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East Bay bakeries for small and cheap wedding cake/cupcakes

Having lived in both the East Bay and Santa Cruz county, let me reccomend Neldam's for the cake. Neldam's has always made a really high quality light and "raggy" textured cake for a very low price. The chocolate with whipped cream frosting and chocolate shavings is unbeatable in its price range. Merritt is similar, but not nearly as good ( not to say I don't LOVE them for old style coffee shop ambience.)
I don't see why you need to drive that far for a cake, though.
In the Santa Cruz area, I have an interesting alternative option: Pie. It's apparently very trendy to do pie instead of cake, which is what we did when we got married near Watsonville.... who knew we were so cool? Gizdich Ranch makes very good pies in the $10 range with farm picked fruit. We had PLENTY left over for around 60 people and spent less than $150.

Gayle's is more reasonable than you'd think. Just check out their website-a sheet would still fit in the budget. The Buttery is always OK and very reasonable.

I gotta say- our pies were a smash hit. Everyone was surprised and pleased.
Just a thought!