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Need a replacement Chicken place for Brothers in Dallas

I'm originally from Louisiana, so there is definitely nostalgia going on when I think of Cane's. I went to LSU, and the first Cane's was built right off campus. Late nights usually had us ending up there for the fries and toast to soak up the alcohol we consumed earlier. The chicken is juicy, but lacks any discernible flavor, which I guess is why people love the dipping sauce. I, on the other hand, am not a fan. Can't remember how the recipe goes, but there's a mix of Worcestershire, mayo, and other stuff. That sauce makes people go ga-ga.

Best Philly Cheesesteaks in DFW?

I've been to both the Arlington & Bedford locations. The Arlington location has been closed for a few months at least. They did carry Pennsylvania Dutch (fountain) the one time I stopped by, so I'm pretty sure the original location has it as well. I came across a .pdf file of their menu. There's no mention of birch beer (the website I got it from posted it in '06), but you can always call to verify.

Restaurants open Thanksgiving Day-Arlington

Olenjack's Grille offers a Thanksgiving brunch for $30. Reservations required.

Ham I Am (Dallas)

I've never tried any of their products, but they have a 10% discount code for orders over $75.

I came across one review written back in '05 from According to the reviewer, the Ozark Trails Original Hickory Smoked Ham was one of the best they've ever eaten. More info here:

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

What about Scotch Eggs? You take a hard boiled egg, cover it with ground sausage, dredge it in flour, dip it raw eggs and then breadcrumbs. To make it more unusual, you could use quail, duck, or ostrich eggs. Now that I think about it, ostrich eggs would be kind of ridiculous. Someone's tried it and included pictures. That thing is ginormous!

Nov 16, 2009
LSUTxTiger in Home Cooking

[DFW] Five Restaurants That Pique My Interest in Arlington [DFW]

I've been to Pat's a couple times, but haven't been since before crawfish season this year. I believe the owners are from Lafayette. Etoufees were average, nothing to write home about. The fried shrimp weren't tough and had a light batter, no cornmeal. The po-boys, eh. The bread tastes like a supermarket brand. You do get plenty for your money though. My dad said the oysters are hit or miss. Red beans were served with most of the beans intact, i.e., not creamy. They were flavored well, but I prefer mine creamier. I can't remember much about the sausage other than it was smoked, not spicy and was served on the side.

Unusual Fried Food - Idea Needed

You got kids to eat fried bugs willingly? Kudos to you! LOL.

Nov 16, 2009
LSUTxTiger in Home Cooking

Dallas Brunch - Thanksgiving

I wonder if the $25 buffet is for all patrons or just those going to the game? I've been to Olenjack's the past two Thanksgivings, and the price was $30 per person.

Here's what the website posted for last year's brunch offerings:
The brunch will include a range of signature Olenjack's dishes and new menu offerings such as a fried turkey meal. Other featured entrees include traditional breakfast items and turkey fixings to other fine meats such as prime rib, pork, and fish. Desserts include everything from seasonal pies to eggnog tiramasu.

Central 214 Featured on Oxygen Channel

Just a heads up.

I've never dined at this restaurant, so I can offer no review on the food there. However, Oxygen Channel is featuring a series about Chef Blythe Beck and her staff at Central 214. Titled, "The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck", it premieres on 9/22 at 9pm. I've seen a couple posts about the restaurant, although nothing particularly noteworthy. For those who have dined there before, what were your impressions?

DFW: Meat Pies


I'm originally from Ruston, so I know all about those lovely meat pies. While I've yet to catch the regular sized pies, Super 1 in Forest Hill carries the mini version. Address is here:

6750 Forest Hill Dr
Forest Hill, TX 76140
Phone: (817) 568-9620

Doughmonkey Closing - DFW

According to their website, Friday and Saturday will be the last days of Doughmonkey. They'll be closed today (Wednesday) and Thursday and will open at 10am Friday. Doors close for good Saturday at 5.

I really wish I had a chance to catch on to this place earlier, it wasn't until I signed up on chowhound that I found out about Doughmonkey. I live in North Arlington and work out of Fort Worth, so I rarely get a chance to come in. Last week, I made it a point to go twice and bought up all I could find. Their offerings are so amazing, and that's with a limited supply. I can only imagine what goodies they had to offer prior to this.

I do wish Rhonda and the Doughmonkey team the best.

[DFW] West Coast Transplant ISO substitute to Trader Joe's

I lived in the Bay Area for a while, I absolutely loved TJ's. Their graham crackers are phenomenal. Every once in a while, I have friends mail some to me when I crave smores. Lizlemon, I see you're a fan of Henry Weinhard's as well. I first tried it while in California at my local Safeway. It has since become my absolute favorite root beer. I can only imagine how much better it would be if they switched to cane sugar. My nearby Albertson's and Tom Thumb have recently become stocked with Henry's here in North Arlington. I had been previously been paying $2.50 a bottle at the Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts. After searching for it around my area, I found the brand one day while I stopped into Albertson's. You may luck out and find it closer to you than CM.

Good food in Arlington

This topic was discussed recently. Here, you'll find mention of Corky's Pizza in South Arlington. By far, this restaurant has the best pizza in Arlington, maybe in Tarrant County.

Pat's Cajun Corner is the place you're referring to. They serve good fried foods; I really enjoy their shrimp and my dad loves the catfish. Their red beans dish is decent, but not creamy enough for me and my taste.

There's another Cajun place (Pierre's) that has gotten decent reviews in the Telegram (on Cooper, just north of I-20). However, I believe it's over-rated. I've yet to find a really good Creole or Cajun place in Tarrant County. Many places I've tried serve boiled crawfish with seasoning outside the shell (definitely not Cajun).