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Cyrus OR Farmhouse Inn/Sante

I am from Wyoming originally but now am in Texas. I'm sure my wife will demand that we go to El Molino Central. Is it open for lunch on Sundays?

I've always wanted to go to Cyrus which is why it is one of the options but Farmhouse sounds great as well, and since it is a little more reasonable we would be able to swing the meal at Sante as well.

Cyrus OR Farmhouse Inn/Sante

My wife and I will be in Sonoma in early May and are starting to finalize our dining plans. We are staying at the Fairmont Sonoma. After doing are research we have it narrowed down to two options and I would love some input on them. Our only limiting factor is money, we feel we can afford just one great meal. So the first option we are trying to stretch it into two great meals.

Our first option would be to have the Tasting Menu at Farmhouse Inn one night and then just order A La Carte from Sante (in our hotel) the other night.

Our second option would be to put all our eggs in one basket and go to Cyrus one night.

What would you do?


Reasonable 'Portland' Dinner

Hey all ~ I'm going to be in Portland 2 nights for business and I am trying to make some dinner plans.

I've read through some of the other posts and think I want to try Sel Gris one of the nights. I don't think I can afford that type of restaurant 2 nights in a row though so I'm having trouble deciding on a place for the other night.

I will be dining alone and would like to eat somewhere that focuses on local ingredients if possible. Downtown would be best but I do have a car and could travel.

Any ideas?

Jul 07, 2008
wyoming007 in Pacific Northwest