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Holiday Present Help-- Where would you buy a gift certificate for a "nice" meal or two in Pittsburgh?

Definitely Salt of the Earth!

Nov 14, 2010
Ehrrin in Pennsylvania

A Skilletful of Fried Apples

Growing up I always requested fried apples as part of my birthday meal--along with fried chicken, fried pototoes and my mom's famous hot fudge cake. Yow; quite a menu!

I'm going to have to make some this weekend, but maybe leave off all the other fried offerings... But biscuits? Heck yeah!

May 21, 2010
Ehrrin in Features

Baked Radicchio and Mozzarella Pasta

found some radicchio at another market, and it was lovely! thanks!

May 13, 2010
Ehrrin in Recipes

Baked Radicchio and Mozzarella Pasta

YUM! I love radicchio, and got all geared up to make this tonight, and then just went to the market, and they're out of radicchio of all sorts. So, I'm going to sub in chard, and see how that works. This looks like exactly the kind of comfort food I'm in the mood for today.

May 13, 2010
Ehrrin in Recipes

Pittsburgh: Sunday brunch and Saturday lunch

Saturday lunch suggestions:
Peruse the Strip District shops (Penn Ave between 25-ish & 16th), and try:
-Eleven for upscale dining (balcony & sidewalk seating) -
-Kaya for funky atmosphere, yummy Carribean-inspired food (even if you're not a vegetarian, try the tofu cracklins. dang!), and great cocktails -
-Roland's ( for the best lobster roll in town--it's not the traditional kind with mayo (but you can get that at Eleven with avocado fries that is fab, too), but it's big hunks of lobster meat grilled with herbs and butter on a giant roll. The atmosphere is okay (the balcony's the way to go), but the beer list and the sandwich are super!

Or, if you're looking for a low-kay afternoon destination, visit the Phipps Conservatory ( in Oakland. Not only it is just an amazing place to spend an afternoon, the cafe there is so good! I had the Thai salad there a couple weeks ago, and can't stop thinking about it.

For Sunday brunch, I like:
-Point Brugge (Belgian)
-Dozen Bake Shop

Have a great visit!

Jul 10, 2008
Ehrrin in Pennsylvania