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Does Isaly's still exist?

Thank you all so much! I'm totally going to hit the Isaly's in West View! Hooray!!!

May 23, 2010
killerinsideme in Pennsylvania

Does Isaly's still exist?

Hey Pittsburgh hounds!

I grew up down in Maryland, but spent 1970's childhood summers at my grandmother's in Millvale. I'm going to be making the trip from Phila to Pgh next week and am looking to take a bit of a stroll down Memory Lane.

I swear I ate my body weight in Isaly's chipped ham every summer - there's nothing like it. I see online that it is now carried in major chains - is that the only place to find it? Are there any Isaly's still in existence?

Thanks in advance for your help - there may be more questions coming!


May 19, 2010
killerinsideme in Pennsylvania

Weekend dinner between Manayunk and Chestnut Hill for 9, including 2 children

Wow! I just looked at the dinner and kids' menu on their site - this place looks great! I think I may have to have a little reconnaissance dinner there this week. Solely for research purposes, of course ;)

Oct 06, 2009
killerinsideme in Pennsylvania

Weekend dinner between Manayunk and Chestnut Hill for 9, including 2 children

Thank you! You guys are awesome.

PhillyA, I agree with you about Manayunk on weekend nights - that was another thing counting against Le Bus. Mt. Airy is such a beautiful neighborhood and I've never heard of Earth Bread Brewery. Flatbread pizzas and salads could be perfect, and I'm going to check it out whether we have this dinner there or not. I've eaten at Franco's a couple times, but always as a very "datey" dinner with my boyfriend, so I didn't even consider it as an option. And somehow in my mind it had become more expensive than the prices you mentioned, so it's definitely in the running, especially since everybody can find something they like at an Italian restaurant.

------------------non food-related sidebar-----------------------------------------------------------------------
My sister's husband is in the Army, and they've had several postings in Europe. In her experience, not all European cultures are particularly tolerant of young children, and for a few years over there, she had two girls under the age of six. When she and the girls were hungry and having a long day and she saw an Italian restaurant, she always made a beeline for it because she knew that her little girls would be welcomed and fussed over and she could relax. To this day (the girls are now teenagers), she has very warm fuzzy feelings about Italian restaurants.

MrMarcellus (Wallace, perhaps?) I'm so happy to hear that there will be two of my favorite kinds of places coming to the neighborhood! As far as BBQ, we were fairly pleased with Tommy Gunn's, and then when Phoebe's opened walking distance away our heads almost exploded. We still haven't tried Smoke up on Ridge, and now there's a fourth? The bf's birthday is just before Thanksgiving - maybe we'll put some candles in a pulled pork sandwich...

Greggulator, Andorra is not too far and do you know I have driven past Maria's and Casselli's a million times now and have yet to go to either one? It's very promising that you have personal experience of being part of a large party at Maria's. I will check into the prices and, as per the non-food sidebar above, you can't go wrong with Italian, especially since my sister and her daughters are coming up from semi-rural Virginia. Not much Italian there.

the hungrything, I love love love the Manayunk Brewing Company when the weather is warm enough to sit outside (best outdoor seating by far in Manayunk/Roxborough) and I'm knocking back a few with my friends, but I think you're right about the noise level on a weekend night. I may have to save this place for when my raucous girlfriends and I need a scenic place to enjoy a brew!

Den, Fatty's is already a standby for the part of the family that lives near Chestnut Hill, so I want to take them someplace different. I don't know anything about Roberto's, though, so I'll have to look into it.

kb612, I have heard about Roller's forever and still haven't managed to drag my sorry self up there! Pathetic. I think the Chestnut Hill family may have been there a couple times - I will check with them.

Again, thank you all so much! The Hounds always come through for me.


Oct 05, 2009
killerinsideme in Pennsylvania

Weekend dinner between Manayunk and Chestnut Hill for 9, including 2 children

Hey fellow Philly area hounds! I hope you can help me.

My chunk of the family's in Manayunk, another chunk's in Wyndmoor/Glenside, and a third is coming in from out of town so we can all have dinner together.

The youngest members of our party of nine are 5 and 8 years old, and prefer your basic kids' menu type stuff. Various other members of our merry band have assorted pickynesses, but nothing paralyzing.

I'd love to find a place where we could actually hear each other talk, since even those of us who are local don't get to spend much time together. The restaurant also has to take reservations, since this will most likely be happening on a Friday or Saturday night. And last but not least, we can't break the bank. Max for an entree $18ish, say?

Le Bus has a menu (especially salads) that pleases everyone, but service there can be pretty slow and spotty; I'll fall back on it if I have to, I guess.

Thank you in advance!


Sep 30, 2009
killerinsideme in Pennsylvania

delivery/takeout in the Lakewood neighborhood of Cleveland?

Thanks so much! You guys are awesome. I had seen some of these names before, but just couldn't find enough information online to feel comfortable choosing. Now I feel equipped to make a decision. And I'd never even heard of!

delivery/takeout in the Lakewood neighborhood of Cleveland?

Hey Ohio hounds -

A dear friend is a new daddy and I assume he and his beloved are drowning in adorable baby gifts. I'd like to buy something for them - dinner! But, since I don't live in the Cleveland area I don't really know what's good. They live in Lakewood and, in my fantasy world, the place would deliver. If it doesn't, takeout would also work, if it's not too far away. I can't go too high-end - a $50 gift certificate should be substantial at whatever place I end up with. Any ideas? Any details you need that I left out?

Delivery east of White Rock Lake?

Thank all of you so much for your replies!

As luck would have it, my friends live outside EVERYONE'S delivery area, so I'm going to go with Highland Park Cafeteria since it's the closest.

Again - thanks pinotho, younggreenanne, ChristieP, lhtcook, and Kudzu1313!!!

Delivery east of White Rock Lake?

Can you help this Philadelphian, Texas hounds?

Some dear friends near Dallas had their first baby yesterday and as I searched for super-cute, overly-hip onesies that their child will outgrow in 36 hours, I realized a much better baby gift would be a gift certificate to a restaurant that delivers. They should be spending any spare time sleeping, not cooking or driving to pick up food!

Are there any places you all would recommend that deliver to the area east of White Rock Lake but still inside 635, north of 30? Ideally not too pricey - I'm not exactly Rockefeller here - maybe as much as $15-$20 for an entree?

Ethnicity is no consideration - these guys eat everything. And if delivery is scarce in those parts, I'm sure they can deal with takeout.

So what do you think? Any chance?

Thank you thank you!

The Joint on South Street closed? Help!

I searched the board to see if this topic has already been covered and didn't find anything; I apologize if this is a redundant post.

Does anyone have any clue what happened to my favorite burrito place, The Joint, on South Street in Philadelphia? I happened to be driving by a couple weeks ago and saw that it was gone, and I haven't heard anything about why or whether it will reappear somewhere else.

Does anyone know anything? Thanks!

May 25, 2008
killerinsideme in Pennsylvania

Charlotte: Thoughts on Lulu

I'm in from out of town and my local friend and I went to Lulu on her friend's recommendation. I am so happy we did (I apologize in advance if I state the obvious or am otherwise oblivious of prevailing local opinion about this restaurant; I elected not to check for too many previous posts because, frankly, I didn't want to risk jading my experience with too much research.)

Part of my joy in this dinner is doubtless a result of my missing a certain kind of southern dining experience now that I live up north. I don't know how to encapsulate it - it has something to do with the fact that the rakish guy on the front porch who appeared to be just hanging out having a cigarette got the door for us, followed us in and turned out to be the host, complete with fancy French accent. It also had something to do with the sweet little house the restaurant was in, the high quality of the ingredients, and the super-corny names for the items on the menu (Duck Duck Jus, Slam-On (for Salmon), and Miso Horsey leap to mind). And, of course, the whole shebang would have cost at least half again as much where I come from, and would have likely involved some pretty annoying, unpleasant people, both back of house and at the next table.

It was a Tuesday night, so it wasn't too crowded (though well-attended) or loud. Our service was both impeccable and friendly, and the food was delicious. We split an order of the fried green tomatoes; I had the Duck Duck Jus and my vegetarian dining companion had the Eggplant Cigars (in French on the menu; I won't even try). She raved about the texture of the eggplant - said it actually was strangely like meat as opposed to just being crisp-fried. She and I fought over the Sweet Potato Grits that came with my dinner (and the mystery spice? star anise!) and I inhaled the duck, with every bite including at least a couple of golden raisins.

We split a Creme Brulee for dessert and she had a glass of the Canadian Icewine on our server's recommendation. Both were tasty and I asked for a glass of the icewine as well. Turned out they'd sold the last one to my friend; the server opened a bottle of Italian dessert wine that they don't offer by the glass for me and said I could just have a glass if I wanted. I liked the wine (and thought the offer was gracious) so we committed to the half-liter bottle.

Overall, it was the kind of pleasant, slightly fancy but not intimidating or exclusive dining experience that I've been southsick for. God only knows when I'll find myself in Charlotte again but if I do I'll go back to Lulu for sure.


Blenheim ginger ale by the case in or near Charlotte?

Hey Carolina hounds!

Next week I'll be making a road trip down to Charlotte from Philadelphia to visit friends for a few days. Friends are nice to have, and friendship is a beautiful thing. It is for precisely this reason that I dare not tell them that the part of the trip that I am prioritizing above all others (including spending time with them) is finding some Blenheim ginger ale to bring back up to the snowy north!

I first learned about Blenheim when I lived in Atlanta, and nothing else can touch it, for obvious reasons. I haven't found it anywhere up here yet. I know they'll ship it Fedex from the bottler, but my brother did that a couple years ago and the shipping was so expensive that I actually felt guilty drinking it. Not guilty enough to stop, mind you, but guilty.

If it takes going from store to store to get the amount I want (at least 3 cases each of Hot and NAH), I'll do that, but if there's anywhere I can buy several cases at a time...

Do any of you have any ideas or secret sources? I swear I won't tell any of the Yankees up here where I got it.

Thanks for your help!


P.S. I'd also love to find Blenheim T-shirts, too.....

chow in Guntersville / Albertville area?

We can also now add Gadsden, because that's where the hotel is! Any other good chow around there?

chow in Guntersville / Albertville area?

Hey Alabama hounds!

A few of us from out of town are going to be in the Guntersville/Albertville area all next week and I was wondering if you all had any recommendations of places to eat (or even just of places to avoid) nearby.

Breakfast and lunch will be onsite at the office where we're working, so I'm looking for dinner - any price range or variety of cuisine. We'll most likely be working fairly late so a 30-minute drive is probably about as far as we could go. Recommendations for a friendly, relaxing bar with good boiled peanuts wouldn't go amiss either!

So far I've seen mentions of Squig's BBQ and Top of the River in Guntersville, and Catfish Cabin in Albertville - any additional opinions on those places?

Thanking you all in advance,


Catering in Southfield outside Detroit?

Thanks, both of you! I'll be passing along all three of these suggestions, plus any more that appear (hint, hint directed at people reading this).


Catering in Southfield outside Detroit?

Hey 'hounds! I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, or if this is even too commercial to be on the boards at all, but I'll give it a shot and I'm sure the answers will present themselves.

A company I do some work for has an office here in Southfield where we do a lot of all-day/multiple day meetings with breakfast, lunch and dinner all catered in. Well, we're still working out the kinks in the catering and we've reached a new low with catering from the nearby Marriott. It's dreadful. I'm looking at it right now. And occasionally poking it.

What we need is a genuinely food-loving and, ideally, relatively local business to do our catering. The person whose job it is to organize this is based in Chicago and has no real knowledge of the area, which I think is why he just went with a big place like Marriott. Has anyone had really great experiences with a caterer or know of a reputable company?

Thanks for all your help, both with this question and my past ones!


Sushi near New Brunswick, NJ?

Hey Tristate hounds! I hope you can help me out.

A friend (in Brooklyn) and I (in Philadelphia) are meeting roughly in the middle in New Brunswick tomorrow night. I haven't had sushi in a while and it seems to be the only thing he eats, so...

Any opinions?

I found a thread that mentioned Sunny Garden in Princeton but the only other sushi/Jersey mention I saw was from 2001, so I figured I better ask and get more current information.



Southfield Dinner Emergency! Help please!

Hey Cherie,

We got takeout from Bacco and it was delicious. So so good. I got a lot of credit.

Thanks so much for the hookup.

We work here a fair amount so we'll be counting on you. Thanks again.


Southfield Dinner Emergency! Help please!

Thanks, Cherie! Do you love any of these places in particular? Ethnic goes over well with this crowd.

Southfield Dinner Emergency! Help please!

[edit: I probably should've said "Detroit area" in the title - oops.]

Hello there Midwestern hounds - I hope you can help me out here.

There are about 6 of us here from out of town for work and it looks like we're going to be stuck in the office late tonight, Tuesday. Do you have any recommendations for takeout or delivery in Southfield, Michigan? Any cuisine, any price range. We're right by those two Marriotts on Northwestern Highway inside the box formed by Civic Center Drive, Lahser, 11 Mile, and Telegraph roads.

Whaddya think - any ideas? Thanks!


Battery Park City/ Financial District recommendations

Just wanted to chime in to thank Trucster for that diner recommendation. On the strength of that one sentence, today I took a walk up there and had my official diner treat (and test) of 2 eggs over easy, corned beef hash and white toast with coffee.

my. toast. was. perfect.

Everything else was delicious, the service at the counter was attentive but not pushy, the coffee was lovely. But, as we all know, it's the toast that can make or break a diner breakfast (at any hour).

It's called the Gee Whiz Diner and I strongly encourage anyone who'd like a really satisfying, even small-town, diner experience to go there.

In conclusion, I want to make sure I put in all the keywords I can think of that would bring someone to this posting. I'm pretty passionate about good diners; please forgive me.

financial district, wall st, lower manhattan, city hall park, washington market park, world financial center, mercantile exchange.

Phew. Okay, I'll shut up now.

Aug 16, 2006
killerinsideme in Manhattan

Monday afternoon AND night near Metro Tech Center in downtown Bklyn?

It's two, two, two questions in one!

First, what's the best delivery/takeout lunch near Metro Tech?

And second, where should I take a group of out-of-towners (around 8 people) for dinner after work at Metro Tech on a Monday evening? It would be nice not to have to stray too far away, since we'll be working relatively late that night and very early the next morning. Let's see... what else? Um, a liquor license is essential, and cost is a consideration. Say, up to $17ish for entrees? Any type of food.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Jul 21, 2006
killerinsideme in Outer Boroughs