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Pork chop sandwich?

Has anyone heard of these? I think they are eaten in the south USA or in some asian countries. Are there any in the SF BA?

Caul fat!

Fatted Calf on 320 Fell St. in SF has them at $6.82 per lbs., very fresh!! Stock up and freeze.

Jul 25, 2011
wolfyklipklip in Austin

Best local supermarket eggs

The Golden Yolk xlg brown eggs/cage free/vegetarian hens from "nijiya market" comes from Chino Valley Ranchers in Arcadia, California. Hope this will help.

Karage Chicken or Bento Box in Bay Area

Just looking for a good source find these comfort food of Japan, either a restaurant or togo , any recomendations?

Falafel in SF?

Looking for a good falafel in SF or maybe in the north bay, any tip would be great, thanks!

Best old school chow sui bow (pork bun) in SF Area

Ok, my 1'st post..I dream of the old Tung Fong on Pacific ave in San Francisco C-town. Yes, its gone a long time ago, but had never forgotten to pick up the best pork buns in San Francisco Chinatown in the 1960/70 ? So then,where can i find a chow sui bow this good ? (Steamed the old school way, with the smooth bun, not that Hong Kong/Taiwan stuff open top but the Cantonese/Tsangnese style) ...