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Lunch in Galway

Upper Abbeygate St.

Dec 08, 2007
hotsauceathlete in U.K./Ireland

Lunch in Galway

Couch Potato does excellent baked spuds w/ interesting combinations....can't remember the street but its in town....

Dec 08, 2007
hotsauceathlete in U.K./Ireland

Facing Heaven Chilis in London?

Have you tried asking in Bangla?

Nov 20, 2007
hotsauceathlete in U.K./Ireland

U.S. food Products in Dublin

Fallon and Byrne has the best selection of US stuff I've seen....

Nov 14, 2007
hotsauceathlete in U.K./Ireland

Dublin 2007

I live in Dublin and in terms of good, not too pricey eateries, I have several thoughts:

JoBurger (Rathmines) Excellent beef, chicken and lamb burgers w/ interesting combos, peri peri chips and a really funky vibe

The Farm on Dawson St. is new, organic and pretty reasonable (price wise) my wife and I visited recently and were impressed.

Fallon and Byrne off Great Georges St. have an excellent takeaway counter

All I can think of right now- I'll post more later when I think of 'em.

Aug 31, 2007
hotsauceathlete in U.K./Ireland

Whole Foods--Prepared foods section

My favorite prepared food @ Whole Foods is the Italian Sub. I've seen it at most Boston area locations.

good vegetarian soups?

New England Soup Factory in Brookline always has a few decent veggie soups....I know some Chowhounds aren't fans but I kind of like the place.

Top Chef 2 = Finale Part 1 (potential spoilers)

The fact that EVERY single cheftestant hates him doesn't mean anything to you???

Irish Pubs in Southie

Most REAL Irish (as in off the boat like my wife) don't live in Southie...Hit a place like the Castlebar in Brighton if you want to drink w/ actual people from Ireland- otherwise Southie aka the Land of the Plastic Paddy is for you...

Six Foot Sub

Oops, jumped too quick on that....don't know if they sell just the roll but the Italian is still awesome.

Six Foot Sub

Maria's Italian Cold Cuts in Somerville (Winter Hill) does an amazing 6 ft Italian....It is sensational

Top Chef: The "Scandal" ...reactions?

Marcel is just such a freaking tool....Granted Cliff was really dumb for putting his hands on him. I think Marcel is being carried by the sympathy he is building from the judges who don't have to deal with him all the time!

Good pizza in West Suburbs??

Danny's in Wellesley used to be awesome....however I'm not sure if it's still open....

Legal Seafoods- So ever poor

What is so terrible at LTK?? Stick with the fresh grilled fish w/ 2 sides and choice of sauce and its all good.

just visiting- food in NOHO [moved from Boston board]

The restaurant in Brattleboro is 39 Main and it does have excellent food....

Lunch in New Haven

Pepe's Pizza.

Soups at Slowfire in Brattleboro

I just wanted to post a tip for anyone visiting Brattleboro. Go to Slowfire on Elliot St. for the soup. It used to be known as Sarki's but while they still serve the same falafel which is excellent, they have added Mexican food to the menu. The burritos aren't great but the soups are outstanding! I had an amazing chicken and shrimp Gumbo there yesterday and everyday the owner has two different fresh soups on.

Just an FYI for anyone visiting Brattleboro....

Where in Boston to Propose?

I completely agree with Mamma Maria- excellent, elegant and she'll probably be surprised as the name doesn't reveal anything about the elegance of the place...

Pino's or Presto's?

Presto's for two reasons. 1)The pizza is better 2) They aren't jerks- I once ordered delivery from Pino's and after they imposed a 3 dollar delivery charge on me- and I gave the driver a buck- he had the nerve to ask me why I gave him such a small tip....lame. I ended up paying 14 bucks or so for a small pizza

Linwood grill fenway -- not closing

The Linwood was dead to me even when they were serving good beer....just a shady front for Boston Cab Co.

I - 84 CT

Vernon Diner is pretty good...great cookies and kicks the crap out of Reins....right off I-84 in Vernon

irish pubs

My Co. Galway born and raised wife agrees with your friend....but if you want to go where the real Irish actually drink- the above post about the Castlebar is 100 % correct.

Reminder -- Taqueria La Mexicana caters for the holidays

I just want to point out as well- that I used to work for a community youth organization in Somerville- and whenever we had an event NO ONE in the city of Somerville came close to being as generous as Taqueria la Mexicana....I'm glad they continue to do well- they gave us more free platters over my two years there than I can count....The owner is a great guy and a true supporter of the community...the food is pretty darn good to boot. I live in Brattleboro Vt. now and can only dream of a decent Mexican joint

Good eats off I-91 in MA or VT?

Chealsea Royal Diner off exit 2 in Brattleboro....excellent always

Is this even possible....?

Rein's is horrible and I believe that your "thirty years" of eating there have made you too biased to admit it. The difference between Rein's and the Vernon is that the Vernon has amazing COOKED food. Rein's is nothing but the NY Deli style charade of making SANDWICHES. NY style Delis are consistantly overrated on Chowhound and I think its time that we call that out.

The Vernon has excellent Chicken Pot Pie, lasange etc... oh and have you tried their cookies???

Mali food at Brattleboro farmers market

They are from Mali

Please help! My vegetarian partner & I are going to Southern VT for New Year's

For what its worth....I live about three blocks from The Common Ground and had dinner there about a week ago. It wasn't amazing but the Cashew Bruger was damn tasty!

Is this even possible....?

Reins Deli is horrible! Skip it and hit the Vernon Diner, in Vernon CT. (near Rein's but better). The Vernon Diner is open 24/7

Mali food at Brattleboro farmers market

Same family that sells food at the outdoor market. I know her son pretty well. Great people and fantastic food.

Wagamama coming to Harvard Square

Interesting- I've always kind of liked the concept and the food is pretty tasty....