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waltham restaurants

I am spending one evening in Waltham (a sunday night) and looking for a place to dine. I was considering SummerWinter, but was wondering if there is anything better. love all sorts of food - ethnic, sushi, fusion etc - but I want it to be the best of the best. My favorite Boston restaurant is No 9 Park but I would prefer not to drive into the city for dinner that night.

Aujourd'hui or L'Espalier?

Last year we dined at No. 9 Park for my husband's birthday and loved it! We've dined at many of the top rated restaurants in the country (French Laundry, Joel Roubechon, Chex Pannise etc) and are looking for the best in Boston for my husband's birthday this year. I've heard that Aujourd'hui and L'Espalier are excellent. Which is better?

Newbury Street Lunch Spot

Where's the best spot for lunch on Newbury Street on a Sunday? I'm not a fan of Stephanies (the food is so mediocre) - other than that, I'm open. Thanks for your help.

Burbank Quick Bite

We tried Mo's which was perfect. We had beers and sandwiches (grilled vegetable for me and turkey meatloaf for my husband) at the bar and were in and out in 40 minutes. Not fine dining, but a filling, quick, fresh quick dinner before the television taping. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dinner near the Biltmore

Thanks for all the suggestions! We're in LA and have had excellent meals so far at Patina (the risotto with white truffles was AMAZING) and the Water Grill (grilled caesar with shrimp, barmundi and flan all were excellent). Wokcano was disappointing - we were desperate for a lunch spot when we arrived on Sunday and this was a recommendation from our hotel concierge. The food was greasy - a step above fast food.

Burbank Quick Bite

Any suggestions for a quick place to grab a bite in Burbank? We're heading to a TV show taping at the Warner Bros Studio and will need a place to eat either before or afterwards.

Dinner near the Biltmore

I'm staying at the Biltmore and looking for a fabulous place for dinner. I've been to Spago and was only modestly impressed (I prefer French Laundry, Alex & Alinea). While in L/A I'm eating at Patina, Melisse, Providence & Sona. I have two more nights to book. I don't necessarily need fancy - just amazing food, whether it's Thai, Mexican, American or whatever. Any suggestions?

Lunch spots near Staples Center

i do have a car. Thank you for all the awesome suggestions!

Lunch spots near Staples Center

I am attending a convention at the Staples Center in October. I have all my dinner spots picked out (Patina, Providence, Sona, Melisse) but looking for some good spots for lunch. Doesn't have to be fancy - gourmet delis, ethnic spots etc are fine - as long as they food and atmosphere is really nice and I can get in and out in 90 minutes. Any suggestions?

Also, where's a good spot within walking distance of the Milenium Biltmore for bagels?

Two Nights in NYC - 8 Restaurants to Try!

I have two nights in NYC. Which of the following would you suggest I try? I love creative cuisine and travel all over the country simply to eat at fabulous restaurants. My favorites to date are Alinea (Chicago), The French Laundry (Napa), Joel Robuchon and Alex (both in Las Vegas).

Here are my choices - I'm interested in your recommendations as to which ones are THE BEST!

Eleven Madison Park
Jean Georges
Le Bernardin
Le Cirque
The Modern
Per Se

Thanks for your help!

Aug 15, 2008
irishfoodie08 in Manhattan

Bermuda Restaurants - Help Me Decide

where is lido?

Bermuda Restaurants - Help Me Decide

without traveling to St. Georges, where would you recommend? My husband and I don't eat read meat, so steak places are out for the most part. I've booked so far at Beau Rivage (per your suggestion) and the Newport Room. Do you care for Barracuda Grill or Tom Moore's Tavern? What others do you suggest for a nice evening out?

Bermuda Restaurants - Help Me Decide

Thanks for the info. How about the Newport Room? Any good?

I do like the dining room at Cambridge Beaches but it is too far to go at night (I'm staying in Hamilton) given the price of taxis in Bermuda!

Bermuda Restaurants - Help Me Decide

I will be spending 4 nights in Bermuda, staying at the Hamilton Princess. I'm trying to decide which of the following restaurants to try:

Mediterraneo Bar

Any suggestions? I'm a serious foodie and enjoy the likes of The French Laundry, Alex, Joel Robuchon and Chez Panise. While I know Bermuda is not known for their fine dining, which of the above do you think are the best - or is there another spot I should consider?