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Just Back from NYC

Chowhounds, I have to thank you, as well as the Cheap Eats Guide 2009 from New York Mag, for making my recent 4 day/night jag in NYC so delish!

Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles Inc at 1 Doyers near Bowery was definitely tasty. Could see the noodle master plying his trade from our table, though the room would likely scare off Marge and Biff from the burbs at first entrance. It's a traditional tiny noodle room. Recs: dumpling soup, holy hannah that was yummy. Knife peel noodles with veggies, also awesome.

Superior: Williamsburg: 295 Berry nr South 2nd Street: tacos were delish, would rec chicken if you like spicy shredded pollo and fish if you love the beach style tacos of Mexico; these tacos are NOT the Bell-size fast food gunk some may be used to and so, be patient and order at least 4 each if starving. Rajas are acquired taste tacos for some, I loved mine. Guac to die for. Diner room, cheap, great loud vibe and tiny menu print. Bring yer glasses...:)

Veselka: ahh, well, kind of disappointing but we were in for long days of walking and gallery stuff so we caved. But as a result we found MUD coffeeshop on 9th so all was not lost.

DiRobertis sucks as much as anyone on here says. Stale cannoli and weird vibes.

Frankie's 457 Court Street Brooklyn was AWESOME and I cannot say enough: if you want a romantic, delicious and finely served meal for an occasion at a reasonable price [ie you are not an asshole who thinks a meal under 100 buys you slaves for the night] with ambience and great desserts, look no further! Prime Meats may be the trendy new arm of this place but me, I loved the Ital-romantic flare of this youthful but respectful little spot.

Souen: awesome curry miso ramen soup and steamed kale to go for my sick wife when we needed it. Can't wait to go back.

Sichuan Gourmet at 39th and 6th Ave...ROCKED! Pickle was incredible if slightly odd at first, scallion pancakes were almost SF Chinatown grade, hot and sour soup rolled nice and spicy, and dumplings and Sichuan broccoli were so good I breathed happy fire all the way to bad dessert at LES;)

Oslo in Williamsburg had the best Americano of the whole trip: Roebling location.

Knish: a good idea in the mind, a bad idea in this stomach. Otherwise, the LES is a fun chowhounding paradise.

144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

28 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

Nov 15, 2009
Anna Kremina in Manhattan

PEC Top 10 Chow Musts

My passion for Prince Edward County being immense, I decided to compile a Top 10 list for Chowhounds. It's random but specific. Would love it if others would create their own Top 10 replies!!!
1) Homemade warm sugar doughnuts at Lakeshore Farms on Hwy 33 as you leave or approach Wellington. Bet you can't eat just 6!
2) Across the road from abovementioned: a hot-dog, onion rings and a coffee milkshake at the Dari Bar: perfect Sunday lunch before making the drive back to TO.
3) Tasting wine at By Chadsey's Cairns Winery, just west of the two items above on 33: one of the most atmospheric tasting environments in the County, and their Chenin Blanc is a bright crispy treat. The Gamay is eccentric but worth a try too.
4) The long but gorgeous drive out to Fifth Town Cheese [past Waupoos] is worth it for the sampling as well as for procuring a hunk of their Petal Luna cheese. I am also a new fan of goat cheese cheddar which is awesome on sandwiches and has a less greasy feel than cow's milk cheddars.
5) Caesar salad lovers want to hit Portabella Restaurant on Main Street Picton for a divine take on a classic.
6) Best espresso in the County: Miss Lily's Cafe. Holy crema! I dig their lattes.
7) Blumen Bistro on Hwy 48: lobster ravioli and gazebo seating: lovely spot for couples.
8) The roiboos iced tea and the BELCH sandwich at a new little joint called Chesterfied's Cafe 173 Main in Picton, go round the back [Chowhound heaven: back door entries and secret spots, ha ha]. Couch potato salad was also good but I am a snob about my own salad so...
9) Grabbing a Kawartha Dairy ice cream cone at Black River Cheese and walking down to Vickie's Veggies to check out her wares, which vary a lot day to day.
10) The chip truck at Rossmore as you peruse the Campbell's Orchard table, right before the bridge into Belleville, where you might as well check out the not-PEC but still amazing Auberge de France which has a bakery and a bistro.
Yes, that's 11 technically but dine well this summer Chowhounds and share your raves and gripes!!!

best breakfasts in PEC?

Am in and out of PEC very often because of family ties and am happy to report the arrival of a new option on the breakfast scene, which is a little place called Chesterfield`s Homegrown Cafe, tucked round the back at 173 Main in Picton. Had a really yummy sandwich called The Belch *not as gross as it sounds* and it was bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese and ham: all LOCALLY sourced and delish with mustard. They also had waffles and a more standard breakfast plate and the guy told me they would make any sandwich on the menu at any hour. They`re open from 7-3 daily so have double duty as breakfast and lunch spot. Good coffee. Picton Harbour Inn is also pretty good diner fare. Have heard some mixed things about the Devonshire this year. My family and I usually hit either Milford Bistro or Blumen Bistro for lunch or dinner. My sister did stay at an absolutely wonderful B&B called Miller House, we picked her up and it was quaint and clean and quiet, good if you are a cyclist esp or a winery person. Anyway some new recs for you, do try Chesterfields, I am going back to work my way down the menu with the whole fam next visit!!!

Harvest or Bloomfield Carriage restaurant?

Just for the record, Michael Potters, agreeably a wonderful chef, seldom actually cooks at Harvest these days. If this doesn't matter, and if you're okay with a range of fantastic to sometimes-perplexing service, Harvest is a great choice. Second the motion for Merrill Inn as well, great wine and lovely, romantic room with less attitude and noise. Dine well!

Back From Tulum

Thanks to previous posters regarding the Tulum area! How did we cope before Chowhound?! Although our small hotel on the beach road had excellent food, no travel experience is complete without some venturing. El Tabano worked so well for the Sig Oth that we ended up dining there for breakfast, lunch and dinner [different days, in case you were worried we camped out!]. Dinner was a candlelit delight only slightly marred [and even then, only temporarily] by a server who really needs to consider another line of work---too easily skitzed out, and frankly, considering the mellow vibe of get my point. The power generator goes down at the start of dinner service pretty reliably [irony, yes] but in spite of the slow pace, the food was DIVINE. Stuffed jalapenos done in light tempura, crunchy salad studded with raw ginger and slivers of mango, a silky chilled mint and melon soup....makes me sputter just to think of it! The wife had the red chicken [slow cooked in a medium spice salsa] and I had chicken cooked in a traditional pumpkin seed paste, one of those remember-all-your-life flavours...Coffee flan for dessert and homemade plantain bread drizzled with warm honey: yeeehaw. Lunch: fish tacos so damned good the ones I had in Miami get a down-grade. Breakfast was awesome: fruit, apricot and date granola, yogurt; good strong coffee [a bit hard to find in this part of Mexico...]; excellent huveos rancheros [the wife] and a fine vegetable and queso omelette. OK enough about a place you would have to be INSANE to miss if in Tulum area: astounding quality for medium pricing and a romantic bohemian locale to boot, jungle side of the road, all cabbies know it, btw. In Pueblo, best value score with tastiest chicken ever: Pollo Bronco. Half a grilled chicken, rice, lots of tortillas, hot salsa and coleslaw plus two agua con gas for about 7 bucks US. Translation: a serious deal right on the Avenida Tulum but so many gringos passed by because it was only Mexican working men eating there. Trust me: a wonderful spot on the east side, a cabbie recommended it along with HC Carnes de Monterey [far end of Avenida Tulum south, west side] which specializes in flank steak and baked spud or baked onion for like 6 bucks US. Muy rico!!!! Also had wicked paletas [fresh fruit popsicles] at Dona Rosa's on east side across from bus station, 1 dollar a glorious slab, yum, purified water if you are worried. The worst meal hands down: Tita Tulum, a beach road restaurant with skanky vibe and the only bout of stomach weirdness the whole trip, though serves me right for eating against my deeper chowhound instincts: the crowd wouldn't know a hotdog from a cork. And beach road restos are often not great plus costly, with some exceptions. Heard good things about La Nave but was not seeking Italian food while in Mexico. Don Cafetos held no appeal, heard great things about Urge [?] Tacos but ran out of time. Wicked good coffee at a pastry shop east west side of the Avenida but the name of it seems to have included Fantasia, never did find out after gorging on a creamy Napoleon slice with Americano coffee. Can't say enough about the delicious Mayan honey either! Have to go back and have dinner at Si'an Kaan Bioreserve which apparently has a resto with a sunset view to remember. Sunset starts early in Tulum though! Pollo Bronco was the best find next to the pilgrimage to El Tabano.

Mar 07, 2009
Anna Kremina in Mexico

The "Other" Prince Edward County

Had a few days with the sig oth this past week to check out "The County" as the spot is known [east of TO for those who haven't heard of it]. Tried Harvest, was not overly blown away. What's with the hype on this one? Patience is a virtue should be their motto on the door/menu! Not bad at all but nothing like what we were told by one "foodie" friend. Much better value at Portabella in Picton, the "big city" of the area. Delicious caesar salad and burger combo for partner, Portabella pasta for me [love the bowls!]. We scoped out Scooperman's but opted for the notorious Slicker's re ice cream and Passionfruit was the winner. Not into the marshmallow one, too cloying for my tastes. OK so Slicker's is likely well known and not "the other" I was hoping to report but well...Also found two wonderful lunch spots: worth the drive[s]. Milford Bistro in a tiny place called [drum roll] Milford had tasty beef skewers and a wine-taster's platter with delish pates, cheese puffs and fudge to die for...fudge DOES go with local wines:) Grabbed some scones to take away from a great little spot called The Gingerbread House [which yes sells amazing ginger cookies as well as cream puffs!!! but held back and went for brekfast treats for the room: orange cranberry scones better than any I've had elsewhere...Too bad it isn't a better known place! Lake On The Mountain was also a real highlight. Not even the odd mosquito could prevent hub from raving about pate and strawberry salad. View and atmosphere were deluxe, a rare outdoor find in the County although I hear County Cider has a wonderful view too but we ran out of time. Waring House Barley Room pub was okay for wings and beer and some live music when we were fed up with sun/rain combo re weather. Has anyone checked out Integration, Wellington side of County? Our b&b lady told us it wasn't great... didn't want to judge OR gamble. Feedback from other recent visitors welcome!! We are hoping to go back October for Pumpkinfest and to see/eat more!