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Shrimp Soup & Rice

Jul 09, 2008
PalmettoGirl in Recipes

RB's, Shem Creek

I've had two dates take me to RB's in the past because they knew I'd get a kick out of the dolphins in the creek. Both times the food was subpar to all the other seafood restaurants in town. The second (and last) time I was there I saw a 'Palmetto Bug' skitter right across the center of the room and warned a nearby waitress who then proceeded to squash it and leave a napkin over it for about 5 minutes while she got a busboy to clean it up. Needless to say, we left our plates nearly full and went elsewhere to eat.

Sunday Brunch in Charleston?

Hands down, Triangle Char & Bar!

Kiawah Island

You should definitely try the Mustard Seed on Maybank Hwy- the Crabcakes are phenomenal!