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Best Nachos

So incredibly true. Without a doubt, the greatest nachos I've ever had in my life.

I usually end up eating nachos, and their jalapeno poppers (stuffed with shrimp). I've gone a number of times with a group, and we often just end up ordering more rounds of nachos and poppers rather than ever moving to entrees.

Apr 15, 2012
cathpah in Manhattan

portland me restaurants

For seafood, I think your best bet is street & company, which specializes in seafood, or 555, which is excellent all around and always have a few seafood options. Neither of these will be overly cheap, but both are worth every penny. you'll spend just as much going to fore st, and while it was a longtime chow favorite, recent reviews, and my recent experiences have been less-than-special.

Duckfat is a great lunch spot. not to be missed.

For breakfast, you can dine with locals and fisherman (if you get there early enough!) at Becky's, but it's relatively standard fare (aside from their great sausage) but done well.

My favorite breakfast spot would be Bintliff's. Their lunch menu is superb as well. Good home cooking-type meals, often done a little different (like the phyllo dough reuben). Bintliff's is across from the post office.

Biddeford ,Maine

Que Huong, across from the mill on your way from saco into biddeford, is a great little vietnamese place with great food and a incredibly friendly woman who runs the place.

I've only been to jewel of india once, and my experience wasn't special...but people often reccomend it on this board, so I plan on giving it another chance.

Lastly, Pizzy By Alex in biddeford is one of my favorite pizza places in the country (however many might disagree with that)

Dec 21, 2008
cathpah in Northern New England

Best takeout in Portland?

good to know. I agree on the haggerty's experience. While it was certainly edible, I don't think I'll go there again.

I'll have to try the place next to street & co. Finding a good indian restaurant in the area is pretty important!

865 Forest Ave. Portland

865 Forest Ave will never be better than when it was Raoul's. ever.

I went there when I was a good bit younger, but I still remember just how great those nachos and other assorted disco food dishes were. license plates all over the wall, great pinball machines in the basement. That was THE spot for me when I'd visit Maine as a kid.

Nov 10, 2008
cathpah in Northern New England

865 Forest Ave. Portland

Hmmm....I'd have to agree completely with foodpoisoned, but maybe I need to give it another try. I've now been to two Mexico Lindo locations around portland (are there more than 2?) and both meals were less than good. We heard a lot of recommendations so the first time we went we even got the Ceviche, which was downright inedible because it was lukewarm and the seafood was rubbery. Can't remember what we've gotten for entrees, but none of them have even come close to satisfying our cravings for good Mexican now that we moved to Maine. That said, I'm certainly not from Texas/southwest--I was born in Boston and have spent the last 15 years in I don't think I'm being overly biased/critical.

I'm not trying to be overly negative, just sharing my experiences. Maybe positive reviewers (phofanatic?) could recommend a dish they've enjoyed. could just be hit or miss.

The only places that have satisfied our (wife & I) needs for decent mexican-ish food are the Fajita Grill in Westbrook (can only vouch for the poblanos, as I get them every single time) and Salvadorian cuisine at Tu Casa in Portland.

Nov 10, 2008
cathpah in Northern New England

Best food all over New England?

Bintliff's in Portland (across from the post office) is truly great. Certainly my number one breakfast/comfort food spot in Portland thusfar.

The phyllo dough Reuben is to-die-for (and probably brings you closer to death with that calorie count!)

Best food all over New England?

really?! I gave Jewel of India one try sometime this summer and it was horrendous. My wife's chicken tikka tasted like it had sweet tomato sauce on top....completely devoid of indian spice/taste. Mine (the vindaloo) was okay, but far from special.

Maybe I should give it another chance. Any specific dishes you can recommend?

Who makes the best pizza in New England?

My 3 favorites in New England would be:

Pizzeria Regina in the northend of Boston (not the chain....the original)
Ocean Pizza in Old Orchard Beach, ME on the way in to Ocean Park.
Pizza By Alex in Biddeford, ME

All three are completely different pizzas. The Regina is the best tradtionial northend pizza in the world. Ocean Pizza just seems to be the perfect classic pizza with just a little rise in the crust. Pizza by Alex is hard to explain/define....but basically tastes like the greatest frozen pizza you've never had (but it's made fresh). Pizza by Alex sells literally only pizza and soda. Not a single appetizer or other beverage choice....usually a good sign when a restaurant specializes to that degree. you made me hungry!

Butter! The best, and where to get it?

I'm a big fan of Kate's Homemade Butter, made right here in Maine. Before I finally moved to Maine, I used to look forward to visiting just for the butter (how sad is that?!)

award winning, the salted version uses real sea salt, and it's wonderful.

Nov 10, 2008
cathpah in Home Cooking

Best takeout in Portland?

hmmm....I did search for that and didn't find anything. Happen to have a link?

Edit: I just did another search, this time omitting the space between "take" and "out" and I think I found the thread you were referring to (


That said, it seems the thread got a bit sidetracked by buffalo wings n things, and since the only good option I know of thusfar also specializes in the wings....It'd be nice to get a bit more diversity in the recommendations.

Duckfat was recommended in that thread, and while I haven't yet had the opportunity to eat there, my wife said it's fantastic.

I just placed an order from Haggarty's (British-Indian place on Forest Ave) and I'll post my feedback after I eat!

Best takeout in Portland?

My wife and I recently moved to the Portland area, and we've hit quite a few of the board favorites (fore st, street & co, walter's, backbay grill, and I'm lucky enough to say my wife is actually a server at 555) so we've been very impressed with the food we've found in Portland thus far. That said, there are certainly occassions when upscale sit-down restaurants just don't fit the bill for a specific meal ($$$, time, etc).

As I do a lot of my work from home (in Buxton), my wife often offers to bring me some food from portland, but I feel like I don't really know the best spots for takeout. While I enjoy upscale cuisine, I'm also a big fan of so-called "pedestrian" food. I've relied heavily on the wonderful wings that Bingas Wingas has, but there's gotta be other options outside of buffalo wings.

What are some of your fallbacks when you're looking for something quick (cheap doesn't hurt either) ideally available to-go? Being open late is a plus!

So I'll start it off with my recommendation: Bingas Wingas tenders in their diesel sauce (damn hot, but still has great flavor)