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If a hound were moving to Denver, what neighborhood is chowest?

Don't eliminate Capitol Hill btw as a residence community. since one of you is working there.

Where I live, between 9th and 10th on Washington St, is a very short walk to three of the best restaurants in Denver to my southeast and northeast (Fruition, Potager, and Table 6) and an even shorter walk to my southwest to three more, the heart of the Frank Bonanno empire (Luca d'Italia, Mizuna, Bones, and Vesper Lounge). There are also dive bars and cheesy Mexican and a Whole Foods (plus two conventional grocers, and also Tony's Market on Broadway a comfortable if not adjacent 7 blocks away on Broadway. Seven blocks to the north gets me to the restaurant row that is 17th Avenue in Uptown. Movie theater at 6th and Downing. And rents or new house prices are not inflated to Cherry Creek or Highlands levels.

Any commute you can walk (I walk to 17th and Welton to work, much further than your within-Cap-Hill commute) is a good one.

Fish sandwich in Denver

something made me want a fish sandwich today and I didn't know where to go. I did not want fish tacos; I did not want fish and chips: I wanted the kind of fish sandwich I might've gotten from a hole in the wall soul food joint in Virginia in the 60s or 70s, or the Maine Avenue Fish Market in DC...or even M & D's Rib and Fish Palace in Denver not so very long ago.

Can somebody point me in the right direction, for the next time my mental palate is under similar attack? Food truck would even be fine...

Crawfish in Denver?

for the OP's crawfish question, I'd recommend calling at 303-722-7456 (per their website) to make sure they're available. Like stepho, we don't live far away and go in occasionally--say once a month, so at least WE must like it-- for a casual weekend lunch at the bar, and the last time we did so I believe I saw a flyer for the crawfish thing and I have a vague memory of it being one or two days a week only; also that they asked you to call in advance so as to help the chef accurately order.

Just went to the website looking for specifics and couldn't find anything but their regular and brunch menus, so--call first. (PS, that's the first time I've been even a little annoyed with them--why wouldn't info about a seasonal special be on the website? (Apologies in advance if it IS there and I'm too stupid to find it)

Half-Price wine- Denver?

Monday AND Thursday at the Cork House, roughly Colfax and Elm, the old Tante Louise....IIRC 1/2 off any bottle on their list, and it's a LONG list.

Denver - great food, young/hip scene, that wont break the bank

if you had a little wiggle room on the under $20 entrees you could go to TAG (one $19 entree; the rest $22 to $29)

Link to menu if you want to see:

Denver - Canadian Back Bacon?

I haven't seen it at chains or Whole Foods; have you tried calling Oliver's or Tony's or Marczyk Fine Foods? My experience w/ Oliver's is that if it's meat, and they don't have it, they will order it for you. So I'd call them first. All have good phone personnel, so definitely let your fingers do the walking.

Oliver's is 303-733-4629

Need Denver Burger Recommendations

just had their Denver Burger (anaheims, onions, pico de gallo, cheddar and smoked jalapeno aioli), temp unspecified, (cooked between medium and med rare, the way I would have specified, IF I had specified), $7.50, and the hand cut "fat fries" (garlic and thyme), $2.50, and I have to say this place is going to be parking-war-inducing good. I had to get back to office, so had them make it to go, and the garlic and thyme and warm burger smells emanating from the bag were pretty hard to resist. Despite the cool-down en route, the fries still had crispy exterior and soft interior, and they are my favorite thickness, maybe a (looking at ruler, damn, should have measured before they were all gone) 3/8 inch cut, more than a quarter inch for sure.

Sean Yontz & Jesse Morreale came in while I was there, plus 2-3 other restaurant people I should recognize; much backslapping and good spirits among what are clearly friendly rivals, if rivals at all.

Furnishings/light fixtures/trim are Mod Livin' cool.

This is like Ray's Hell Burger in DC (well Arlington) I think, only (of course, given the Mod Livin' connection) a lot more attention to style/decor. (edit to correct price to $7.50 for the burger)

Need Denver Burger Recommendations

If we're expanding the query to Cherry Creek I think the best burger there (excluding Elway's etc per OP's <$10price constraint) is the Cheeseburger Deluxe at Zaidy's Deli on 1st Avenue between Steele and Adams. Yeah, I know--a Jewish (though non-kosher, obviously) deli. They are thick, not too tightly formed, good quality meat, well seasoned, and the cooks know what "Medium Rare" means. The roll is good too, and the fries range from excellent to abysmal depending, I think, on whether they are busy, super busy, or totally in the weeds. Usually they are merely busy or super busy, and the fries are excellent or good. I believe the cheeseburger and fries is $8.95 though to be honest I usually get the blue bacon burger--truly a non-kosher Jewish deli!-which I think runs $9,50.

I say this having eaten hundreds of Little Cricket Burgers, and obviously being quite fond of them.

To me, and in my extremely idiosyncratic and personal opinion, The Cricket also verges on perfect exemplification of the great Yogi Berra line: "Nobody goes there anymore, it's always too crowded."


a quick google maps search would indicate this must be Hogs On The Hill III, possessor of one extremely glowing review on

2003 Bladensburg Rd NE is the street address.

Take out only.

This sounds intriguing.

Favorite Beer Bar Ever?

I am really only familiar with the Denver and Washington DC beer bars mentioned here, plus The Ginger Man in NY and The Brickstore Pub in Decatur GA, among places frequently mentioned in responses, but equal or nearly equal to any of the places listed here with which I AM familiar is Ashley's in Ann Arbor; if business or academia ever takes you to within 30-40 miles of this joint I HIGHLY recommend it.

Feb 22, 2010
southdenverhoo in Beer

Where to get the best green chili in Denver?

CityGrille's is appallingly bad. Shocking.

Best green chile in a Jewish (not Kosher though) Deli is at Zaidy's in Cherry Creek. It's actually pretty good, just durprising to me to see it in a joint more famous for their matzoh ball soup. They also have a good red chili, though not forTexas chili purists due to unapologetic breaking of the no-bean rule.

I'll join in the chorus for Jack n Grill. Thanks for the reminder to go back to El Taco de Mexico.

Best restaurants in Denver?

my top five are included in other's answers, but right this (totally sated) minute the best restaurant in the whole freakin' world is the one I just got fried chicken, blackeyed peas, collard greens and jalapeno cornbread from, with a 32 oz styrofoam cup full of sweet tea.

That would be Tom's Home Cookin', the best (maybe the only) argument for NOT renewing your car registration online, but rather schlepping over to the Denver Motor Vehicle office at Five Points Plaza, right around the corner from Tom's.

Tag Restaurant experience - Sunday Jan 24 2010 / Larimer Square

I am sorry you had a bad experience, and while I haven't yet been to TAG and have no feelings about it one way or the other, and am therefore not defending a sacred cow or anything, BUT:

I just checked their website and their "hours of operation" quite clearly states that they are open for dinner on Sunday from 5-9. While I feel that if they seat you they should serve you graciously, I find it a better practice to only push the outer limits of a restaurants posted hours--8:45 PM when they say they are open until 9:00 PM when I know I'm going to have a quick bite--when I know what I want and understand that I may be given, not exactly the "bum's rush", but certainly encouragement not to dawdle.

Doing this, and asking nicely, most recently paid off at 82 Queen in Charleston when we hit the front door 2 minutes before posted closing and enjoyed a great bowl of she-crab soup at the bar. Something that wouldn't take them any, or very much, time to make or serve, as they broke down the kitchen for the night. Wouldn't have dreamed of expecting the full "usual" treatment, and in fact it was more fun as we got great recommendations for the rest of our stay from the now-off-duty servers and cooks who were gathered for a "shift drink" at the bar.

I think there was possibly a miscommunication here, in aka zoe's case, for which both sides, house and guest, bear some responsibility. Hounds?

I'm glad, aka zoe, that you enjoyed Osteria Marco, as I always do too, and understand why it was your original choice. Under the circumstances, it would have been mine, but without the unfortunate experience you had at TAG, because I don't believe I would have even tried TAG at that point in the evening with the dining experience you had in mind.

Udon in Denver?

Taki's @ 341 East Colfax seems to have a wildly disparate group of reviews over at yelp, folks either 5 star it or 1 Star it. (haven't been)

It's a slightly daunting block but includes a chowhound fave in City Grille and another love-it-or-hate-it spot, Wolfe's BBQ....but there is an urban edge to the storefront and surrounding street scene which I guess some find off-putting. But in the positive reviews there is SERIOUS love for this spot.

Schlitz goes back to 1960s formula

I was wondering when somebody was going to mention National in this thread. A bunch of my college buddies were B-more kids who turned me on to Natty Boh but more particularly, National Premium, National's Michelob competitor ("super-premium", I believe these were called then)

Early to mid 70's, my beers were National Premium and Ballantine IPA, guess that was the beginning of a beer geek...

Guy Hagner is a pretty cool dude, I actually bought some tanks from him for a brewery I thought I was starting. Ended up selling them back to him, because my deal didn't happen and his got bigger quicker than he anticipated. Hope he's continuing to prosper!

Dec 30, 2009
southdenverhoo in Beer

New years eve menu and pairings

just another data point--what I'd do

1st course--agree re witbier, i prefer Allagash White here

2d course--how about a maerzen? I like the melanoidin hit of say a Spaten Oktoberfestbier with the sear on the scallops, not bad with the bacon either

3d course--how about an american pale ale here? I'm thinking something like a Troeg's Hopback Amber, despite the name not all THAT hoppy (many classify as a "red ale" but whatever).

4th course--Habanero and pineapples--how about a floral fruity IPA like Bell's Two-Hearted with this dish?

5th course--the lamb--Her I like the earthiness and slight funk of a saison, and in keeping with th Americentric lanings of my list I'd go with Ommegamg's Saison Hennepin

6th course--I like doppelbocks with beef, I like brown ales with beef, but I really like porter with beef,
espcially a smoked porter, and I'd prefer the subtler smokiness of Stone's Smoked Porter to the more famous american example, the alder-smoked Alaskan...

7th course--The softer Comte notwithstanding, nothing goes better with either an aged Stilton or an aged cheddar than an English Barleywine, and to get a little of that port wine thing going I'd say the JW Lees Harvest (port-cask conditioned) 2006 vintage, and I think it would pair with the Comte as well.

8th course--Rogue's Shakespeare Stout gives you coffee and chocolate, this is what I'd do, or something similar.

Dec 14, 2009
southdenverhoo in Beer

Oh Denver, we're hungry.

I think you (well, "you" have probably come and gone, but anybody looking for similar ideas) should go to the Bonnie Brae Tavern. Nothing fancy but it's a third generation slice of Denver life, and three generations is a LONG time in Denver history. (The second generation is still holding court at the bar, and barking a few orders from time to time, and members of the fourth are doing the jobs that the third were doing when I first started coming in, so I think "third generation" is probably as accurate as possible)

Just take the light rail to the DU stop and wait a few minutes for the northbound 24 bus....
reverse this to get back downtown.

Ask for a "Hank"....

Questions about Fruition-Denveer

I think we were right around $375-400 for 4, the last time I was at Fruition, including a 25% tip. We had cocktails, and 2 bottles of wine, and dessert...but IIRC no apps. Worth every penny too; I agree with poster below re "one of my favorites", I'd say top five for sure.

I haven't worn jeans + polo, but I could have done so comfortably. Certainly jeans + polo + jacket or sweater.

lager or pilsner as smooth as boddingtons

this doesn't do you any good, but Coors, of all people, through their little micro at the ball park in Denver (Sandlot Brewing Co) came up with a pretty authentic Bohemian Pilsener they call Barmen Pilsner, that I believe provides what you are looking for. Here's an interesting interview which goes into this beer's development (about 2/3 of the way through), note the micro brewer does give credit to "the rocket scientists in Golden" for the development of the original recipe.

One of the places you could always get this (note the brewer indicates around 20 accounts) is the hotel on the main street in downtown Golden where Coors does a lot of entertaining; it's my understanding Pete Coors insists they keep it on tap. The name eludes me as I write...

You are in CA? Does Trumer Pils not have a little of this character you seek? or Moonlight's Reality Czech Pils? At a place like the Toronado?

Nov 30, 2009
southdenverhoo in Beer

Five Points / Lower Downtown advice (Denver)

I was going to send the OP to the place that took over from the Kapre, between 27th and 28th on Welton. Could never remember the "new" name (even though it's bn at least 6 years), so I googled "Kapre" and found out the "new" incarnation, Stage Two, just closed down October 5. FWIW I disagree with Patricia Calhoun as to it "never being the same" after the change from the Kapre, I am almost positive that the same nice lady continued doing the cooking. Her daughter (or helper, I guess she could have been, but it seemed like a family relationship) once told me that when they got to their 400th piece of chicken every day, that's when they closed up and went home. I thought that was cool--fry 400 pieces of chicken, then go home, whether it's 4 PM or 8 PM. I did get the last 5 pieces--a 3 piece "dinner" and a 2 piece "lunch"-- one night at 6:45, and I got shut out once at 8 ("Boy, they done left a hour ago!")

Kitchen was in, but seemed kind of separate from, a decidedly funky Five Points bar. Only ate in a couple times, when by myself.

All irrelevant now, but that was some GOOD fried chicken.

Braised Pork Belly in Denver

We went to Bistro One, and the pork belly was very good. Enough so that yesterday i went to the Pacific Ocean Asian Grocery store at 2200 W. Alameda and bought 5 (!) lbs of pork belly, in 2 slabs, ($1.99/lb, and right next to the bellies they had pork butts for $1.69/lb) and I'll be experimenting with that this weekend.

Bistro One's bellies are, I believe, braised and then grilled, so you get the good pulled pork-ish/stringy texture inside but with a nice grill-marked crust. The central fat strip is no longer visible, I guess all slow-cooked out, but the goodness of the rendered fat is still there. There are little bits of roasted tart apples and sweet potato gnoccchi supporting the belly, but the belly is the star and you get quite a bit of it for the $9 tariiff for this app.

First step is to try some of my own ideas (this will sound stupid but I'm going to try Dr. Pepper--I know, I know, it's like your crazy Alabama aunt's "Pork Tenderloin in Coca-Cola Sauce"-- as a braising liquid on one of these slabs; I use Dr Pepper in a BBQ sauce that unknowing people I foist it off on seem to like), but I'll definitely be hitting Bones, Rioja, and the Argyll before too long, so thanks, all, for the suggestions.

We had had a large plate of mussels in a rich broth elsewhere (Rackhouse Pub, in the Stranahan's distillery in the old Heavenly Daze space) and were far from famished, so just did apps and salad at Bistro One; My wife, I regret to say, did not enjoy her soupe l'oignon nearly as much as I did my pork belly, though we both liked the delicately (but delightfully) dressed Bibb salad. (On the onion soup, she prefers gruyere to the Jarslberg they use, and she wasn't thrilled by the flavor of the crouton, and the broth itself seemed a little weird to her.)

BUT: despite our not ordering mains, the bartender (Kristen?) overheard that it was my birthday and brought us out a dessert menu for my choice of comped birthday dessert, a very gracious gesture I thought, given our very low tab. I do sort of expect it, on a birthday, when doing the full monty, but not with just cocktails and apps at the bar. We chose the cinnamon apple fritter with cinnamon ice cream and a sort of crispy cone-like sugar crust, and caramel sauce, shared it, and loved it.

This is a very reasonably priced little bistro, eg steak frites at $18, a big ribeye at $23, the majority of the entrees below $20; every seat in the dining room was filled on a November Wednesday night, and everybody looked as happy as we were. Service was wonderful (there are some negative reviews of this aspect, out there in the yelp world, but they do not jibe with our experience at the bar, nor our observations of the dining room)

We'll be back.

1431 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

Braised Pork Belly in Denver

It's my birthday and our celebration of that fact will be at Olivea on Saturday, but I'm in the mood for something less fancy but still good tonight, and the taste I'm hankering for is braised pork belly, maybe with some roasted root vegetables, someplace where I can wear jeans, Chucks, and a polo.

I like the pork belly at Beatrice & Woodsley but that is NOT the scene I'm interested in, for this evening.

Thoughts? Claire? tatamagouche? Bueller? Anybody?

Piculit Neri in the US?

....and I'll resurrect your resurrection to agree that this is very nice, totally new to me, and, on a quiet Sunday at the Black Pearl in Denver, HALF PRICE and the perfect accompaniment to their excellent beef shoulder...half price being, if I recall correctly, about $27-28 (I'm sure its regularly in the mid to upper $50s) and a screaming good deal. Every bottle in the joint is half price on Sundays, and it's a good list.

Apr 20, 2009
southdenverhoo in Wine

Nice Italian in Denver

I love Il Posto but everybody doesn't. Complaints seem to center on price, portion size for the price, and occasional service glitches. I've gone twice--it is pricey and there are many other options in Our Dusty Ol' Cow Town--and both times service has been perfection and the portions, while certainly not gargantuan, are appropriate for the cuisine and satisfying, especially given the incredible intense flavor chef wrings out of the ingredients. So I've been impressed.

I guess I KNOW you'll have a great meal and be happy at Luca d'Italia, but I'm only PRETTY SURE that you'll feel like you had a great meal, and be happy, at Il Posto. But I did and I was, very much so.

If you google Il Posto Denver you'll get a bunch of customer review sites like, the diversity of opinion on this joint is amply demonstrated therein.

It is tiny. It is pricey for the gross amount of food you get, if that's important. It was very very good on my two tries.

Mar 18, 2009
southdenverhoo in Southwest

Korean Fried Chicken in Denver/metro?

Mar 16, 2009
southdenverhoo in Southwest

Korean Fried Chicken in Denver/metro?

No luck so far but did have excellent chicken bulgogi at Restaurant Han Kang at 1910 S. Havana. First time ever in a korean restaurant so it may well have been mediocre, I'd never know. Although--no, that chicken was NOT mediocre. Or if it was, I sure would like some good chicken bulgogi.

Turns out I like kimchee, who knew?

As to the chicken, in lieu of the korean fried chicken in place like Bon Chon chicken in NYC, I found a recipe for a BONELESS fried chicken that's marinated in a garlic soy sauce then dusted in a flour/cornstarch/seasoning mix and deep fried, sounds similar except for being prepared with strips of boneless chicken. It's called ggan pung gi, from

Mar 16, 2009
southdenverhoo in Southwest

I need a BBQ caterer in Ft. Collins, CO

Tina, I went to an AHA (homebrewer's) event at Odell Brewery a couple years back (August 06 I believe) and they had excellent BBQ (I'm a home smoker and pretty particular) catered by a local company with a big pit on wheels, canopy tents, warmers for baked beans, coolers for potato salad, all the necessary stuff for easily 200-300 folks...obviously they could do a smaller gig but I was impressed.

I cannot remember the name but the people at the brewery would know, I'd suggest calling Odell. I believe Doug Odell's wife, whose name I also don't recall (yikes, I'm like NO help), is kind of the detail-oriented manager type over there...

EDIT TO ADD--I just clicked on Claire's link and this MAY be the company; I remember their card was red and yellow in these exact shades or something pretty darn close...

Mar 12, 2009
southdenverhoo in Southwest

Korean Fried Chicken in Denver/metro?

been reading a lot about the Korean style fried chicken at places like Bon Chon Chicken in NYC.

Do we have anything like that here? I want some, very very badly.

(For what I'm talking about check NYT link, but I think NYT makes you register...)

Mar 06, 2009
southdenverhoo in Southwest

Suggestions for 40th bday rest. in Denver

EXACTLY, and the more the merrier.

Jan 29, 2009
southdenverhoo in Southwest

Real UK-style Cask Ale - South of 49th Parallel - West of Atlantic Ocean?

I'm of the impression that the Bull & Bush discontinued cask sales maybe a year ago, or even before that. I had numerous cask-conditioned pints of their Tower ESB that were excellent. Also a few that were past it, and one or two that had turned palpably bad My belief was that they couldn't sell enough of even the smaller firkin (pin?) to be able to ensure quality, and so they did the regrettable but correct thing and discontinued the method of dispense.

Tower ESB is still good, as a kegged draft, usually (I've has a couple butter-bombs) but I understand how and why it fails to meet your requirements when served in that fashion.

Jan 28, 2009
southdenverhoo in Beer