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Aarhus Denmark report

Fabulous week in Aarhus Denmark. Unbelievable food. Restaurant in national equestrian center. Strangely enough, no horse meat. Substans in downtown Aarhus. Farm to fork at its best. Langoustines!

Jun 27, 2013
kriscolby in Europe

tysons chain hell

Thai Pillin has been a solid lunch spot. Next to Starbucks on Route 7 in the middle of Tyson's.

Silver Spring, MD

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Mandalay. It's one of our staples for noodles.

Great meal at 8407 Kitchen and Bar

Yes, we'd tried 8407 a few times with limited luck but just had a fantastic meal there and it seems like they've finally really hit their stride.

GOOD restaurant in Silver Spring

We had a FABULOUS meal at 8407 today. Seems like they've really hit their stride. Will be back as frequently as possible (which is good since I live about three blocks away)

where to buy goat meat inside dc?

There's also a vendor every week at the Silver Spring farmer's market that specializes in goat.

A Cheesesteak Query [split from MSP]

Made our first trip to Chink's last night. Fantastic place and we'll definitely be back. Also got a complete lecture on the history and minutiae of egg creams, ice cream sodas, flavored sodas, and milkshakes.

Jul 31, 2011
kriscolby in Philadelphia

Recent Info on Chincoteague

Take-out and fresh seafood at Gary Howard's was fantastic. We gorged on clams, crabs, shrimp and crab cakes for four days and still brought some home....

Apr 26, 2011
kriscolby in Mid-Atlantic

Darnell's in Easton

Passing through Easton on our way back from Chincoteague. It was Sunday so that much-lauded BBQ Joint from this site was closed.

Instead, we went to Darnell's Grill and has a fantastic lunch of fried chicken, ribs, crab cakes and collards. Sat outside. Great stuff.


Apr 26, 2011
kriscolby in Mid-Atlantic

Is there anything decent in Amelia Island??


Apr 26, 2011
kriscolby in Florida

Is there anything decent in Amelia Island??

Totally agree on Merge. Was in town for a conference and ended up going there twice for dinner 'cause it was so good. Adam and team were dolls and I wish them much luck.

Mar 19, 2011
kriscolby in Florida

Jaded California food snob seeks like-minded fusspots to recommend good DC restaurants

I just like the concept of being a fusspot.

As an ex-Californian myself, I remember well the satisfying sanctimonious feeling of telling people that my old neighborhood had more, better restaurants.

Then I realized I was hungry and decided to just go find something good to eat rather than spend my time feeling smug.

Many of the suggestions here are great. To them I would add some great treats that you can't get easily in SF (inconceivable!) like pupusas and pollo a la brasa.

Kris in SS.

Fish markets for raw clams and oysters in DC

I've never been able to find live Dungeness crab, even on Maine Avenue. Any ideas?

And, yes, this is where you insert the obligatory "Dungeness isn't local to DC" comment. Well, neither is the coffee you had for breakfast. Plus, I'm from Humboldt County, CA and miss the stuff from home. ;-)

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

Flippin' has great "regular" pizza (strange how we now have to call it "regular" pizza... First World problem). I know they deliver but always pick it up so don't know anything about the actual delivery process.

Table, Asheville

Fantastic meal at Table last weekend while in Asheville for a few days. My wife and I escaped the kids and did an anniversary lunch there.

Pretty standard fare for a "New American" menu but everything was done really well
- Hickory Nut Farm pork chop with mac 'n cheese and broccolini (so good we went to the farm and bought some for the freezer at home)
- risotto with brussels sprouts and cheese (who knew?)
- salade lyonnaise with great lardons

And the first time I've ever found TWO solid Gruner Veltliner's on one menu.

So good, we almost took the whole family there for dinner the next night. Alas, they were booked.

48 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

Jan 03, 2011
kriscolby in Southeast

Thin Crust Pizza Asheville

Another recommendation for West First. Went there last week and it was fantastic.

Jan 03, 2011
kriscolby in Southeast

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

Flippin' Pizza is very solid standard pizza. I usually pick up (they'll bring it out to your car if you can't find parking on Colesville).

I've heard that there are long waits for delivery but the pies are great.

Football for Foodies in DT Silver Spring or nearby

looking for a place to watch the redskins-eagles game

hoping for:
Quarry House-like food
McGinty-like space
Galaxy-like television
Walkable DTSS
haven't yet figured out how to combine the four of them


HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

And it's only getting better.

In addition to the regulars (Quarry House, El Pollo Rico, Pho Hiep Hua, Mandalay and some of the others listed above) we've got a couple new adds to Chow Heaven:
- Pacci in Silver Spring for Neapolitan Pizza
- Bombay Indian. It's up in White Oak but another great add to the stable of Indian food
- Flippin' Pizza. Chain takeout pizza but the only one worth it's salt in the area
- General Store: Fried Chicken from Heaven

Bombay Indian Restaurant
11229 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Pollo Rico
7643 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Jackson Hole Food Review

Just spent a couple weeks in Jackson Hole/Tetons/Yellowstone. While most of our meals were small animals cooked over a campfire, we did have a chance to try out some of the local places and had more than a few good experiences.

The Bunnery - fantastic granola and baked goods

Snake River Brewery - only brew pub that rivals the pub food at the Quarry House at home in Silver Spring, MD. Hit it a couple times.

Q - good place for kids after a long day driving up from SLC. Solid food and beer but the real draw was the playground outside. Adults can linger while kids run around in circles.

Bubbas - very different experience than Wingman. Very good brisket and a good lunch.

The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
130 N Cache, Jackson, WY 83001

Snake River Brewery & Restaurant
PO Box 3317, Jackson, WY 83001

Aug 25, 2010
kriscolby in Mountain States

Please help- Going on a road trip

totally agree on Red Iguana. Place is fantastic with unbelievable mole. Almost missed our flight home in an effort to hit it again...

Red Iguana
736 W North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Aug 25, 2010
kriscolby in Mountain States

On the Cheap in Paris

John, as one of the volcano refugees stuck in Paris for the last week, I was very grateful for your suggestions. Bad news was, didn't get very much sympathy at home for my plight. Go figure.

Some personal feedback:
Le Bouchon et L'Assiette: fantastic find, best meal I had all week and surprisingly quiet. First time I'd ever had radish cream on persille de porc but it was great.

Le Reminet: very solid and I'd return even though they didn't have any outdoor seating on a beautiful April afternoon. Veal cheeks were great.

Le Charbon Rouge: pretty disappointing to be honest. More expensive than I expected (probably due to location) and looked very much like something I can find anywhere in DC, London or New York. Wouldn't put it on this list.

Am going back next month and will definitely try some of the others.

Thanks again!

Apr 22, 2010
kriscolby in France

NY foodie coming to New Orleans looking for CANT miss places- Help me with my itinerary please

I'd say it's like going to Pat's and Geno's for steaks in Philly. The entire experience makes it a worthy trip even if you could find a better cheesesteak somewhere else...

Jan 21, 2010
kriscolby in New Orleans

Best of DC area chow for first timer?

If you don't go to Two Amy's for pizza, we'll sick Dick Cheney on you...

Need DC convention center area recommendations

Can't go wrong at Jaleo.

Need Recommendation for Great Pub/Burger Joint in DC

Quarry House in Silver Spring

Where to buy salt cod (baccala)?

You can also get at Litteri's off Florida Avenue

NY foodie coming to New Orleans looking for CANT miss places- Help me with my itinerary please

Chowhounds just back from our first NOLA trip and had a fantastic trip. Many of our impressions were similar to others on this string
1. Overall the food was great. Service was surprisingly tepid but we attributed that to the churn the labor market's been through in the last few years since "Da Stom"
2. August was far and away the best we had. Fantastic in multiple ways. We kept trying to think of some excuse to go back and order a half dozen bowls of the shrimp bisque (which bears an uncanny resemblance to the best bouillabaisse I ever had).
3. Cochon was good but not great. Could have been had in any city but still very solid.
4. The post on Mr. B's and the BBQ shrimp was for real. Even though the place has a factory feel, the food was surprisingly excellent and we'd go back in a heartbeat.
5. For Po'Boys, don't miss Mahoney's on Magazine (and Muffalettas)
6. One of the best meals we had was at a Zydeco palace called Mulate's. Food was very good but the place was grand with big families dancing and a Zydeco band playing.
7. Commander's Palace was exactly what we expected; no more, no less (although the Hibiscus Martini was grand)
8. Abita beer was a pleasant surprise
8. Lastly, Spotted Cat for music was great.

Dec 31, 2009
kriscolby in New Orleans

NY foodie coming to New Orleans looking for CANT miss places- Help me with my itinerary please

It's true that the beignets at Cafe Du Monde were noticeably superior to those anywhere else. My wife is convinced that there's more egg in the batter at Cafe du Monde than elsewhere.

Dec 31, 2009
kriscolby in New Orleans

NY foodie coming to New Orleans looking for CANT miss places- Help me with my itinerary please

The only "sub" you'll find in Philly is the one that floats underwater. Sandwiches are called "hoagies"...

Po-Boys were fantastic, especially at Mahoneys on Magazine.

Dec 31, 2009
kriscolby in New Orleans