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Peking Cheers in Gaithersburg

Good restaurant gone bad????

Having met and now married to my wonderful wife and her Chinese family I have definitely been exposed and thoroughly enjoyed cuisines most Caucasians will never enjoy. Gone are the days of what Chinese people call Chinese-American food i.e. sweet and sour pork & General Chow's chicken and I could not be happier. Instead we frequent restaurants’ that may cater to the American side but still retain real Chinese food, until the other day. The restaurant in question is called Peking Cheers, located in at 519 Quince Orchard Rd Gaithersburg, MD 20878 (301) 216-2090. My first visit to this restaurant located in a strip mall a couple of years, don’t you find the best places always are, was also my first experience eating Peking duck, needless to say if you like chicken you will absolutely love duck. My wife’s family knew the owners, so we were always given some VIP treatment when we visited. The food then was delicious and reasonable; today it’s to a lesser degree. The primary reason we frequented this restaurant in the past was their deal on Peking duck, unbeknownst to most people who try out this restaurant if you purchased an order of duck and any other entree you got the duck for half off. Just try and find that kind of deal anywhere else! On out latest visit my wife and I went and we ordered the duck and two side dishes, I don’t mean to sound greedy, but we were both taken aback when they only took off $5 dollars for the duck, also the ducks that were served while waiting for our own now appear to be smaller then those they served in the past. Another dish we ordered and that I have enjoyed in the past was the Shrimp with broccoli and walnuts, most other true Chinese restaurants make this dish with grilled shrimp and a white sauce, the one we got consisted of breaded shrimp and a orange sauce similar to that found on orange chicken. When we finally received our bill the dinner was nearly $50, I don’t mind paying good money for good food, but honestly this dinner was not worth it. I would rather spend this kind of money for habitué at the RIO shopping center. All in all the dinner was ok; the duck still good, though smaller. What made this restaurant unique was that we knew the owners and their price on ducks, but after the other day I guess any place would do.

Wedding cakes

Thanks again for all the information. Would someone happen to have a number/email or any contact info. for the artistic cake creations in WV, their website doesn't load for some reason.

Wedding cakes

Thanks everybody for your input. I hadn't priced heidelberg instead I priced some solo bakers in Montgomery county area and that was the price that they came up with. We also wanted a fondant icing, which add at least an extra $1 per slice regardless of the original costs. We'll take a look at all the recommended bakers listed. Thanks again.

Wedding cakes

Yes, right now for a wedding party of 150-175 at 6.50 PP we are looking at over $1K

Wedding cakes

My fiancée and I are planning a wedding to occur in Oct. of this year. We are close to having everything planned but are still uncertain in regards to wedding cakes. We have heard that some local Chinese bakeries in Maryland / Northern Virginia area can create similar quality, taste, design, etc… cakes at half the costs of traditional wedding designers and I wanted to know if there was any truth in that. If there is, I would appreciate any information.