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Lil' Orbits Hot Fresh Mini Donuts and Coffee Shop

Help Start the first Fresh Cooked Mini Donuts while you wait store in Rockland County!! WOW - these are the best you've ever tasted.

Be a backer for as little as $5 and get some great rewards: free donuts, coffee, ceramic mugs, shirts, your name on our wall, and more!!

Please support our upstart today:

Charles Orlik

Karl Ehmer Butcher Shop opening in Pearl River this month!!

Yanks all the way - even though I was born in Queens, I'm 100% Yankees fan!

Karl Ehmer Butcher Shop opening in Pearl River this month!!

I did talk to them, and they primary reason I think they decided was that it made it easier on the wholesale customers to get the product that already get it in Rockland, and then they are going to build up the retail business from the ground up.

Although I live in Pearl River, I do not have the time or desire to make weekly trips down to Hillsdale to get KE products. I would however buy it all the time if it was in Pearl River. I know there are a lot of people like me in town, who will NOT go out of Pearl River, or Nanuet, or Rockland County for that matter to buy something on a regular bases. Rockland People and Bergen People are like "2 different animals" LOL!

Karl Ehmer Butcher Shop opening in Pearl River this month!!

I live in Pearl River and I have to say the Locals in town will support it, and it will do well. Besides some of the people that live in town never go to Jersey to buy anything.

Also the vacant location where it is open was Ed's Meat Market for like 35 years - he finally retired, so people associate that location with Meat. Shop-Rite has meat but NO prime. My brother-in-law gets meat from Stew Leonard's on his way home from work, so he will be quite happy when this new place opens.

They also have a good wholesale business up here as well, and having the store is another way they are addressing that part of the biz too.

Karl Ehmer Butcher Shop opening in Pearl River this month!!

I would have never known - the meat I've been getting at the Hillsdale, NJ location for years has never changed in quality of the product - obviously they are still using the same recipes, which is the main thing that really matters. Anyone can sell a business - many products you use every day were started by one man or a family, but still exist today under new owners and no loss in quality - Stella Doro, Archway Cookies, etc.

They do quite well in the suburbs outside NYC - the owner of the Hillsdale, and the Pearl River franchises tell me that have a great wholesale business in the area. It's still way better then Boar's head no matter which way you slice it.

Karl Ehmer Butcher Shop opening in Pearl River this month!!

WOW! It's almost like hitting the lottery!! I confirmed with one of the managers in the Hillsdale, NJ location, that a NEW Karl Ehmer Butcher Shop is opening on Main Street in Pearl River, NY where Ed's old meat market was for about 30 years!!

He said ballpark probably open in about 2 weeks - they had to put in new floors, and still do some more work to it.

If you never had Karl Ehmer's meats - you are in for a treat! They have REAL german wursts including Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Teawurst. Also Italian sausage, Hungarian Sausage. OLD WORLD German style cold cuts that simply BLOW AWAY Boar's Head!!! They also have PRIME MEATS - the best of the best that Shop-Rite DOES NOT sell. (They only go up to USDA choice, a LOWER grade then prime.)

I used to go to Hillsdale, NJ to get their products all the time - they are TO DIE FOR! Keep an eye out for the new shop in Pearl River, NY opening soon - A couple doors down from Hadeler's Hardware store!!

Excellent BBQ - Blauvelt

Wow - that Brisket is the best!!

Rockland County BBQ

Well Bones is Gone, But Now Rockland Does have REAL SMOKEHOUSE BBQ!!!!

Hallejullah!! Bailey's Smokehouse in Blauvelt I liked better then the franchise of Corky's in Atlantic City. Get the ribs, pulled pork, briscuit once, and you will be hooked. The pulled pork Nachos are an AWESOME appetizer!

It is VERY popular, and very crowded on the weekends.

Here is the chowhound article on it and all the info:


Bailey's Smokehouse: True 'Cue in Blauvelt, NY

Hell Yeah!! I've been to the Corky's Franchise in Atlantic City, Virgil's in NYC, and Bailey's BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY!!

The best BBQ I've ever had!!! They have Molson Ice and a lot of good beer on tap too!

Jul 08, 2008
chuck500 in Features