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2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

Butter in sticks

This thread from a while back is somewhat similar to your Q.
And yes the monopoly rules would apply as well. I always buy butter when in buffalo.

Burger's Priest Now Open on Sundays

Here's the corporate culture taking over. Used to be closed so "Family" took precedence on Sunday. Am already noticing a difference in quality between locations and not in a good way. Rapidly becoming another fast food chain and I weep for the result.

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

Queensway Location is also open on Sundays. Was a little surprised when I first noticed the change. A day for the family plays second fiddle to corporate interests, at least that's how the day off was sold early on.

Is Scarborough the dining capital of the world?

Star cartoonist agrees!! ;)

Chowfind of 2014 (anywhere in Ontario)

Cafe Polonez, I've lived in the area for over a decade and hadn't made it here til about 3 weeks ago. Was one of those spots that neighbourhood friends always mentioned and I always wanted to get to, but alas always missed.
By no means new and def not a widely mentioned spot here, but I loved it and have been back since my first time and will be back again soon.

Sodium Citrate -- First Attempt

Not sure about your exact problem but some types of cheese work better than others. I've used cheddar rather successfully.
Smoked Gouda on the other hand was atrocious, and I love the solid product.

Dec 01, 2014
damonster in Home Cooking

My First Time Visiting NOLA

Thanks for this funkycold, heading there next week for a football game and this has given me a few ideas.

Oct 18, 2014
damonster in New Orleans

Burgers Priest to open West End Location

Well they tweeted last night that opening will occur June 28 at 6PM.
Been waiting for this for a while.

Fat Louie's BBQ (Keele & St. Clair)

Had lunch there today and really enjoyed it. Nicely done ribs and love their pulled pork sandwiches.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Thought It was worth mentioning that the Cookbook Store is closing.

Grocery items that you can't find in Toronto (but you can in the states)

I've had a conversation with a CBSA person at my local pub and they admitted that they really have no idea what's allowed and not allowed, that's up to the CFIA. IF there is one available at your point of entry they should be able to clarify. As a tourist I would say claim it all and go from there. Your chocolate is a great example of them overstepping their bounds.
You can look at the website and frankly its may of well be in some foreign language I have no clue about.
If a border guard gives you grief about anything ask them to speak to a CFIA, as really that's not within their area of responsibility.
An agent giving you grief about a chocolate bar is exactly why a lot of visitors here hate the process of entering this country. A talk with a supervisor would of taken care of it, but again may be more trouble than it's worth.

SURVEY: When/Where/How did you learn to cook?

I basically will echo blondanonima,
Started cooking in mid-eighties or a touch earlier after taking a home ec class that was an optional choice in junior high(grades 7-9) here in Canada. Mom was a single parent at the time and I would get home several hours before her from school and a couple times a week would make supper for us(brother as well). I recall making a 'spanish' omelet (think tomato sauce on top of an omelet) to trying my first deep dish pizza.
At the time the only cooking shows available were also similar, Frugal Gourmet was always on our local PBS station after school and most certainly inspired me.
Ended up working in restaurants for a time before my current career and learned much then and am now basically self taught through the various medias available.
2A= currently 43 and am in Canada.

Dec 09, 2013
damonster in General Topics

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Is Fat Cat still open? noticed paper up on the windows as well.

La Cubana: The owner of Delux is bringing Cuban Snacks to Roncy

had the medianoche sandwich and really enjoyed, touch on the small side for me but pretty tasty.

Worst thing eaten this year in Toronto??!!

Canoe for the Valentine's day menu. cost vs taste was an absolute nightmare.
Know people that love the place but easily worst meal of the year.
Stunningly mediocre or less. Given the cost, no where even close.

What Classic French Cooking Products Should I Bring Home to the US?

May not be up your alley but I picked up a rather large can of escargot. Led to the first annual 'snail-a-palooza'

Oct 19, 2013
damonster in France

Help with Bloor West/High Park Restaurant Suggestions

Queen Margherita pizza may also fit your request(Jane and Annette)

ISO: Smoked Sturgeon

Any help on where to find this item? Preferably in the west end of the city but would be able to travel a bit.

2013 Food and Restaurant OPENINGS

Looks like it is opening on the 13th of March according to website and the drive by I did today.

Please Critique My Toronto Must-Try List (Updated and Revised)

As you had the Tarte Flambee mentioned I'd throw out Elle m'a Dit in Baldwin Village. Alsatian French so a little different, but have always enjoyed it and the Tarte are on their menu all the time, very tasty light app.

Burgers Priest to open West End Location

Agreed Bobby, was really hoping for something closer to the High Park area.

ISO whipping siphons and nitrous oxide cartridges

No where near the east end but maybe check out
I got the book in Oct. and have been buying myself toys ever since, really starting to add up. Whipper is about #2 in terms of my wants right now.

Guy Fieri Spotted in Toronto

They were filming at The Ace on Roncesvalles as well.

I went to Philly?

Good to see some liking the place. When I went i really liked as well. Again I can't speak to authenticity but it was indeed a good sandwich.

A new BBQ option in Mississauga

Heck I couldn't even find the address on the site.
Stephen could you give an exact address for the place near there quit a bit, co I'm interested.

Wondra flour

Funny I was just curious about the same thing. Heading to US at end of month so was planning on getting some down there. (damn Modernist Cuisine book is gonna be expensive)

Boulud @ Four Seasons Yorkville Rumor

The twitter feed stated it would open on Oct. 5 and Open Table would begin taking reservations on the 2nd. (
)Looking forward to a meal there.

Hey! Rod Bowers new Roncesvalles location

Good to hear it's open finally. I didn't realize it was focusing on sit-down type experience so your info is very useful. Gonna have to get in there in the next couple of days.

ISO: Whey Butter

I've only found it at Whole Foods.
Here is the brand they don't list retailers that I could find but do have contact info for questions
It's pretty tasty. I did come across something that said they sold it at Fiesta Farms as well but can't confirm.