we could have ordered, and your opinions on each of them. Otherwise though, service was informative an attentive, especially considering the crowd.

The food itself was memorable and really some of the best I've had in Baltimore (I'm a native, btw). We started with oysters on the half-shell, which we're incredible. Really big, ice-cold, perfectly presented in their own water with a nice mignonette and some cocktail on the side. Super clean taste. No grit. Just wonderful. Wish I could remember what river they came from. I know they rotate where they get their oysters.

The flatbread (pickled mushrooms, gooseberry, pesto, goat's cheese), was excellent if only for the goats cheese. Mushrooms were good but unremarkable, and the gooseberries were either forgotten or just 86ed. The bread itself I could have eaten plain.

For entrees, my wife got the Md Rockfish with summer vegetables which she thought was great (as did I from my one bite). The summer squash was ripe and crunchy, and the fish itself was perfectly cooked. Not much else to say about that dish since it was very minimal in nature, but like everything else so far, very fresh and very well prepared.

I got the Soft Crabs (both of our entrees were specials). I have to say they were the best soft crabs in recent memory. There was a cocktail type sauce on the side which was completely unnecessary. They were perfect just as they were. Again, a very minimal dish that was just perfectly executed and really showed off the quality and freshness of the ingredients. An ice cold slice of plum with more of that wonderful goat's cheese on the side was a perfect compliment.

Dessert came in the form of Summer pudding. A ice cold crimson thing filled with with berries (is that where my gooseberries went?) and topped with crème fraiche. I hate super sweet desserts, but like everything else in this meal, it was fresh, refreshing, and just cold and great. A perfect end to an excellent meal. Well, along with a great Cuban coffee.

Overall, I'd definitely go back, and I'll stick with the specials, since nothing on the main menu really caught my eye, and the specials turned out so well. I'm really happy to see a place like this in BMore. It's not without flaws, but I haven't found a place that focuses so much on local, organic, quality ingredients and executes it so well that you feel like you might be on the west coast.