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Venison/ Game Vancouver

Has anyone seen and/ or sampled venison or any different game meats in any Vancouver fine dining restaurants lately?

Vancouver Cambie Street Chinese Delivery/ Take Away

Thanks I dodn't realise that they delivered!

Vancouver Cambie Street Chinese Delivery/ Take Away

Does anyone know of a decent Chinese delivery place in the viscinity of Cambie Street/ Main Street/ West Broadway/ Fairview ?

Indian in Vancouver

Definitely go to Vij's.

If you're looking for straight up (Punjabi) indian food I would go to Nirvana at Main Street and 7th Ave. I always enjoy their food and find it consistant compared to other Indian places in Vancouver. Get an Aloo Paratha yum.

Vancouver: Which Venue for Biz Dinner?

I would go for Chambar. The food is really good and location wise would be perfect. It is definitely better suited to a business dinner and for the larger group. Some of the other places like Bishops and West feel more intimate. Chambar has high ceilings and big windows. Nice atmosphere.

Fraser Street Vancouver

Anywhere on the #8 bus route

Fraser Street Vancouver

Any recommendations for restaurants on or walking distance from Fraser Street in Vancouver.

Sushi on W. Broadway or Kitsilano Vancouver?

My favorite is Temaki Sushi at Broadway and Arbutus

Chicago Soul Food

I am coming to Chicago for the first time next weekend and I am trying to narrow down my list of foodie places. I have already checked out the boards for recommendations for hot dogs, italian beef, breakfasts, snacks, pizza etc.. I have heard however that Chicago boasts some great Soul Food places, something that I have a soft spot for and that is not easy to come by on Canada's West Coast. I am open to recommendations for other ideas as well. I am only in town for a few days and want to make the most of it. Thanks.

Jul 11, 2008
AliciaRhubarb in Chicago Area