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Indian Food for the cheap and carless

I have heard about Little India, and I will try it this weekend. I think i have been to trimurti and it was ok. I have never heard of the host.

FALAFEL HOUSE 760 Yonge Street

i had a similar experience too. also, i decided to get chicken shawarma to go once and clearly asked for no tomatoes. so i took the first bite as i was waiting for my change, and one big tomato. I told him that asked for 'no tomatoes'- he gave me the tough luck look. i know it is only a $6 pita wrap, but i think there is a minimum standard when it comes to service...

Indian Food for the cheap and carless


I have tried many places in downtown toronto for Indian Food, and i have been consistently dissappointed with them, except for Tabla., which is a li'l pricey. I went to Missisauga once and I had amazing choloe bhature at an Indian rest in a strip mall. Amazing and reasonable. Since, I dont have access to a car, I was wondering if someone could recommend a good indian place that has tasty food and basic hygeine standards. Is there one in the GTA that would be close to a bus stop. I can take GO to the city and take a bus from there.


Indian food in Toronto

Indian (incl Pakistani) Places in Toronto:

786 on Gerrard St: Pakistani cuise. Ordered curried dishes, and they were very medicore. Didnt order thekebabs, but they smelt great. Note traditional Pakistani dishes are little more oily than indian dishes, 786 is pakistanti food.

Skylark/Siddharta/Handi: Very medicore buffets. 5 out of 10

Tabla: Best Indian food I have eaten in Toronto. Nice wines too.

Chakra: Better than other Indian places. For this price, Tabla beats Chakra anyday

Bombay Palace (form. Bombay Bhel)/ Chef of India (Eglinton East): Just very plain regular food, food quality even lower than gerrard

BBQ Hut (Gerard St) Had amazing food few years ago. Havent been able to eat there as hygiene standard have fallen. I could not get myself to eat there.

King's Palace: Better than other places in toronto. Pakistani food, so it is oily. Ok for price

Kama on King: Mediocre.

Annapoorna on Bathhurst: Interesting place. Run by an Indian Guru's "disciples". Vergetarian and tasty.

Nashta- First Canadian Place: Low Quality Indian Food.