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Emile Henri pizza stone - opinions?

I wonder if it has to do with the glazed surface but my intetion was to make tandoori rotis in the oven on a pizza stone.

But if anyone else has tried to, do tell me where I am going wrong, but the part of the bread that touches the stone, does not brown or become crisp...but the other side does....

Aug 11, 2013
happy meera in Cookware

Herbed Avocado Spread

What bread is that in your picture? A Ciabatta? It looks terrific. Do share? The details pls...the spread will go well with that look and I can even taste that bread from so far away!

Sep 01, 2011
happy meera in Recipes

How do you like your oatmeal?

Hey Pancake,
I don't like sweet or cold, worse when they come combined!
So I use Quaker Oats, cook them lightly in water. Then... I add cold natural unsweetened yoghurt (about 2 tbs to 3 for a bowl fo oatmeal), salt 1/2 tsp and stir it up and eat it.

Turns best when you make the yoghurt at home... it is healthier, since I believe manual energy is far far better than electrical or mechanical energy.

I have also added:
a pinch of asafoetida (what westerners call 'the foul smelling thing', but is in fact a great digestive),
finely chopped cilantro or parsely
chopped cucumber
chopped red onions.

If you are adventurous, add chopped green chilly too... I love it!

Dec 22, 2010
happy meera in Home Cooking

What is the difference between Tandoori, Barbecue , Grill and Smoking -(Fish and Meat) ?

Tandoori is that which has been cooked in a Tandoor.
A Tandoor is a clay oven, so the entire cooking quality is way different than electric. Let's say, it is to cooking what organic is to food.
The dispersion of heat, the trapping of juices, the flavours and fragrances emanating out of stone cooking makes all that difference. A Tandoor also delivers a crusty crispiness that an electric fellow can never hope to. Electric singes and blackens, even burns. Tandoor just crispens. Ok, makes crisp!

Dec 22, 2010
happy meera in General Topics

Whole Wheat No Knead bread recipe

I found this page by googling for Making No Knead Bread with whole wheat flour only” and I folloed a combination of the tips some of you have suggested.
I want to share with you how amazing my bread has turned out.
First of all, this is the basic template I followed – essentially Jim Lahey’s:
3 cups (15 ounces) sifted wheat flour less ½ cup, then again less 2 tbs (to accommodate new flours below)
½ cup ground oats (following Vanillagrrl’s idea)
2 tbs rye flour (following Father Kitchen)
I used 13.5 ounces of REALLY WARM water, following Father Kitchen’s ‘close to 90%’ hydration. Although he said 87.5 I knew the decimals using mental maths would be a killer, so stayed with 90!)
1/2 tsp instant yeast (Dubedo had said he/she doubled the yeast qty, so I generously followed that!) [I used King Arthur’s SAF Red Instant yeast]
1-1/4 tsp salt
Cornmeal for dusting – which leaves a better looking loaf than bran I feel, but I cd be wrong.
I used my bread machine dough cycle starting with liquid first then the solids...and as Father Kitchen mentioned that whole wheat needs vigorous kneading, and others mentioned using the dough hook, I decided to by-pass hand kneading, since I am an impatient one there, anyway.
So I used the dough cycle 8 minutes exactly.
The dough was sticky, expected...
I use a King Arthur dough doubling bucket, as it is always inspiring to see your dough rise. I left my dough in it for as much as 8 hours, but inside a cupboard to keep it warm. We have a light draft these days.
I shaped the dough following Lahey’s fold method and placed on a cornmeal dusted towel and covered it with a light layer of cornmeal and covered it again with another towel.
Left it for 45 min. Nothing significant was noticed in terms of rising.
Then oven temp at 450 degrees (220), and preheated the oven with a iron pot inside (middle shelf).
Then when ready, poured 2 cups hot water in the broiler tray, pulled out the iron pot, (was scared to death I wd hurt myself) slid the dough into it seam side up but more out of fear of being burnt, I dropped it into the pot sloppily since Lahey says, its fine 
Open baked for 5 mins (because I had forgotten to cover the pot) then covered it and baked another 25 – was supposed to take off the cover at half time, but definitely did not want to risk getting hurt as mine is a desk top oven and the shelves are wobbly and the heating element quite close. So I left the pot there covered 25 minutes.
The bread was/is awesome. The rye gave it a lovely brown color, the crust was reasonably hard – not crusty not limp; I cooled it somewhat then brownbagged it and went to bed. I cut the bread next morning (after 7 hours); (Just this morning, 40 minutes ago!)
The bread is porous and lighter than any whole wheat bread I have ever baked. Considering one did not use gluten, bread improvers, or even the 2-1/4 tsp of yeast. It has an amazing rustic country flavour, smells divine too!
I just might, just might take up the baking time to 33 minutes or 35. Unless one of you wants me to not do that...
But I want to thank you all for your little tips... I am so anti APF and any kind of white flour and so deeply committed to wholegrain flours that Father K’s suggestion of Rye went home well with me as did Dubedo’s ground oat idea. Except I used ½ cup, Vanillagrril and Dubedo not ¾ as you suggested and that was also because I remembered the suggestion as ½ cup !

Dec 19, 2010
happy meera in Home Cooking

What do you use your Bread Machine for?

what is puri dough pls?

And could you also explain what steps you follow after you get the bread dough done by the machine, before you bung it into the oven? I mean, resting time, punching it, proofing it...pls?

Dec 16, 2010
happy meera in Home Cooking

Dried Fig and Nut Bars

i am going to work this using dates as i really wish to avoid sugar. will get back with my experience :)

Jul 10, 2008
happy meera in Recipes