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CUCHI CUCHI : Small Plates, Loud Noises, Delicious Fun 8/29/08

their banana dessert is amazing

birthday meal suggestions

cuchi cuchi also in central is an international tapas place. their food and desserts are yummy. it's a fun atmosphere- the waitresses are in costume. and they can accommodate a lot of people at one table.

Looking for deep fried desserts in the Boston area...

i know you can get fried cupcakes at kickass cupcakes in davis

Ice cream questions

I still have to try Toscanini's and Herrells. I do love Emack's. But if anyone has had Mitchell's ice cream from Cleveland, they'll know what I'm talking about. It's even better than Graeter's.

Ice cream questions

I've been on a mission to find amazing ice cream in Boston but I haven't found it yet. I grew up around here but went to college in Ohio where I had some of the best ice cream of my life. Nothing I have found in Boston can compare. I tried Christina's but exotic flavors don't matter to me if the ice cream isn't creamy and delicious. I like Richardson's but it's still not as good as Ohio ice cream. I've had to turn to soft serve. As for the waffle cones, I think Emack and Bolio's make their own cones.

Best Peanut Butter Desserts

JP licks peanut butter cookie dough ice cream is pretty amazing

Cambridge bakeries

quebrada's cake is delicious but if you like a rich frosting, i'd go elsewhere.

French Macaroons in Greater Boston?

actually you can get them shipped. my sister ordered me a box for christmas this year. they were yummy. not as good as the ones in france but the best american ones i have had. i will have to try burdicks.

Ice cream questions

Since it's summer and to me that means ice cream becomes a daily staple, I've been wondering about some ice cream places around town. I love the yogurt at Truly Yogurts in Wellesley and I recently tried the ice cream. It was delicious- very creamy and flavorful. Someone recently told me that they get their ice cream from Richardsons. I was surprised to hear this because I've also heard that Cabot's in Newton gets their ice cream from Richardson's as well. I have avoided Cabot's for the past few years since their ice cream seemed tasteless to me last time I was there. Can anyone clear this up for me? How can two places serving the same ice cream be so different? Did Cabot's just start getting ice cream from Richardsons?