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Yes, it's in the old Luca's. They don't have a website up yet, but you can find a menu in this blog:

Wanted to know the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich, Ct?

"Versailles is moving to the old Avenida space." Really??? Is this an April Fool joke or what? If not, then it's a bit of a bombshell. Versailles has occupied that little space next to the former Subway barbershop ever since I moved to Greenwich almost 30 Years ago. I remember Mrs. Versailles running over to the barbershop for a quick trim of her neck hairs. And Maurice Versailles, God rest, with his propensity to get into fistfights, was a regular character in the Greenwich Time police blotter.

Several years ago under new management Versailles began a dinner service which was well reviewed at the time but petered out after a few yew years

Much of the charm of Versailles over its many years has been its cute little spot on the Avenue. To move to a much larger and, presumably, more expensive spot is taking an enormous risk. I truly hope that the above post is an "April Fool" joke, because, if true, I fear that it's the beginning of the end of a much loved Greenwich stalwart. They tried doing dinner before, and it didn't work. What makes them think that they can pull it off in a much larger space, especially in this economy?

And as for "The other "French" bistro across the street," if you mean Figaro Bistro, I've had some very nice meals there: excellent food, gracious, friendly, accommodating service. It's a lovely place to have a Frenchified meal. Despite your comments, Versailles (or anyone else in that genre) will have a very hard time competing with them on the same street. Unless Versailles comes up with some great new concept to fill all of those new seats, they won't be able to pay the rent.

Wanted to know the Best and Worst Restaurants of Greenwich, Ct?

FoodMan88, if you're missing That Little Italian Restaurant, try Villa Italia in Stamford. It's located in a dingy strip mall in East Stamford and doesn't look promising from the outside, but inside it's quite nice and the food and ambiance are very similar to that of TLIR.

That's not surprising, because Villa Italia is run by Paul Vitiello's (former owner of TLIR) younger brother Neil who worked beside Paul for many years in Byram. Some former employees of TLIR also work here now. Even the giveaway bread is quite similar to the signature bread that Paul used to bake at TLIR.

So whenever you start jonesin' for a TLIR fix, as I often do, give Villa Italia a try. It is very popular over there. Apparently many people have told their friends.

Villa Italia
812 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Gourmet - First Taste: Tarry Lodge, as related by bon vivant Colman Andrews [moved from Tristate Board]

Port Chester folks: you'd better prepare yourselves for the Batali–Bastianich-Gourmet-Colman-Andrews attitude toward you before venturing inside.

From the Gourmet/Colman Andrews "First Taste":

"a juicy grilled guinea hen with braised radicchio and oranges (described on the menu as chicken because, well, as our waitress said, “This is Port Chester”)"


“This is Port Chester”???

Sounds like an apology to me: Sorry, sir, but keep in mind where we are!

So Port Chester people don't know guinea hen from chicken?

So these big-city sophisticates have to translate their menus for us country bumpkins?

And have their wait staff make snide remarks about us besides?

This is a very awkward and rude first step that this new enterprise is trying to put into the community here.

Has anyone tried Crew in Greenwich?

My wife and I tried this place on a Wednesday evening at 6 PM about 3 weeks ago (we live in Greenwich). When we arrived, we were the only people seated in the small dining room at this early hour.

We promptly ordered our dinners, a half portion (as they term the appetizers here) and a full portion (entree) each. The appetizers arrived promptly and were fine, but then we proceeded to to wait, and wait and wait for our entrees. This in a dining room that was practically empty.

Finally at around 7:10, over an hour after we'd ordered, our entrees arrived. My wife had ordered the Pan Roast Chicken Paillard (root vegetable/arugula salad, fontina, tuscan ham 14 / 27). I had ordered a whole lobster which was a waiter-announced special that evening.

After having waited for so long for dinner, you can imagine how dismayed I was when the food-runner placed my wife's entree on the table and then our waiter rushed over and snatched my entree from him and headed back into the kitchen with it.

Minutes later, the waiter emerged from the kitchen still holding my entree and announced, "There has been a confusion!" Instead of preparing the whole lobster special that I had ordered, the kitchen prepared an item that is on the regular menu: Penne with Lobster (lobster, tomato, olive, anchovie, alla "romanello" penne pasta
19 / 36).

My wife's dinner was already sitting in front of her growing cold, and I was by this time starving, so I immediately, and pleasantly, said that I would have the pasta dish (which I had previously seen on the regular menu and decided I did not want.

As it turned out, my wife's chicken paillard was overcooked and covered with a dry piece of "Tuscan" ham that she found inedible.

And as for the lobster-pasta dish that I didn't want, it was just awful, as if the lobster meat had been added to the cooked penned and the other ingredients, and then the whole mess blasted together in an oven or microwave like a low-rent casserole, rendering the lobster dry and stringy.

And for this disgusting, unordered dish they charged me $36.

No apology for their mix-up. No adjustment on the check. No complimentary dessert to attempt to assuage the damage. Nothing. Nothing at all.

And to make matters even worse, I am quite certain that our waiter was one of the owners.

Maybe these people were just having a bad night for some reason. There was clearly something very wrong going on in the kitchen, what with the incredibly long delay in a nearly empty dining room. But their lack of graciousness to their customers who were also suffering through their plight was truly unforgivable

I will never, ever darken their doorstep again.