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N. Scottsdale inexpensive dining recommendations

Thank you all for the suggestions. No one seemed to mention prices for lunch, so I assume there's not many incredible bargains in the area besides Sapporo and Pomodoro. I will try Whole Foods, though I thought it was quite expensive per pound for the salad, but perhaps a half-pound will go a long way :)

Jul 11, 2008
b8b in Phoenix

N. Scottsdale inexpensive dining recommendations


I am new to the N. Scottsdale area and am just NW of the airpark and am wondering what inexpensive dining options there are around. I know Sapporo has 6 items for $6 for lunch (sounds like a great deal) and a happy hour menu including Teppan (amazing deal, we tried that already) and when I am in a hurry there is an In-n-Out on Frank Lloyd and Scottsdale Rd (2 miles away, very convenient).

Does anyone else have any dining recommendations that are an excellent value for some good food? I need something for lunches when working and something fun and affordable for a young family (wife and I are in our thirties, boys are 7 & 10).

Thanks in advance!

Jul 08, 2008
b8b in Phoenix