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Where can I find Noisella?

Yup = pain quotidien.
It is a gift for someone that likes it, so it has to be that one.
I will try Laurier..

Where can I find Noisella?

not Nutella.

ISO Old Bay seasoning

Falero or any fish shop - also 5 Saisons.

Where to find uni (sea urchin)?

Saw it fresh today at La Mer - ReneLevesque / Papineau.

Jardins Sauvages


Looking for simple screw-top lid jam jars

Canada Home Canning

Matane shrimp season?

I've seen shrimp in two stores today and am wondering if Matane shrimp season is upon us. If anyone knows...please share info...If so, and if prices are good, I am looking to buy several pounds to stock up ....looking for info....

looking for used champagne corks

I am looking for a bunch of used champagne corks.
Does anyone know what restaurants go through a lot of Champagne and would give me 20-50 corks?


It can be hit or miss, but mostly hit nowadays. Renovations and expansion in the staff no longer guarantee what used to be .....that's the way of the world. I shed a tear each time it is s miss.....

Native Maine Shrimp season is here! (ME and NH)

Anything near Wells or Portsmouth? I have some friends around there who are heading back to where I am (Quebec) and would love them to find me some shrimp!

Organic or pesticide-free apple orchard near Hamilton

I will ask my mother-in-law which orchard she usually goes to, and I'll call them and ask....because 'most' is not 'all'...

Organic or pesticide-free apple orchard near Hamilton

Hi there,

We will be visiting family in the Hamilton area (Freelton, Milton, Campbelville) this weekend and are looking for an organic apple orchard to go apple picking at. It need not be certified, but should not use any pesticides.

Do you know of any in the area?

Susty's in Northwood, NH

Where is it?

We drove from Montreal to Maine and looked for it our last drive through and could not find it!!!

We are driving to Maine again on Thursday...can someone tell me where it is?




Any info on the current blueberry situation?

I just returned from vacation in Ontario where the harvest seemed plentiful and the prices very decent. In the fruit shop near where we stayed I was buying 2 pints for $4.

I was a JT Market yesterday and the berries seemed expensive and over-ripe.

I would even consider driving to a U-pick...

Anyone seen good berries for good prices...or any prices...?

La Maison du Nord pork sandwich

I think I will open up a little cilantro stand on the sidewalk outside their door.

Is there a place for good fried chicken in Montreal?

I love FRIEND chicken!

Grilled veal chops, pork chops or lamb chops

I had a great grilled pork chop at le continental on St.Denis.

Which is the best CSA?

if you want to participate, please email me.

Restaurant at Beaver Lake

We had our wedding there. The ceremony in front of the lake was one of the best moments of my life. The meal was horrendous.

To attempt avoiding the unavoidable, we met several times with the manager and staff to create a great menu for the brunch and even sourced our own food to ensure the highest quality products would be used (farm fresh organic eggs, Quebec cheeses, Premier Moisson bread, St. Viateur bagels, organic vegetables, etc)

In the end, they screwed it all up and did not apologize for it. They accidentally bought seedless bagels from St.Viateur - who does that? The eggs were undercooked, they baked the smoked salmon, endless series of errors and bad decisions on their part.

Bring a picnic lunch.

Which is the best CSA?

I am with Cadet-Roussel, and it's pretty good. It is hard to comparem as we do not know what the others pay or what they get in their baskets.

I am looking for members of other CSA's who are willing to make a list of what they get each week. and submit it via email.
I will compile the data and then we can have a pretty good comparison. This may help others chhose their CSA, or give suggestions to exisitg members what they can ask for from their CSA's.

If you are a member and receive a small basket (we have 3 sizes to choose from), please email me at nosher at ethicurean dot com.


Schwartz's, even thought they have expanded and things are not the same that they used to be, make some really good smoked meat.
As far as I know, all the others do not make their own - they simply buy it and put it in the steamer.

Schwartz's smoked meat has a distinct flavour that no other meat has, except of course Abie's, which is a copycat.

Looking for a supply of mexican dark chocolate.


looking for raw milk

if you know of a reliable source for raw milk. . .please email me.


Eater ham from PorcMeilleur

yes...yes...meant to type "Easter"...

Eater ham from PorcMeilleur

Anyone have any solid info about this...?

Toronto's Best Restaurants - Not listed in Toronto Life

You must consider that even though Eigensinn Farm is not in Toronto, I would guess that the majority of its clients come from Toronto to eat there.

Ukrainian pastry

Bucarest on Decarie ?


I can't wait to eat there!
I just sent my wife to pick up her dinner there, but I am not downtown so I am missing out. . . .

Delhi Bombay on Jean-Talon?

I just noticed this place as I was heading home from a great meal at Moti Mehal.

Is it new or had I simply never noticed it before?

Anyone tried it?