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Louis/Louis Fish Camp at Pawleys

Yes, Joni mae, great suggestions! I grew up in Georgetown, and the locals eat at the Rice Paddy and Bistro 217. Those are my top recommendations. For a great lunch, try Roz's Rice Mill Cafe right next to Louis'. Fabulous shrimp and portabella sammy! They aren't open for dinner. Another fun spot, I can't think of the name, but it's behind the Island Shops. If you turn off 17 behind the Mole Hole, there's a long dirt road to the back of the complex. Great restaurant there with outside tables, spanish moss, tiki torches and sometimes, live music. Get their pimento cheese to go.

Where can I find whole Suckling Pig?

You might try going to the Slow Food website and contacting the organizations in the areas you will be travelling through on your way. Slow Food helps local growers form a network of small farms who specialize in various foods, including meat producers. The groups (by area) are called "convivia". They will be glad to steer you in the right direction. You can search by state.


French cheeses/saucisson in NC?

Does anyone know where I might find authentic imported french cheeses and saucisson in the Greensboro/Charlotte/Durham area? I've just returned from a week in Paris and was hoping to find some of the items I enjoyed there. TIA, Susan