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Providence Restaurant Week

Hi there, i just wanted everyone to know that restaurant week has been extended to two weeks this year and the official web site for providence restaurant weeks is . It's July 6-19. I've found that the other site doesn't have all the correct information (who's doing lunch, or dinner only and the up to date menus)...just an FYI, it's frustrating when your going back and forth for hours deciding where to go, and you call to make a reservation at Shula's for dinner and find out they're only doing lunch!

Comments on Aspire in Providence?

Aspire does have great steaks and they have an shrimp appetizer that is unbelievable. And, I agree, the bar is very cool.

Providence Restaurant Week 2008

Also remember that this year it's two weeks. We went to Temple the other night and the steak and stuffies were outstanding. My husband's burger was a bit greasy, but he was happy once he got his cheesecake. I should be hitting a couple more next week. Are you viewing the menus online at I can't stop looking at the menus and now I have no idea where to go next. My husband is very picky, so it's hard. I need a place that doesn't have just salad for the first course but also has great entrees.