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Take out and casual dining dillema

Ok I just moved to Allenstown from Nashua, not a huge distance but enough, and I'm looking for some tasty take out. I am so glad to have moved out icky Nashua but they did have the best selection of food in the state! I love authentic asian and home made soups. I have a pizza market near by which is great for cheap italian style pizza but I need something more interesting. I used to love going to Nashua Garden, Kiko, Food and Fashion (a personal fave the woman is so sweet), Life Alive in Lowell and Bagel Alley. Can anyone help me find some decent food in Concord, Bow, Hooksett area please?

Nashua Garden
121 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

Nov 05, 2011
imaglvg in Northern New England

please help me find some fantastic food... cheap

I Am looking for a great place or places to eat some fantastic food in the dc area. I live in NH and when ever I come down I am always on the hunt for unique food. I personally love Korean, Japanese, Thai really anything with some spice to it. The catch is it has to be dairy free which limits my middle eastern selections. If any one could direct me to something unique, delicious and not to expensive I would be very excited.