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Deep Fried Pickles!!! Where are they?

Beast Restaurant has AMAZING deep fried pickles.

Alimento At King St West/Brant

a source close to the family whose opening it, has mentioned to me to apply for a possible pastry/chocolatier position... so if anything that's an indication that they're opening soon?!

Affordable organic meats in Toronto?

the healthy butcher just dropped their prices.

Paese - is it good?

i just recently visited paese as i work in the area and it was great! service was good as well. i'm just happy they opened another location near my home so i can frequent it with my SO.

Organic Produce Delivery in Toronto?

what ever they have listed online they have in the store front. check out the website and decide if the selection is what you like and go check it out.

Organic Produce Delivery in Toronto?

the storefront is open throughout the week plus the delivery service for those who can't get to the store. check out their website for hours:

they also have items in store that they can't deliver (i.e. ice cream


it's a small store front and only carry enough produce for the week so it's not overstocked.

Fresh Vanilla beans in Toronto/Mississauga?

our family consists of my husband and myself, we live in the city so we don't have the need to buy in bulk often enough to justify a $50 annual membership :P plus the cost of gas to get to one.

if you already have a costco card that's awesome you can get the vanilla beans from them for a fair price.

but i also prefer supporting small local businesses rather than big box american companies if i don't have to.

Organic Produce Delivery in Toronto?

i've tried WOW, greenearthorganics and frontdoororganics but I'm still in LOVE with Wanigan. if you don't fancy anything in the prepackaged box, you can totally customize your entire box without any penalty as long as you purchase a minimum of $25. they have a storefront in brampton. and the best part is if you don't want to order for a while or the following week, you don't have to worry about trying to remember to hop online to cancel an order!
worth checking out at least once.

Fresh Vanilla beans in Toronto/Mississauga?

with that many beans you can make your own extract! :P

i bought a 1/4 lb last time, made vanilla sugar, vanilla extract for x-mas and only had a few left over. but they hold well as long as they're in an air tight container and in a cool dark place.

and since i don't have a costco card, i'd rather pay the $7 shipping over the $50 annual membership for costco.

Fresh Vanilla beans in Toronto/Mississauga?

a local source is

they have both madagascar and tahitian beans... you can buy a few or in bulk for a great price. and they're from toronto!

you can get 10 pods for about $11, that's a little over $1 per pre tax and shipping. shipping is a flat $7 charge.


over 20 years ago, my family would go as a special meal/treat, i remember really good mussels and lamb chops, but i was also a kid. but i remember a line for dinner that wrapped and went down the street.

i went for nostalgic reasons with my husband (then boyfriend) and it had lost it's charm - food isn't as good as it used to be and is just plan out dated even if it was almost 10 years ago

ISO - Best hash browns in Toronto

they're not hash, but home fries are awesome at shanghai cowgirl over on queen. crispy and seasoned to perfection!

Looking for some of the best seafood restaurants of the city

big daddy's is not a good source of seafood at all... we went a while back and sat near the kitchen and it smelled of bad fish. needless to say we didn't order and left. yes they have crawfish but i doubt it's fresh.

rodney's does source a lot of seafood for most of the reastaurants in the city. if you call them and chat them up about crawfish they might tell you which restaruants serve them (fresh).

Looking for some of the best seafood restaurants of the city

Rodney's used to be my favourite, but i find that something is lacking, can't quite pin point it... but i've found a replacement, Oyster Boy on Queen and Crawford. It's small, but the food is amazing and fresh!

Oyster Boy
872 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G3, CA

Where to buy duck sausage - Toronto & GTA

contact the healthy butcher (2 locations in GTA, one on Queen W & Augusta and Eglinton & Avenue) and ask them if they have any on hand. if not, ask if they could make you some, depending on the quantity you want they will probably provide.

recommend the 2 best restaurants a visitor cannot miss out on

we're from toronto and we were just there this week and i must say that of the 3 dinner restaurants we went to (Agozar, Momofuku Ssam and Asia de Cuba) Momofuku Ssam was my favorite. Since the dollar is almost at par the amount of food we consumed was pretty reasonable. We were there on Tuesday night, arrived at around 5:30/6ish and were seated right away. It does get busier the later it gets. For the two of us including beer (1 each) the bill came up to about $140 pre tax and tip. and we ate a lot, we had the fuji apples with jowl bacon, country ham, spanish makerel, diver scallops, 6 oysters and steamed buns. I would almost compare it to Guu but as opposed to a pure japanese izakaya type food, it's a good fusion of japanese, korean, chinese and north american.

Momofuku Ssam Bar
207 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Asia de Cuba
237 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Apr 24, 2010
jeannieh20 in Manhattan

Torontonian's in search of good, unique to Manhattan food next week!

we booked a table at Agozar for monday night then Maze for tuesday night. any reviews/suggestions?

324 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

Apr 17, 2010
jeannieh20 in Manhattan

Torontonian's in search of good, unique to Manhattan food next week!

thanks so much for the suggestions. we just checked david chang's momofuku and would love to try either noodle bar and/or ssam, but noticed they don't take reservations except for their large party/pre fix dinners. is that right? would you expect a long wait for Tuesday night dinner for 6:30??

Apr 16, 2010
jeannieh20 in Manhattan

Torontonian's in search of good, unique to Manhattan food next week!

Thanks so much for the suggestions, i will have to take a few hours to check out those links/threads!

City Club Hotel is at 55 West 44th Street.

Neither of us are picky eaters and will pretty much eat anything. It will alwasy be just the two of us. My husband has been to NYC but it's be eons ago, and I've never been. No specific types of cuisine preferred, just good food. Casual, laid back for the most part is what we're looking, we do NOT enjoy snobby joints. We may do fine dinning once or twice. We prefer a happy medium between bustling and quiet. We will definately do divey. We don't mind waiting in line as long as it's not a crazy 1.5-2 hour wait. We plan to spend a day each in downtown, midtown and uptown. We do plan on doing a lot of sightseeing, Central Park, The Met, Guggenheim, SOHO, Chinatown, FAO Schwartz, Empire State and we might catch a show. We don't have a price as in we don't mind paying top dollar for good food, but we're also not interested in overpaying for over-rated, poor service and bad food.

We don't have an itinerary per se, we actually plan on winging it once we get here.

Apr 16, 2010
jeannieh20 in Manhattan

Torontonian's in search of good, unique to Manhattan food next week!

So my husband and I are visiting for some R&R next week arriving Monday and leaving Thursday. In Toronto we have a lot of the same types of restos as NYC, however we would love some local suggestions that aren't kitchy and touristy. I know and understand some touristy venues are required, but I would really love some feedback!

We're staying at the City Club Hotel in Midtown but we're willing to check out anywhere within a 20 minute cab-ride radius.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 15, 2010
jeannieh20 in Manhattan

Berkshire Pork

There is a Healthy Butcher in Kitchener, closer to London if that is where you are. In TO though I find it more reasonable than cumbrae's... Call ahead to place the order, they do have bone in shoulder, i just got a small guy the other day. Just be specific.

Silpat vs parchment

or alternatively you could use a damp kitchen towel under the cutting board to keep it from moving on you. no sense in spending $$ on silpat to just keep your cutting board in place.

Dec 06, 2009
jeannieh20 in Cookware

Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

how do you run out of meat when the healthy butcher is your next door neighbour - who in fact is extremely supportive of neighbour businesses to strive? and with the leslieville cheese market a few more doors down?? both places also carry buns!?!

Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

I've been noticing this place as well the past couple of months. Unfortunately, all of that waiting was NOT worth while. Understanding that it was a soft open, obviously the service was poor. More importantly though the food was not worth the pretty penny! My husband ordered the Oh Boy classic with 3 Cheese Combo, which is described as "8 oz. premium AAA & Prime Ground Chuck, Sesame Seed Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar, Swiss & Havarti Cheese $12.75" and I ordered the Bison Boy Combo " 6oz. premium lean alberta bison, sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato and sauteed onions & mushrooms $15.70"

The line cooks and order takers still have to learn their products - aka, menu! They didn't know what was on the burgers, and I had to stand there at the counter and tell them exactly what as on them and they still managed to screw it up!

Buns were not fresh, burgers were over done, tough and over seasoned (both my husband and I felt like we just had a salt lick), fries were ok, but not well seasoned and too oily (they weren't double fried). My husband only got two of the three cheeses, and I didn't get the mushrooms or onions that were supposed to make my burger $3 more expensive than my husbands!

They still don't have their liquor license yet so you can't drown the bad taste in your mouth by drinking!

At one point the girl who took our order was cleaning the drink station and decided to lift her skirt up and pick her wedgie in plan view of everyone who was in the front end of the restaurant.

I think I will continue to satisfy my burger craving with Craft Burger indefinitely. We might revisit them in a few months after they figure out their kinks, and if they don't improve by then, then they've lost my patronage!

Adzuki (red) Bean Paste

HELP! Where to find in DT area? Want to try a macaroon recipe that calls for a can of bean paste.

Looking for TEA! Almond tea.

David's Tea has a really good Almond black tea and it's not expensive. They're located on queen st. west just east of Spadina on the north side.

Organic whipping cream

harmony also makes an organic whipping cream, it's about the same price range.

i do however prefer organic foods, for the soul reason that the foods are not genetically modified, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or chemicals in general added to them! but then again i do also practice eating locally and in season, reducing my carbon footprint. it's expensive for a farmer to produce organically grown produce when they have to use naturally sound forms of keeping pests away. so i personally do not have a problem paying a little extra for their hard work to keep city dwellers like my family fed. it may not be nutritionally better for you but it doesn't have all of the crap that's watering down the flavour of produce nor helping produce have a longer shelf life than god intended.

so i don't personally think it's a waste of money per se, however i do agree it is costly and this is why our family has decided to cut certain things out of our lives to maintain this lifestyle we've reverted back to...

liberty noodle review

funny, i wasn't keen on going either after reading all of the other posts re: service and not so good food. we were hungry, wanted noodle soup and didn't want to cook - we were at liberty village to return a movie and didn't want to walk all the way down to pho 21 in the cold last night so we ended up at liberty noodle. we walked in at about 8pm, only a few tables, maybe 5? waited at the front desk for almost 5 minutes, too long if the restaurant wasn't busy! just about to walk out, the manager, or who i think was the manager walked over to show us a table. he takes us to a table that wasn't even ready to be seated yet - barely wiped down and not set, only chopsticks. for an establishment who's owners are also responsible for blowfish i'm appalled that the chopsticks were set upside down at the table - it's like throwing forks and knives randomly at the table! No asian restaurants would ever place chopsticks with the eating end closest to the edge of the table! the service was a bit too slow for my liking considering it was slow for what's supposed to be prime dinner hour on a friday night.. about 10 minutes to take our drink orders. we had already had enough time to read the menu and decide on what we want and still sat around waiting for our server to greet us. i ordered the spicy beef ramen and my husband ordered the garlic chili chicken rice. my ramen was ok at best, broth was spicy but no flavour, very little beef and mushrooms and too much soup to hide the fact that portions were too small. the portion for my husbands dish was also really small, luckily he's recovering from an accident and doesn't eat a lot. before our meal i was scanning the entire menu and noticed they had mochi's so i decided i'll try it at the end of our meal to see just how much r&d they did. sadly the mochi was beyond edible. the ice cream inside was ok, but the glutinous rice outer layer was hard and stale! so i ate the ice cream and left the outer layer in the bowl... when the server came to clear our plates and saw the remains in the bowl gave me a questioning look as if "what you didn't like it?" i explained that i was used to the softer texture of real mochi and this was much too hard to eat. the server didn't offer an apology nor to take it off our bill. since my back was towards the rest of the dinning room, my husband noticed that the server mentioned something to the manager regarding the mochi, but nothing came out of it, he only came back with the bill. so we paid and left the minimal tip required and left. even as we were leaving the dinning room wasn't even full. sadly i think they spent too much money on decor, not enough on r&d, service and quality. i don't think we'll see them around for much longer unless someone from the establishment reads reviews and posts re: their resto.

Funnel Fun on Avenue

yes i mean halibut, the order it menu is from their bloor location and it hasn't had it for a few months now. i haven't been in the queen location in over a year, even though i live around the corner... you're right they don't do the best f&c but will suffice when craving and no one else in the area...

i also do hope they use different oil - but will have to make a visit and check it out.

Funnel Fun on Avenue

tried to order it once thru order it, but they called back and said they didn't have any - not sure if they make it fresh, i mean how hard is it to whip up a small batch of batter? live in the area and haven't gone inside in a while, will check it out in the next couple of weeks to see if they still have it.

i've also noticed that chippy's took the hali off their order it menu as well?!?