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Ottawa restaurants near Elgin & Somerset

You're also fairly close to the Byward Market. Not always the greatest food, but its worth taking a walk over some evening. Cut through Major's Hill Park on the way if the weather is good, some great views of the River and Parliament.

I like The Black Tomato on George St. There's been some contentious back and forth about it on this board and the service is sometimes not the greatest, but the food is pretty good and it has a nice atmosphere. I like their beer selection too.

There's a great coffee place, Planet Coffee, tucked behind it in a alley way. Always seems to smell like fresh cookies and they make an amazing Chai latte.

Another favourite is Memories, at the corner of Sussex and Clarence. It specializes in more lighter fare (really good sandwiches) and wonderful desserts.

I also second the recommendation for the Manx. Its great.

Sep 30, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Big Apple (Colborne) Report

We used to stop at the big Reid's Dairy just off the highway in Belleville. I don't know if its still there as I haven't stopped in a while, but they had the best milkshakes. So thick you needed a straw and a spoon.

By the way, for those Ottawans who need a quick fix, I just discovered that a gourmet store on Beechwood in New Edinburgh has just started selling Pan Chancho bread.

Sep 20, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Kingston - lunch and maybe dinner

I'd recommend Woodenheads for thin crust pizza at lunch and le Chien Noir for dinner.

Aug 20, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa - dinner on a Sunday night

I agree, Beckta is probably the place for you based on your description. It constantly gets raves on this board and from my limited experience, deservedly so. Par-fyum in Hull is another option, but I've only ever been for lunch on a weekday so can't attest to the atmosphere on a Sunday evening. That part of town can be a bit dead on the weekends.

If you weren't looking for something trendy I'd suggest Les Fougeres in Chelsea, which is lovely but out in the woods - I find the food excellent and the atmosphere formal, but more mellow.

Aug 20, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chocolate in Ottawa?

There's a really good chocolate store in Hull at 173 Promenade de Portages called Miss Chocolat.

Truffle Treasures is also good, but I prefer this one.

Aug 11, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bocado Ottawa Review

Thanks for this review. Would you recommend any of the other restaurants in that neighbourhood? I think there's an asian restaurant nearby that I've heard good things about.

Aug 08, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


I second this comment (and the one below which I belatedly just read). On the all Canada board Ottawa/Gatineau used to have a pretty active community that fit right in in terms of volume with Calgary and Vancouver. The volume of comments has really gone down since we were grouped in with Toronto. Maybe seperate Toronto and rest of Ontario boards would help.

Aug 08, 2006
smayes in Site Talk

Ottawa - kid-friendly brunch

I've heard breakfast at the Wild Oat bakery is pretty good. Eggspectation on Bank St. is also pretty kid friendly, but I've had mixed results foodwise.

Jul 27, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa - New Bridgehead

Just passed a building being renovated on the corner of Beechwood and Putnam (across the street from the original Works). Look's like a new Bridgehead Coffee is going in. Very exciting.

Jul 25, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ottawa - best burger?

Hey - saw this query recently for Toronto and I was intrigued about responses from Ottawa.

I leave near The Works and love any of their combos with the Portabello mushroom cap. Also enjoy the burgers at "Le Twist" on the Quebec side at lunch time, although paying extra for fries is a bit annoying.

Anyone else have a favourite?

Jul 21, 2006
smayes in Ontario (inc. Toronto)