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Tea & Dim Sum place in SR

I went there today and it's decent. Some better than others, bbq pork buns were good, shanghai dumplings, turnip cakes and shumai were good too. I have never been to the one in the city, I usually go to tong kiang or yank sing but it was good enough to fulfill my dim sum cravings without driving to the city, so I am happy!!

Next visit I am going to try the shark fin dumplings in a broth and beef chow fun.

Should You Put Oil in Pasta Water?

it is funny how you will still see "chefs" on food network add oil to their pasta prior to boiling. Well, I guess rachel ray isn't really a chef.

Aug 15, 2008
scwhawk in Features

Sashimi with Soy Sauce, Sesame Seeds, and Chives

it's not the same dish if you add ginger and sesame oil or sea salt and pepper. those are all good's endless. Add nori and siracha, add green onions and wasbi-shoyu, add jalapeno and tobiko with shoyu. All good combos to go with sashimi....but wayne's version is good too.

Aug 01, 2008
scwhawk in Recipes

Need Dim Sum help

I am asian and it was good enough for me.....and my family from NYC, all asians too....thought it was very good. There were many, many chinese eating there too. So it doesn't really matter as long as it's good and made right. Sure, go "authentic" and eat in chinatown where the quality has dropped. Koi palace is good too but not good enough to drive all the way out there and wait an hour, if you're lucky.

Need Dim Sum help

Yank Sing, downtown SF financial district in the rincon center. I think it is the best in SF - and you will be satisfied. The shanghai soup dumpling was excellent....but if you are patient and wait for the carts with the specials, they're really, really good too.

Ton kiang on Geary is also very good. Can't go wrong with either one.

Late night SF restaurant

I forgot about zuni - thanks for the suggestions!

Late night SF restaurant

Tuesday night, many places I checked close at 10 pm

Late night SF restaurant

Looking for a GOOD restaurant open late (past 10 pm) in the city mid week - any suggestions??