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Fresh Oaxaca cheese in Chicago?

Does anyone know if and where fresh (as in locally made, un-packaged) Oaxaca cheese might be found in Chicago? I'm thinking of this:

May 30, 2011
FelixHolt in Chicago Area

Iowa City

Does anyone know of a place to buy fresh curry leaves in the area?

Oct 12, 2008
FelixHolt in Great Plains

Canteen-style vegetarian Indian food in Chicago?

By "canteen-style," I meant something akin to a Hindu temple canteen--cheap and good. But I suppose I also meant food that's not overcooked, underspiced, or otherwise tailored for "Americans."

Jul 14, 2008
FelixHolt in Chicago Area

Canteen-style vegetarian Indian food in Chicago?

Is there such a thing? I just moved to Chicago and, upon the advice of a friend, have sampled a few restaurants on Devon Street. Udupi Palace and Arya Bhavan were good, though the food felt a little "dumbed down." Viceroy of Indian was horrible--watery and tasteless (though the friend I ate with, who had enjoyed their food previously, said there was something distinctly off about the meal).

Jul 12, 2008
FelixHolt in Chicago Area