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SIlver Spoon

Do they have a big menu? I see this place on my way home after work but I've never gone in. Reviews have been mixed but It looks like some of the "haters" have never even eaten here and just jumped on the hate bandwagon (Which is one of the biggest problems with this site - made up opinions)

Noise LEVELS in Restaurants

The Irish Embassy is incredibly loud. Great place if your drunk and like yelling to the person beside you. The place down the street isn't much better (PJ Obrien's) but it caters to a more traditional Irish pub crowd who are loud and boisterous during quiet moments. Great place for drinks with friends but not for late night dining. The BierMarket is also very loud.
A nice quiet restaurant that we go to is The Old Mill off Bloor street. Very nice place with good food and atmosphere.
I find with age that I'm more sensitive (or crusty?) to noise in restaurants. I'm going to go shake my fist now.

Best Thai Restos in Toronto...

Anyone know a good Thai food place on the west side of the city, around Bloor West Village, the Kingsway or The Queensway?

Best Single Order of Steak in Toronto

Try Tom Jones Steakhouse downtown just by King and Yonge. I haven't eaten there in awhile but they had fantastic steaks. They have 24oz Prime Rib Steaks, Striploin and Porterhouse. It's a bit stuffy and old school but the service and food is great.
Another place called Le Papillon on Front has a very good fillet. Tender and juicy without a heavy price tag.
Carmens is always good. I despise the atmosphere though.
Hy's Steakhouse is really pricey but it has good atmosphere. The steaks are good but maybe a little overpriced.
Harbor 60 Steakhouse is expensive and I wasn't impressed with the steaks after 2 visits so I haven't gone back.
I'm eager to try this House of Chan!

Best pizza in Toronto?

Thanks redearth. I appreciate the list. I tried Dino's WBP on the Queensway last night and I have to say it was great pizza. Love the natural wood flavor and the toppings and crust were perfect. I'll try some of the others in the next few weeks.

Best pizza in Toronto?

Wow. This thread has become way too cumbersome. Just reading through it to get an idea of places to go is a chore.
I gave up on Pizza in Toronto about 7 years ago. To be fair, I had several bad experiences so I generalized and said all pizza in TO was bad. I'm going to get back on the "pizza wagon" and give it another kick. If I guy wanted the top 6 places to go for pizza, where would he go?

Terra Burger: Anyone been lately?

When I went in, I ordered my beef burger medium rare and got it medium rare. I wouldn't say it was dry but I wouldn't say the juice was dripping down my arm either. The meat is top quality though and the taste really comes through. Not sure what it's spiced with but it's addictive.... I would rank it in the top 5 burger places in the city. I think it got a ton of "haters" who never even tried the place.
The fries are fantastic. I haven't had better in Toronto.
A friend of mine told me the same thing about the Milkshakes (they are really good) but I've yet to try.
I had a meal and it came to about $8 with the special they had on. Not to bad at all...
If I had any thing to suggest it would be to get rid of the bun. I found it dry.

Terra Burger: Anyone been lately?

It is in a Jewish area so not having pork/bacon would make sense....
However, I was in this place last week and they have bacon. The burger was juicy and the topings were fresh. Give it a shot. I'll go back.

Okay - who is the best butcher in toronto?

I have always been happy with European Meats in Etobicoke. There prices are good and if you get a staff member that knows what they are doing, you can get some great product for the price. The T-Bones are usually well aged and marbled well.
The Healthy Butcher probably has the best all around meat for quality and consistency. These guys take their meat very seriously and the head butcher is extremely knowledgeable. I haven't had an issue with the fat content but the price doesn't permit me to go back very often.
I'm going to try Eddystone next week! I have heard good things on them.

Great Indian Food in TO

Kamasutra has great food. A very large variety and assortment of dishes. We have only been there 3 times but the food and atmosphere are great.

The Best Ribs in Toronto

Has anyone ever tried the ribs at C'est What? on Front? I was told they have really good ribs but I haven't tried them yet.

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

Spinellos was great but I think they closed down awhile ago. Ferraros on Eglinton is very good food, great service and great prices.

Best Sushi in Toronto

Kaji and Hiro can't be beat for freshness and quality. Both are pretty expensive but worth it. I used to eat at Ichiban (Wellington & Church location) years ago and it was very good sushi for a good price. Anyone know any good sushi locations in Bloor West Village area?