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Caffarel chocolates and candies

Ever searching for delicious candies, I happened on a display of Caffarel candies and chocolates at La Vieile Europe this week. Each candy was beautifully wrapped and I selected a only a handful knowing that at $7.99/100gm, I'd be spending a fortune.
Oh my G_d! After putting the first Pistachio chocolate in my mouth I was a total convert. Smooth, not too sweet(I'm usually not a fan of milk chocolate) with crunchy pistachios. The fruit jellies were also sublime. Made of real fruit, the flavours lingered on my tongue. These lovely Italian candies are actually worth the price. They are really hard to find usually and I'll be definitely heading back for more after the next paycheque!

Breakfast: Beautys

If I were in the same neighbourhood, I'd go to Bagels ETC. on St-Laurent and Marianne. Much better food, still has a bit a lineup and still has that old Jewish deli style. Have never had bad eggs or coffee there. The Huevos Rancheros are excellent. Better service and better food!

Bonbons a Paris?

Oooohhh! This is lovely. Exactly what I was looking for. Nice packaging always makes the candies even taste better. Many thanks!

Nov 04, 2009
tacotete in France

Bonbons a Paris?

I would like to know where some of the more delectable candy shops are in Paris. I love hard candies and I must admit the French know how to make candy! Any suggestions for chocolate are also welcome, but my main search is for a nice candy store.

Oct 28, 2009
tacotete in France

Suggestions for crème brûlée?

I always liked the Creme Brulee at le Paris Beurre on Van Horne in Outremont. It is a classic, with a nice crunchy top and a smooth rich custard creme. Very good.
The rest of their menu is very typical French bistro style. Good quality for the price. Not over the top....

Where to dine for our anniversary dinner

If you like French: try La Montee on Bishop downtown:

or Pinxtos on Roy and Laval in the Plateau. Great Catalan fare(Spanish) with excellent wine list. Option for tapas....256 Roy 514-844-0222

I'm not a huge fan of Bice.

Restaurant La Montee De Lait
5171 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1M1, CA

Walking distance restaurant from Espace Geordie (Berri corner Duluth)

There are tons of reasonably priced Italian restaurants on Duluth, near St-Denis(Eduardo's comes to mind). Not the greatest food, but doable on your budget. Some may be BYOB.

Prepared pot luck main in Westmount?

This place is great but probably nothing will be left by 8pm. Also, it's a bit pricey for a large group. Take out sushi is always a hit. You can order it in advance and have it delivered to your party....

Where did you eat this week ?

Sunday: met up with a friend at Reservoir on Duluth. Still a great little bar with great home brewed beers and nice cosy atmosphere. The calamari were delicious as seared pork belly. The mini strawberry shortcakes were very originally served with lots of whipping cream. Definitely 4.5/5 and I'd be back again, and again.....
Thursday: Pizza Mia at Jean Talon Market. Great take out and in house pizzas with a nice selection of market fresh toppings. Cooked in a large ?brick oven and served up hot. Great as take out too. 4/5
Friday: Tried the Balmoral, the cafe on the main floor of the new L'Astral building overlooking the new fountains at Place des Arts. I guess everyone was rushing to get some food into their stomachs before a show, so the service wasn't the greatest. They only filled my water glass once and my friend's steak which he ordered "saignant" came back medium at best, even after he sent it back to the kitchen again...... The burger was dry (not the bun, but the actual meat part) and cheese was another $1.50 more. But on the upside, the fries were great, the view very nice of the fountains and the drinks(mixed) were strong. The desserts were not bad(raspberry shortcake, chocolate mousse) but I suspect they were not made in house. Overall a 2.5/5 but a convenient place for a meal before a show at Place des Arts.

brunoise..... what happened????

Yup, gonzo! The resto that's in its place isn't nearly as good quality unfortunately although the food is still good.(sorry, forget the new place's name)

Good Dessert Places

Does anyone have any suggestions for places to go for good desserts, places where you don't have to go for a full supper, but can drop in for a coffee and nice creme brulee etc? Other than Kilo, Calories, and Rockaberry, I can't find a really nice cafe that serves top notch desserts. Your suggestions please....

New Year's Day 2010

Merci Souphie.
I think that we will have to not be asking for the sky on Jan. 1 and since we eat just about everything, your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Any Moroccan or middle Eastern restos you might also suggest?

Sep 27, 2009
tacotete in France

New Year's Day 2010

Any suggestions of cool restos open on Jan. 1? We will be staying in the 6e but are mobile(I hope the metro will be running!). I imagine some good ethnic restaurants will be open so I'm open for suggestions to anything.

Sep 27, 2009
tacotete in France

Paris resto suggestions?


Sep 23, 2009
tacotete in France

Paris resto suggestions?

I'm off to Paris for New Year's and wanted to hear what are the suggestions for good food/wine in Paris from the Montreal board. We'll be renting an apartment there so will have a kitchen albeit very small. I've heard it isn't really worth all the trouble/expense to eat out on NYEve, but that the festivities on the Champs Elysee are worth seeing.

Sep 21, 2009
tacotete in France

Plateau Area - Best Brunch

Fruits Folie: St-Denis near Roy. I must say that they have a great brunch packed with tons of fruits(I always wonder how they stay in business with all the fruit they serve!). They have a small terasse outside. The Eggs Benedict Forestiere is my fave and I must say I never actually order anything else....
PS. I think they have a liquor license

Montreal public market thread-2009

There's a little known grocery on the corner of De Bullion and Roy in the Plateau that has the absolutely most fabulous and fresh produce I have ever seen. Unfortunately, you should only go on Saturdays when the owner goes to the market and brings all the lovely stuff back. Yesterday they had lovely fiddleheads(fresh!) for 1.99/lb as well as some lovely wild mushroom(pieds bleus and others). The prices are way better than JTM. As I write this, I wonder why I am spreading the is such a small place they sell out by 5pm on a Saturday. The rest of the week it is hit and miss.

ISO upscale, healthy but delicious restaurants in Montreal

One of my favorite restaurants in Montreal is Pinxtos on Roy, between St-Laurent and St-Denis. Every single time I have been there, I have been impressed by the presentation, tastes and excellent wine menu in this tapas restaurant. The tasting menu is always a hit and is very reasonably priced. The main courses are generous but if you want the full-on gastronomic pleasure, choose several pinxtos and your tastebuds will de delighted. Very healthy in my opinion.
As for Ferreira Cafe on Peel, it is fabulous, if but a bit $$$. Worth the splurge! One of the best seafood restos in Montreal. I also like little ol' Chez l'Epicier, in Old Montreal. I always seem to end up there when I have guests in town. French and consistent. May not fully fit the "healthy" request if you consider there's always foie gras, creme brulee and other delicacies like that on the menu.....

Romantic Montreal Weekend 7/24-7/26

There are several well-known microbrasseries(microbreweries in french) in Montreal. Depending on where you are staying, you could try out: Cheval Blanc on Ontario East, or Le Diable on Fairmont near St-Laurent, or the Reservoir on Duluth near St-Laurent. All have their own brews and are worth it if you like beer. A good summer place to drink in a garden/pub/club is also le St-Sulpice on St-Denis, between Ontario and St-Catherine's. Really nice big garden terasse in the back. Very romantic and cool at the same time. Have fun. Too bad you are missing the Jazz Fest!

Colborne Lane over-rated?

Does anyone else think that Colborne Lane is over-rated? I certainly don't think it warrants being rated on of the best restaurants in the En Route magazine! After waiting almost 4 hours for a tasting menu of 10 tiny dishes, I left there feeling very hungry and not satisfied at all. My partner waited 2.5 hours to receive her halibut. Granted timing the a la carte order with my tasting menu was a bit tricky but 2.5 hours???!!! And all the freeze dried powders accompanying the dishes was not at all interesting. As far as I am concerned, freeze dried food should be left for camping....
Not to be entirely negative, the restaurant was warm and had great interior decor. The mushroom soup was divine but serving sizes were really not adequate for the price you pay. I'd be interested in what others think of this trendy place.....


Has anyone tried Madeline's, the new restaurant by chef Susur Lee?


This is EXCELLENT news! I have been looking for a long time for good soup dumplings in Montreal. Having moved here from Vancouver where there is a huge selection of dumpling places, may I add a bit of general knowledge for those who love dumplings?

Firstly, soup dumplings are a Shanghai phenomenon. They are small steamed dumplings with a thin membrane and when you bite into them, they explode with soup. Watch your tongue as they can burn! They are traditionally made with porc filling but more expensive tastes can enjoy them with both porc and crab(actually it's the guts of the crabs). Both are heavenly. The Shanghainese people also have a delicious steamed, then fried dumpling called "Sun Jing Bao" which are a medium sized dumpling also filled with porc usually.

The northern Chinese people enjoy several kinds of dumplings as well. The oblong ones are similar to "Gyoza" found in Japanese restaurants. Actually they are called "Jiao Dze" in Mandarine. They are traditionally boiled in water and the dough is a little bit thicker than above. The Cantonese people pan fry these dumplings and use a thinner dough which are known as "Goh Tieh"(pot stickers).
There are, of course, tons of variations. I am looking forward to trying this out!