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SF board email getting sent LA highlights?


I have been getting the weekly SF email for years, but the last 3 have shown up with all LA content (also tasty, but less relevant). The only SF reference is at the bottom: "Looking for more info on San Francisco restaurants and reviews? Visit the San Francisco Bay Area board to get started".

Aug 20, 2014
jad2 in Site Talk

Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna in early January?

We are in the same boat as Ebeth: can't change the dates, but still looking forward to the trip and making the best of what's available. We will have a car and are not worried about the cold and snow - that's what makes it an adventure.

We're interested in restaurants, wine, ham, cheese, and festivals, but we're open to anything

Sep 17, 2008
jad2 in Italy

Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna in early January?

I'm planning a trip to Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont over the first two weeks of January. The first restaurants and agritourismos I have looked into appear to be closed at that time -- especially in the Alba area (da cesare, dei cacciatorre, ada nada). Is this a bad time to travel to these regions for a food and wine trip?


Sep 07, 2008
jad2 in Italy