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A&P stores closing; apparently one in Yorktown Heights

Someone please post the name of the new store if you come across it! Thanks!

Abuelos (Mexican) in Ossining?

I think stepping up the takeout end of the business is the way to go -- lower-cost takeout menus need to be printed up than the glossy, heavy-stock ones that Olga has been giving out in the past. And they need to be _everywhere_--in mailboxes and anywhere else they can. And the word takeout, with a phone number, should be featured if possible on the sign. I love this place and hope it will stick around.

Lunch in or near Katonah?

Blue Dolphin Ristorante in Katonah is a tiny restaurant housed in an old diner car on the main drag in Katonah. They serve excellent and unique homemade pastas, salads, and more. Great food and high quality ingredients, cute ambiance, lovely people.

ISO excellent non-chain ice cream, anywhere in Westchester

Abbott's is one of my absolute favorites. Just had their banana custard last night for the first time -- a huge hit with adults and kids in my house.

Breakfast just outside NYC off Taconic

Oh, I've always wanted to get to the Taghkanic Diner -- pretty far up the Taconic--but it's supposed to be a great, vintage-y diner.

Breakfast just outside NYC off Taconic

There's nothing wrong with Tazza, but I don't think it's a destination-worthy stop.

Mauro's in Ossining

Oh dear, hadn't heard. Thanks for sharing that sad news, Marge.

2010 Outdoor Farmers' Market Season - Westchester

Agreed that Ossining was pretty disappointing--was there this past Saturday, and I don't understand why it's so underpopulated as far as vendors and selection.

Root Beer Float in Southern Hudson Valley?

A root beer float made with Jane's would be divine! (Abita's would make it even better...)

Root Beer Float in Southern Hudson Valley?

Wobble has them and has an old lunch counter, not the bestest destination for ice cream, though. Abbott's does them with their vanilla frozen custard and they're really yummy, but no soda fountain feeling to the place. TreatStation in Peekskill is probably what you want: I can't vouch for their ice cream or rootbeer floats, because I haven't had them, but the place is very retro, vintage candy shop and soda fountain feeling, and it's in your area!

Anywhere near Peekskill for real fried chicken?

Can't vouch for it as I haven't tried it (not very helpful, I know--sorry), but Holy Smoke in Mahopac has buttermilk fried chicken -- they do such a great job with their bbq chicken and their smoked wings (and ribs and pullled pork) that I think there's a decent chance they know what they're doing with fried chicken.

ISO chili dogs in Westchester/Hudson Valley

I'm an active Roadfood fan and those forum threads are really great, but unfortunately focused almost exclusively on upstate -- I'm looking for remnants of chili dog culture in Westchester/Putnam/Rockland counties, primarily, altho' I think a little trip up to Newburgh/Kingston is in order! Thanks!

Ethiopian in Mount Kisco?

I'll just support what september81 said -- everything I sampled was very good, and yes, the pictures on the wall are all of Ethiopia.

Boathouse-- Ossining

Yes, open -- at least as of about three weeks ago, when I was there for lunch. Nice little low-key spot in an interesting location for lunch or casual dinner (try the Shrimp Luciano). Most things I've had on the menu are alright.

ISO chili dogs in Westchester/Hudson Valley

I made recent visit to both Hubba and Texas Chili in Port Chester, as well as a pit stop at Lubin's in Tarrytown. I'm headed to So Damn Hot in Valhalla next week.
All this dog-eating has me wondering ... where else are there chili dogs to be had in the area? I know there are multiple hot dog threads on this board, but I haven't seen many other Hudson Valley NY places mentioned. Has anyone been to Charcael's in Thornwood -- are they still there? Do they do a chili dog?

(and btw. I liked Hubba; Texas Chili is doing the same thing, but the chili is much spicier, or at least it was the day I was there. Lubin's chili is less greasy and is a little more complex. So many toppings to try at Lubin's I tend to get overwhelmed)

24 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

Just had a terrible experience at Birdsall House in Peekskill -- wondering if others have had better experiences?

It does sound like you had a very bad experience at Birdsall; I don't blame you for not wanting to go back. But I have to add that I had a very good lunch at Birdsall a few weeks ago. At lunchtime, fries are included with the burger (which was really excellent, juicy, charred on the outside and pink on the inside, great beefy flavor). The fries were excellent, too -- perfectly cooked, salty. My friend and I both polished off all our fries, they were that good. My interactions with staff were quite pleasant, and our waitress was great. I hope what happened was a horrible anomaly and I'd encourage others to give the place a try.

Endicott chow

Ah, get thee to Phil's Chicken House in Endicott -- an old-fashioned little place that serves an excellent version of BBQ, aka Cornell, chicken. I've heard their chicken & biscuits are excellent too.

Phil's Chicken House
1208 Union Center Maine Hwy, Endicott, NY 13760

The Best Beef-On-Weck in Buffalo

Schwabl's, Schwabl's, Schwabl's. I did a Jane & Michael Stern Roadfood tour of Buffalo/Rochester last fall, and sampled Schwabl's and Eckl's. A pal also sampled Charlie the Butcher's, which I, alas, missed. (Love that sign!) Schwabl's beef on weck was fantastic; I have to say the atmosphere and the terrific German potato salad were contributing factors in making it so yummy. Looking forward to sampling some of the other places mentioned.

Charlie the Butcher
495 Main St, East Aurora, NY 14052

Schwabl's Restaurant
789 Center Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224

If you like Krispy Kreme Donuts then you have to try Mr.DOnut in Pleasantville

Very kind and friendly folks at Mr. Donut and a nice space for a quick lunch or snack. Have to say I have not been impressed with the donuts, though -- perhaps I have been there at the wrong times, but they've never been particularly fresh or good.

What's good in Mahopac?

I was in the area yesterday for a kids' birthday bowling party, and stopped in for lunch at Holy Smoke -- had some really great bbq chicken wings, and good ribs. What else is in the area that I should know about that's worth checking out? I'm more interested in casual dining than fine dining, but wondered if anyone had a a little-known gem of any kind they'd recommend in Mahopac. Could even be a bakery. Just want to know what to eat next time I have to go bowling! Thanks!

Sausage- Westchester?

A & S in Millwood--they do have other locations as well. Their chicken sausages, in particular, are terrific. One has red pepper, another has broccoli rabe.

Magic Wok- Pleasantville

A sit down and take out place--haven't eaten there but seems like a reasonably nice dining room. We do takeout from Magic Wok. Very good for the area. Dishes can be a little too saucy, but quality of ingredients is generally very high and food is well-prepared. In an area of really bad Chinese food, Magic Wok stands out as one of the few good places.

Chinese in Ossining/Croton/Briarcliff?

Magic Wok in Pleasantville has been consistently good--have only done takeout there. This is the first Chinese place I've patronized in about 7 years--I'd honestly just given up on Chinese food in this area, it's all so mediocre to awful. Magic Wok is not going to amaze you, but everything is well-prepared, fresh ingredients, good seafood, vegetables are lovely and carefully cooked, food isn't oily or greasy. I must warn you that their wonton soup is extremely bland. But everything else we've had has been just what I said: consistently good.

Magic Wok
43 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

ISO excellent non-chain ice cream, anywhere in Westchester

Very promising! I may have to head over to Temptation Cafe in Nyack to try Jane's. Thanks for the tip.

ISO excellent non-chain ice cream, anywhere in Westchester

ISO is "in search of"
I love Abbotts and can't wait 'til they reopen for spring. I will def. check out Meli-Melo...seems like CT just has better ice cream. And Palateria Fernandez is on my list, too. Thanks!
(Ossining Pizzeria's gelato has never done it for me, which is too bad because it's close to home!)
Thanks everyone.

Briarcliff Indoor Farmer's Market-- too popular for it's own good?

Indeed it is a zoo, at least when it first opens. The demand far outstrips supply and the venue's capacity. I was there 2 weeks ago at 11 a.m.--parking was a breeze, at least. But no fish, no chicken, and no bread at Bread Alone. On the other hand, it was such a civilized experience I may just start going then--I can still get my salad greens, Bobolink cheese, eggs, and other things. The lines at 9 a.m. are really unbearable. Perhaps next year some other indoor venues will open?

ISO excellent non-chain ice cream, anywhere in Westchester

A big warning before you read this post: I guess it turns out that I am an ice cream snob. I don't think of myself as being particularly picky, but when it comes to the fat bomb of calories that ice cream delivers, I want to make sure it's really worth it!
I've been historically underwhelmed & frustrated by the Blue Pig (loved it at times, really DID NOT love it other times). I don't care for Longford's. Unimpressed with Purple Monkey. I have not been wowed by Tarrytown's Main Street Sweets' ice cream, even tho' it's a cute place and I like it in theory. Is there anyone in Westchester making good, fresh ice cream that isn't full of fillers & artificial colors? I know I must be missing something. The Ciao Bella gelato counter at WholeFoods in White Plains is about the best place I can think there anything else?
Thanks in advance for your tips!

ISO Westchester Japanese that serves chawan mushi

Sazan was wonderful--thanks for the tip. The sushi was pristinely fresh, and such an exciting selection (things I thought I had to go to the city for), like fluke fin, fresh octopus, really excellent uni, etc. The chawan mushi was very nice. Boy oh boy we'll be back!


I'll second the recos for Red Hat and Iron Horse--great atmosphere, wonderful food.

Blue Hill @ Stone Barns

Ahem. Really? I think most everyone here does understand the concept of a tasting menu, with a few exceptions. I love Blue Hill at Stone Barns--I'd eat there once a week if my budget allowed!