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Large Styrofoam Soup Containers

Tap Phong! Just South of College and Spadina.

Tap Phong
360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

decent charcuterie, besides the Black Hoof and Buca?

Red's Bistro is a favorite for charcuterie. Also, F'Amelia (just opened at Amelia and Parliament) does fantastic stuff as well, and there's no Hoof-ian line ups to endure! (at least not yet...)

Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients

I use Willpowder ( It's cheaper than the Adria line and just as good. Also, don't use the calcium chloride; it has a very bitter flavor that is nigh impossible to remove. Go with a 15% solution of water and calcium lactate instead. Happy spherifying!


Get the cervello. Lots of cervello. One of the single best plates of food I've ever eaten.


Ah. My mistake; I was going off of memory.


My inside source confirmed an optimistic Q4 2012. Corey Mintz's article in the Star also has Chang quoted as saying the construction of the 3 storey restaurant will be "Noodle Bar on the ground floor, Ko on the 2nd and Ssam on top". I'm also pretty sure it's been confirmed that the resto will be across from the hotel, not actually in it, though I might have misheard on that one.

I also ate at Ma Peche last week. And also Noodle Bar, Ssam and Milk. Deeeeeeelicious.

19 Finch Ave W, Toronto, ON M2N7K4, CA

Guu -- which location would YOU go to and why?

I like the Church location more. The Karaage batter is lighter there; I found the batter at Bathurst is different. Also, they only do the frozen grapes at the Church location, which I'm completely infatuated with.

Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

I've got a ton, but if I had to narrow it down to 3, it would be:

BBQ Ribs and Smoked Mayo (Hoof Cafe RIP)

Burrata and Grapes (Campagnolo) *this one is bittersweet because it's so good, but I kick myself for not having thought of such a simple dish myself...

Cervello (Buca)

Help! - Need a restaurant with good food and a big beer selection in Toronto!

I agree with this post. Great casual atmosphere, they have a private dining area for larger groups and the sausages are fantastic. They also carry Dieu de Ciel, which is my favorite beer right now!

local strawberry sightings & pricings, 2011

I'm still waiting for mine to start popping up in the backyard :(

WVRST anyone?

Went last night again (2nd time this week), group of 6 of us got 3 Bison, 2 Duck, 2 Boerwurst, 1 Rabbit, 1 Bratwurst, 1 Wild Boar and 1 Venison. Bison was by far the favorite (not surprised; it's the unanimous favorite amongst the staff), and had actual blueberries in the casing, which played off fantastically with the meat. The duck sausage was the juiciest, but I feel like if you put foie gras in any sausage, it'll be pretty gosh darn juicy.

Duck fat fries came out a lot better than my first time; nice and golden brown. Maybe it was just a bum batch of potatoes. As I was dining in this time, I was able to get my alcoholic beverage of choice. Decided on Dieu de Ciel, which I've heard is fantastic, yet can never find at Beer Stores/LCBO's in my area. Brilliant beer.

Noise level was a bit high, but were you really expecting a quiet, candle-lit dinner in a beer hall? This place is fantastic fun, and I will be returning again shortly!


Pickles aren't made in house, bro. Or was that part of the critique? ;)

WVRST anyone?

Went in today for lunch; I agree, very hard to find the front door! Unfortunately, I was taking out, so I didn't try any of the beers (though I plan on returning to do just that!).

Sausages were very flavorful, but I found the wild boar and mushroom to be lacking the tea flavor that was advertised. Perhaps if they upgrade to a stronger tea (lapsang souchong, maybe?), it would be more prevalent.

Duck fat fries came out dark, reaaaaaaaally dark, to the point where it tasted slightly sweet because the sugars in the starch had caramelized. They also weren't very crispy for duck fat fries (maybe I've just been spoiled by triple-cooked as opposed to double-fried).

I too wonder if a sampler plate will be made available; I'd love to come in with some friends and run down a few varieties (without the bun; I mean, we both know what we're there to eat!) with a couple orders of fries and flagons of beer. I will be returning soon for sure, and I wish Aldo and the rest of the team a ton of business because he's doing a great thing here.

Traditional French bistro in Toronto: some names?

I wonder if Ici Bistro applies? I haven't eaten there, but I hear it's pretty old school...

Porchetta + Co

Ah, well now I know! My mistake then, complaint redacted.

Oh and your username tags on perfectly to the end of your post, it's eerie. :P

Porchetta + Co

Noo :( I called at 6 when I got off work (of all the Saturdays to work a solo shift...) and they apparently ran out 30 minutes prior. From the photos it didn't look fried, so I'm curious as to whether it was a super thin, super light batter (badass) or a lobster roll (equally as badass, just named incorrectly)


John Horne at Canoe is running them for another week I believe on the Spring Tasting Menu.

Where can I get fresh peas?

They got 'em at SLM. I'm sure a lot of other markets have them as well. 'tis the season, after all :)

Stone Dwellers Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Did anyone read Gord Stimmel's review of this in the Star? Highest rating in 4 years... Has anyone else tasted it? The LCBO near me was sold out. The manager pretty much laughed in my face because the article had been out for 3 days already haha I wonder if it's worth all the hype (and verbal arguments, according to said LCBO employee)

May 28, 2011
table4onthefly in Wine

supersweet asparagus at Nota Bene

I think pre-season they import, and then once we start getting them locally, they switch over.

Ossingtons Newest-One Word PERFECT

I've been following their progress for a while; super excited to go there for the first time. *imagines Dundas West Restaurant Crawl starting at Campagnolo -> Black Hoof -> Fishbar -> Libretto -> Enoteca.

Maybe when I invest in that 2nd stomach I've been eyeing...

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

832 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON , CA

Porchetta + Co

He's getting more this time around I think as well. Last time he sold out in a few hours...

Global knives

I agree with Knife, he's really good and popular amongst chefs in the city. However, I do recommend you buy yourself a water stone and learn to do it yourself. It's a good skill to have.

Spicy salmon sushi

I was always under the assumption that it's basically Sriracha and Kewpie Mayo. Maybe some other little seasonings mixed in as well...

May 14, 2011
table4onthefly in Home Cooking

Any ramps yet?

EarlyDrive, I was at Wychwood this morning as well! Tremendously nice people at Forbes; I bought 4 bags of ramps and he threw in some bonus treats as well. Well worth the drive from North York at 7:30 in the morning!

Is there a Cheese-only restaurant in Toronto (or Canada)?

Pangaea at Bay and Yorkville makes their own cheeses. Should definitely check it out!

Cozy, casual spot along the lines of Weezie's or even Woodlot?

I like Campagnolo. Homey, rustic Italian. Not too loud, very humble. If you go, make sure you get the burrata with roasted grapes.

832 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON , CA

Peameal Sandwich at St Lawrence

Yes! I love the Churrasco place! Such nice people too...

Wings and beer at Bloor and Brunswick: St. Louis vs. Puck n' Wings?

For variety go to Puck n' Wings. They have something like 50 different flavors. If you're just planning on getting hot wings, I like St. Louis better.

St. Louis
595 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G2C2, CA

El Bulli documentary at Hot Docs film festival (moved from Ontario board)

Hey I was there on Saturday afternoon too! I really liked the way that they showed the footage; no talking heads or narration, just watching Ferran and company do their thing.

Were you also irked by the lady who asked "What's with the whole 'vacuumizing' thing?"