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We went a year ago, and it was amazing. My husband had the regular tasting menu, and though I'm not a vegetarian, I got the vegetarian menu b/c we wanted to try everything the chef could make. I thought I'd feel unsatisfied eating a vegetarian meal, but that was not the case at all. The food was delicious and beautiful. The service was amazing. My friends have gone recently and they say it's still amazing.

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

Besides the Korean Bakeries like Shilla (Annandale & Centreville), Le Matin De Paris (Annandale), and Dolce (Annandale), the other places in Virginia are Ice Berry (South Riding & Reston) and Piccomolo (Fair Oaks Mall). Piccomolo mostly has (amazing) gelatos, so they only have the plain yogurt flavor, which is what I prefer anyway. I've really liked all the places named above except Le Matin De Paris, which had watery, yellowish-colored, non-tart yucky stuff. Anyone know of any others in Virginia? How about Maryland? The only one I know is Shilla Bakery at Twinbrook.