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Helix Pomatia Snails - Seattle Source


Do any of y'all know where to get these little suckers? I have a friend who is trying like mad to source them; apparently they're the honest-to-god "escargot" snails and, being extremely aggressive (now there's a funny mental image... can gastropods be aggressive?), they are outlawed as a commercial product. They can be raised, but they cannot be sold.

They can, however, be "gifted..."


Jul 22, 2006
Jamaica Jones in Greater Seattle

What's your favorite oddball candy?



They are incredibly hard to find, especially North of the Mason-Dixon line, and are incredibly wonderful. I remember, as a kid, I would score a few prize Mallocups in each haul of Halloween booty and ate those veryveryveryvery last. Gems, they are. Squishy, mallowy, coconutty gems.

Jul 22, 2006
Jamaica Jones in General Topics