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Jamaican Patties [London]

Atlantic bakery on atlantic rd in brixton are the best

Mar 20, 2010
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Wagamama - ugh!

You can make a generalized statement when it's generally true. In the case of Wagamama, standards have slipped as it has expanded. Even if the people working there care about food they may not have the freedom to express that when working there - eg if the dumplings are all factory made & pre-frozen, they cannot do "specials" or seasonal variations to the menus. I remember being in Yo Sushi! (another dated chain-Asian) and the chef being shouted at in front of the customers for not weighing each piece of Sashimi in case a customer got too much.

That being said, some chains do manage to enforce high standards (A&W in Canada springs to mind).

Aug 24, 2009
feddie207 in Chains

Wagamama - ugh!

It's a chain, so you have to give it some slack - the people who work will simply not care about food. The menu will be designed to be easy to cook and maximise profits

Secondly the concept is very dated. It started in London in 1995 ish, by Alan Yau I believe. At the time (at the original location) it was revolutionary in making ethnic dining modern and relevant. Not only that, but standards were very high.

I believe that after expansion, the menu has been watered down and diluted. Alan Yau has sold it. He has now started Cha Cha Moon, and Busaba which are both far superior "urban asian" restaurants.

Aug 23, 2009
feddie207 in Chains

London - Best crispy duck

Goldmine in bayswater has good duck (but specialises in roast duck, a dish I prefer).

Dec 08, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Best Chinese Restaurant (including DimSum) in Leicester Square?

Joy King Lau is a reliable dim sum stalwart.

I'm not sure the dim sum in Yauatcha is even cooked by Chinese people - the waiting staff certainly aren't.

Nov 03, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Brick Lane Revisited

To be honest most of the restaurants on Brick Lane are terrible. Gram Bangla isn't the kind of place to have a BYOB fest.

Head to Tayyabs on Fieldgate Street (closer to whitechapel/Aldgate East tube) which will fit your needs perfectly.

Oct 30, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Ottolenghi has the best salads in London. Discuss.

In terms of the best salads in London, I think that that they often come at Middle Eastern places. Adonis on Goodge St (its closed now) had great salad with pomegranate dressing. The tiny (but awesome) Iranian place off Edgware Road (can't recall the name) also served fresh fresh salad with fresh mint and lemon dressing.

Oct 23, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Ottolenghi has the best salads in London. Discuss.

Have to say I found the prices at Ottolenghi outrageous. Also the seating on a huge communal table is inappropriate for such a highly priced restaurant. The service was terrible as well.

I like the salads at Kastner & Ovens.

Oct 22, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Restaurant La Regalade- Paris

Seconding this; thanks for a great recommendation!

Mis-en-bouche came as a huge trough of homemade pate with gherkins and excellent salt. Had a lobster bisque with basil which was good (but not as good as my partner's coquilles).

Main of pork belly was exquisite. I always think Chinese restaurants cook this dish better than Western ones but this combined amazing quality meat with perfect cooking (eg the texture of the crackling).

Puddings were stunning especially the Soufflé au Grand Marnier.

Service friendly, the place has a great buzz about the room.

Good value at 100 with wine for two.

Oct 13, 2008
feddie207 in France

Good biriyani in London?

I like Sizzling Bombay in Drummond St for a hole in the wall kind of place.

I think a biryani needs the veg curry on the side or it is too dry; it's my favorite thing about the dish.

Sep 11, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Dim Sum at Shanghai - Dalston, London

Didn't think much of the dim sum or the restaurant here; XLB's were flaccid, dishes arrived luke warm. Room is dirty & dillapidated.

Sep 10, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Restaurant Recommendations for Novello Theatre area

32 Great Queen St would be an excellent choice, and is by far the best in the area, which suffers from being quite touristy.

Joe Allen (Exeter St) has a nice pre-theatre atmosphere, but food is average and pricy.

Shanghai Blues (High Holborn) is a good Chinese option, with a great dining room; try the desserts.

Sep 09, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland

Two places in Camden Town, London

went there for late sun lunch. nice menu, short and great queen streety. Had a gaspacho that was fresh but sadly ungarnished - sheesh, chuck some olive oil or a basil leaf in there or something.

Had the sunday roast which was a lovely piece of rare beef with fresh seasonal veg done perfectly. Potatoes cold and covered in 1 inch of grease! Yorkshire was not as good as homemade.

Partner had pig cheeks w chorizo which was tasty but salty with no green to balance the flavours.

Overall a good local choice, but not up with the best. Service from the waitress was good but the owner was annoying and graceless.

Jul 08, 2008
feddie207 in U.K./Ireland