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Best Chicken Parmigiana Take-Away in Toronto

I'm hosting a themed cocktail party and want to make Chicken Parm Slidders.

I know how time consuming making perfect parmigiana can be, and with everything else I'll be doing. I think I'd rather have my boyfriend pick up some take away and then assemble the Slidders at home.

I pretty much just need the Chicken cutlets themselves not the sandwiches.

Anyone have some suggestions on restaurants or bakeries in the west end, or close to Etobicoke?

Thanks so much!

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

Ummm why do I live in Toronto?!
I need work out for 5 months and then do a Pizza only New York trip.

Mar 16, 2010
MissDarling in Manhattan

Boxty (Irish Potato Pancake)

Are there any parts I could do this evening?
I'm a little nervous trying to do ALL this before work in the morning.

But I'd love to make it for my parents and sisters for breakfast tomorrow!

Mar 16, 2010
MissDarling in Recipes

First time in Toronto - what are the must trys?

It's funny you mention the no Diet Coke thing at Terroni's...

When my friend asked for a Diet Coke the waitress said no, he asked how come, she said and I quote "In Italy they like to be fat."


Good customer service is definitely not one of the finer points, and the last two times I was there neither was their food!!

take out bbq ribs, etc for 20?

You could always run over to the RIBFEST inside the CNE.
All of the ribs there are pretty good and they'd be straight off the grill!

Or you could order from Phil's at College and Ossington - they take call ahead orders!? Apparently their capachas are pretty good too!

BEST Cheap Samosas

Also how long would you say they would be ok to keep before serving them if you didn't freeze them?

BEST Cheap Samosas

Is it worth the drive from etobicoke?

Wedding or Hall Venue with Indian Caterer?

I'm looking for a wedding venue in the GTA that can serve good, authentic Indian food.

The wedding is for 250-300 people.

Thanks so much for your help!

Loose Tea in Toronto

Well on Bloor West (near Jane) is Say Tea.
I think they have a Yonge St location too.

And there is The Tea Emporium at First Canadian Place (King and Bay).. it's a bit pricier though!

Good Take-out Sushi Downtown?

Has anyone been to multiple Aji Sai locations?
I've been to the one on the Danforth and it was incredible.

I want to get some platters for a party i'm hosting at home and I live in the West End so I'd probably have to pick it up!! Thanks!

Best food/prepared food buys at Costco ?

Tre Marie bakery has an amazing frozen lasagna, but it's homemade style I guess and a bit pricey - but for a BIG family dinner (I have a HUGE extended family) where you need a lot of variety it's AWESOME.

As for costco - there cardinal frozen burgers are a great price, my dad buys the giant slab of meat that everyone has previously mentioned.
OH the breakfast pitas with flax and raisins ARE SO GOOD!

And when they have the lobster rolls in the summer those are a fun treat.

Jul 17, 2008
MissDarling in Chains

Jamaican Food

BARB's on lakeshore is SO DELICIOUS!
The curry goat, curry boneless chicken and butterchicken all divine as roti or with peas and rice.
Everytime I eat a roti elsewhere I always wish I'd gone to Barb's <3

Like today for example I had a roti from Jan's - they had a booth set-up at the Metro Hall farmer's market and although the curry was yummy.. the meat was chewey and the roti was as thick as a greek pita bread.
*I did pick up their jerk sauce to brbq with this weekend so I'm looking forward to that!

Great Experience at "Homebake" Pizza on Roncy

Where there any special/interesting topping combinations?

Toronto to Madawaska (Hwy 115/ Hwy 28)

^^ ahahaha <3

Ps. COSMIC CHARLIES in Peterborough is awesome.. killer butter chicken and amazing pad thai.

They are so wonderful they catered my cousins outdoor wedding!
170 Charlotte Street
Peterborough, ON K9J 2T8

Public Transit Picnic

There is nothing worse than sitting down in majorly crowded train for a 30 minute ride home to have some WONDERFUL person sit next to you with STREET MEAT sausage.


Jul 16, 2008
MissDarling in Features

I have a question about Starfish

I've never had the 100 for $100 deal... but the restaurant itself is fabulous!

The staff are very educated, and the food is so YUMMY!

I would definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone who enjoys real seafood.

Fresh/Juice for Life - bad experience

Everytime I've been to Fresh on Queen the staff was rude, slow and the food was cold.

We continued to go there because my sister is a vegan and we enjoyed the fact that we could go out for dinner and she would have a great menu selection.

Now we just don't even bother.... It's too bad.

animal shaped cookie cutters?

It's downtown... but St.Lawrence market has a WHOLE wall of them at the housewares shop in the centre.

That's where we get all of ours!

Dinner before Dirty Dancing

I would say Crush... or..

Brasaii was wonderful yesterday!!

Best pizza in Toronto?

Milano's is by far the best pizza for a REAL bite of pizza you know.

AND you have to love how the vegetable guy comes to show them what he has and they decide on what they are getting based on freshness...

Even the vegetable guy bought a pizza to go <3

Fuzion - Summerlicious 2008: Okay, but...

I always pass Fuzion and it's nearly always full... so I was really excited to try it out!
Let's just say I was less satisfied. The service was wonderful... but that's about it.
Two thumbs down on the food! The worst part, they weren't even a little bit busy when I was there?!?

I'd recommend Brasaii - I went today for lunch and it was wonderful!
The Goat Cheese with lavender and fresh honeycomb - DIVINE.

And the Ceasar Gazpacho at JUMP! was very tasty, the horseradish sourcream on top was great!